Call to Arms Gates of Hell Ostfront Update 18 Patch Notes – Nov 21, 2021

    CTA Gates of Hell Ostfront update 18 (v 1.016) (Oct 29, 2021) is now available for PC(Steam) players. According to the official Call to Arms patch notes, the latest update brings various bug fixes and gameplay changes

    Previously, a major update added quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the last patch players are experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game.

    Today’s CTA Gates of Hell Ostfront patch 18 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

    Call to Arms patch notes (November 21, 2021)

    • Added new fx and logic for WP smoke shells (Valentine smoke launchers, Soviet 82mm and 120mm Mortars)
    • Added x,y,z spin to car die particle fx parts
    • Added thickness to bm13_12 destroyed model volumes
    • Added open/close hatch sounds fx to Valentines, Churchill and ISU122s
    • Added video briefings for the new missions
    • Added third person command arrow model, animated
    • Added new animations/poses for the m3a1e1 scout car gunner positions
    • Added visible exhaust fx to cars and trucks when engine is on/running
    • Added 90 second timer for AA trucks at start of match
    • Updated several weathers
    • Updated and improved AI logic for targetting. AI will be more effective at choosing the correct ammo for its targets
    • Updated spread ratio of HE shells for standard tanks cannons to make them more effective
    • Updated Spanish breeds in multiplayer to use spanish voices and nationalities
    • Updated BA-6 Third person sights
    • Updated Valentine Mk 2,7 and 9 track animation speed to match the ground
    • Updated track animation speed to fit with ground for late Tiger models
    • Updated Krasny Bor field hospital objective, to not be as dangerous for the trucks
    • Updated buildable sandbag emplacement for mortars to be taller and provide more cover
    • Updated buildable sandbag emplacement for Dshk AA to be taller and provide more cover
    • Updated pioneer and luftwaffe smocks
    • Updated WP smoke fx
    • Updated (Replaced) ISU-122s to ISU-152 in Soviet Late War Offensive Doctrine
    • Updated (Replaced) ISU-152 to ISU-122s in Soviet Late War Irregular Doctrine
    • Updated (Replaced) Panzer IV G to Panzer IV J in German Late War Offensive Doctrine
    • Updated (Replaced) StuG III G to StuG III G (late) in German Late War Offensive Doctrine’s SturmArtillerie Unit
    • Updated (Replaced) M3A1E1 Scout Car with 122mm A-19 to M3A1E1 Scout Car with 100mm BS-3 in Soviet Late War All round Doctrine
    • Updated (Replaced) 100mm BS-3 with 85mm 52K in Soviet Late War Defensive Doctrine
    • Updated (Replaced) 85mm 52k with T-34-57 M1943 in Soviet Late War Irregular Doctrine
    • Updated capture weight values for units:
      • Medics, Tankmen, Tier 1 Infantry 0.5
      • Regulars Infantry 1
      • All Elite Infantry 2
      • Officer 20
      • MG Emplacements 2
      • Other Cannons and Artillery 0
      • Cars, Trucks and Utility Vehicles 1
      • Armored Cars 2
      • Light Tanks 4
      • Medium Tanks 6
      • Heavy Tanks 8
    • Fixed cannon sync on multiplayer for some remaining cases
    • Fixed Jerry can textures
    • Fixed achievements on Krasny Bor.
    • Fixed Italian localization for Krasny Bor mission
    • Fixed Russian localization
    • Fixed French localization for vehicle classes
    • Fixed gun in ISU122s from D-25T to D-25S with slightly faster reload
    • Fixed Bazooka unit icon small on stats page
    • Fixed Valentine IX doctrine icon on stats page
    • Fixed M3A1E1 obstacle registry (fixes it not being able to drive through fences)
    • Fixed vision for T27 and T37a main MG
    • Fixed Third person control for T-60
    • Fixed 82mm bm37 Mortar crews carrying animation
    • Fixed crush brick fx from spawning multiple times when brick construction entities are run over by vehicles in multiplayer
    • Fixed smoke fx for White Phosphorous 2″ smoke launcher to play in multiplayer
    • Fixed colliders for construction/rural/environment/logs_01 to stop cannons from getting stuck
    • Fixed the General human skin for winter coat
    • Fixed Assault Sapper skin to camo smocks
    • Fixed USA MG ammo localization
    • Fixed all map prop vehicles/wrecks/neutrals to be player 0
    • Fixed Krasny Bor mission localization for RU language
    • Fixed player starting units to not be killed during or for while right after intro scenes in new Sovet mission “Courland”
    • Fixed prices of various units in Conquest
    • Fixed research point cost of Jagdpanther so it is not more than a Tiger II
    • Fixed CP of T37a in Conquest
    • Fixed mine warning talk to not happen in Conquest unless there are mines
    • Fixed sdkfz231 camo not appearing
    • Fixed fogged smoke fx on 2v2 Courtyard
    • Fixed pose of AA gunner on ISU122s
    • Fixed max players for CooP on 2 new campaign missions
    • Fixed environment fire sounds for German Mission Krasny Bor
    • Fixed move animation for crew of Dshk, Maxim and SG43 MG emplacements
    • Increased price of 300mm Nebelwerfer from 40 to 50 Doctrine Points
    • Increased price of 300mm Bm-31-12 from 60 to 70 Doctrine Points
    • Increased blast damage of aircraft bombs in multiplayer and conquest
    • Increased LOD distance planes. They will render if spotted by unit vision (450m to 600m)
    • Increased aircraft airstrike altitude for multiplayer and conquest
    • Increased aircraft speed by 30% in multiplayer
    • Increased aircraft turn radius in multiplayer so they will not fly in circle at spawn, but instead fly straight towards airstrike waypoint
    • Increased speed of placing AP and AT mines (now takes 3 seconds instead of 6-7 seconds per mine)
    • Increased armored car acceleration
    • Increased armored car speed bleeding in turns
    • Increased accuracy of 203mm and 210mm howitzers by 15%
    • Increased price of T-34/85 from 665 to 700 MP
    • Increased price of SU-85 from 580 to 610 MP
    • Increased slightly the vision for tank drivers (+5°)
    • Increased slightly tank main gun view angle (+5°)
    • Increased slightly the price of AA trucks
    • Reduced distance aircraft engine sound is heard
    • Reduced the blast power of 300mm rockets
    • Reduced range of 37mm_pak35 and 50mm_pak38 heat shells by 10m
    • Reduced accuracy of 37mm_pak35 and 50mm_pak38 heat shells at max range
    • Reduced damage of infantry Anti-Tank rocket-launchers by 15%-20%
    • Reduced slightly AT rifle accuracy and human health damage
    • Reduced slightly Armored Car speed efficiency on road
    • Disabled HE and HEAT shells unlimited fire range, while in 1st/3rd person in multiplayer only. Exclusion (AA guns)
    • Decreased price of T-26 from 290 to 260 MP
    • Decreased price of T-28 from 360 to 330 MP
    • Decreased price of Panther A from 1200 to 1100 MP
    • Decreased price of Panther G from 50 to 45 Doctrine Points
    • Decreased price of Jagdpanther from 55 to 50 Doctrine Points
    • Decreased price of Churchill Mk.3 from 30 to 25 Doctrine Points
    • Decreased price of ZiS30 from 25 to 20 Doctrine Points
    • Decreased price of Sturmpanzer I (Bison) from 40 to 35 Doctrine Points
    • Decreased price of 150mm sIG 33 cannon from 35 to 30 Doctrine Points
    • Removed T-34-57 M1943 from regular buy menu
    • Removed AI bots ability to shoot on move with all small arms (except pistols) so they will stop and engage more often instead of charging into players

    Download free Call to Arms Gates of Hell Ostfront update on PC.

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