Call to Arms Gates of Hell: Ostfront Update 25 Patch Notes


CTA Gates of Hell Ostfront update 25 details released for PC(Steam) players. According to the official Call to Arms patch notes, the latest update added a new skirmish for Talvaisato DLC, a missing icon for white death on mid-stage, a new vehicle views and more.

Previously, a major update added quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the last patch players are experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game.

Today’s CTA Gates of Hell Ostfront patch 25 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


Call to Arms patch notes – June 10, 2022

  • Added new skirmish for Talvisota DLC: (Fin) Honkaniemi
  • Added missing icon for white death on mid stage
  • Added achievements to finnish singleplayer campaign
  • Added new vehicle views for Panzer IV series
  • Added Railgun Turret rotate sound
  • Added missing icon for finnish border guards
  • Added missing conquest icons for finland
  • Added passenger seats to sturmpanzer4, su152 and ferdinand
  • Added 76mm M1933 to soviet early war standard menu
  • Added Zis-2 to doctrine unit, early war, tier 2 defensive.
  • Added new slope multipliers for small arms 7.62-8mm rifle and mg calibers and 12.7mm HMG caliber
  • Updated AT grenade ranges and speeds to allow the AI to use them more effectively against moving targets
  • Updated slope multiplier on AT-rifles to make them much more useful against armour by tweaking their T/D ballistic ratio
  • Updated minimap rendering to be in front of other interface elements
  • Updated chinese localization
  • Updated loading screens for finnish singleplayer missions
  • Updated when a shell penetrates extra armor plates on tanks, but does Not penetrate an important component, to Not play the damage penetration fx
  • Updated shell hit fx on metal so that penetrating hits look more visual different than a non-penetrating hit
  • Updated bazooka class weapons to use HEAT penetration fx for similar caliber
  • Updated shovel_engineer_fin to be used up (item removed) after building 75mm pillbox
  • Fixed sniper vision in fog of war when in 1st/3rd person direct control
  • Fixed soldiers frozen in a dab-esque pose after grenade throw standing up
  • Fixed finnish bandage to be resupply able
  • Fixed 180mm railway gun ammo to be resupply able
  • Fixed resupply for 120mm K78 31 artillery
  • Fixed to many maps (volumes, pathfinding, etc)
  • Fixed “driving pose” on M1927 gun
  • Fixed incorrect dectect for 122mm_m1910_fin
  • Fixed collision for fallen_tree3 and fallen_tree5
  • Fixed spelling error in honkaniemi.
  • Fixed misspelling in Tali-Ihantala
  • Fixed 2v2 Stalingrad domination
  • Fixed vainikalan winter conquest
  • Fixed 100mm nbw35 (finland mid war) incorrectly using tier 2 timer
  • Fixed some timers in finland roster
  • Fixed in skirmish mission Volga, prevent enemy pilots(in the plane) from being able to capture flags.
  • Fixed in skirmishes, recrew_portables to ignore soldiers not meant for recrew(tag) such as at/mg/obj defenders
  • Fixed in SP Summa: fixed western AT gun emplacement blocking the gun from firing
  • Fixed in MP Mikli: fixed armored car props being reparable
  • Fixed gunner2 position fixed at finnish stug
  • Fixed T20 komsomolets finland texmod
  • Increased build time for 75mm pillbox
  • Increased cost to resupply 280mm howitzer from 150 to 250 supply per shell
  • Increased the finnish AT rifle squads from 1 AT rifle to 2.
  • Increased price of finnish heavy engineers in early war to 10DP
  • Increased price of 152mm Br2 to 60DP
  • Increased price of 280mm Br5 to 65 DP
  • Decreased price of finnish engineering squad to 5DP
  • Decreased fire rate of 76mm m1933 to differentiate it from 76mm F22

Download free Call to Arms Gates of Hell Ostfront update 25 on PC.