Call to Arms Gates of Hell Ostfront Update 21 Patch Notes – Official

    CTA Gates of Hell Ostfront update 21 is now available for PC(Steam) players. According to the official Call to Arms patch notes, the latest update added quality of life fixes, changes, and more.

    Previously, a major update added quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the last patch players are experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game.

    Today’s CTA Gates of Hell Ostfront patch 21 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

    Call to Arms patch notes (February 9, 2022)

    • Added new vision logic for tanks/AT guns: Once spotted, a target will remain spotted as long as it is within max range and line of sight isn’t broken. Target won’t dissappear into the fog while you’re shooting at it, unless stealthy.
    • added new size 3 HE explosion snow FX
    • Added mine detection action flash fx
    • Added new mg13 model and added suspension to panzer1B.
    • Added suspension to Ba-6
    • Added new 3d model for MG-13
    • dded new 3d model for SSH35 & SSH39 helmets
    • Added targeting of cannons with AP shells for Player units when unit does not have HE shells loaded. Prevents tanks from charging with MGs on AT guns when player doesn’t manually switch the tank to load HE.
    • Added define for auto calculation of tracer length for all shell tracers
    • Updated interface elements: Weapon view, portrait view.
    • Updated lobby right click menu style
    • Updated Soviet SSH35 & SSH39 helmets
    • Updated altitude haze on several maps
    • Updated flamethrower fx gravity to match fire projectiles
    • Updated properties/cannon_armor.ext and vehicle.ext to support more volumes to be part of the body component
    • Updated human behavior when standing in cover and switching to an item on belt (ex. grenade). They will switch faster and remain standing, instead of rotating 180­° and squatting.
    • Updated engine sounds for panzer5 and t34 to be mixed in volume better
    • Updated Flak 30 texture
    • Updated several explosion FX with new dynamic sprites
    • Updated inventory size of several shells for consistent scaling relative to other shells
    • Updated shell filler and weight calculation
    • updated “small_environment” loudness. Fix for barrel water sfx
    • Updated font on conquest research tree/unit portraits to avoid name clipping
    • Updated some parts of Russian localization
    • Fixed crash on selecting actor without brain (“quant crash ir:update”)
    • Fixed [direct control] linked position update of objects in hands
    • Fixed [netcode] synchronizing the reloading and healing animation speedup
    • Fixed soldier pose setup after grenade throwing in prone stance
    • Fixed emit bones on 120mm mortars (they were reversed)
    • Fixed pather ID for wheeled mortars so they don’t get stuck on objects as often
    • Fixed hit/blast fx not always playing when hitting trees
    • Fixed bazooka class weapons so the rockets cause blast damage when hitting other materials besides the ground
    • Fixed water and mud fx to play for 170mm+ shells
    • Fixed missing passenger seats for T-70 and T-70m
    • Fixed german voice acting having medic-cries in unsuitable situations
    • Fixed hedgehog (tank traps) from blocking vision
    • Fixed obstacles for wired_obstacle4 (baredwire)
    • Fixed all demolition charges to be detonatable from near by blast waves
    • Fixed vision for NKL-26 aerosled gunner when MG is removed or switched for another weapon
    • Fixed MG42 barrel opacity
    • Fixed sturmpanzer4 enumerator texture
    • Fixed mortar crew from interfering with AI aiming and firing
    • Fixed component and armor code for train class vehicles
    • Fixed crew count for T27 + 45mm_m42 Doctrine Unit
    • Fixed crew count for SiG33 B in Multiplayer
    • Fixed interaction scrips for aero sleds engine code when body is broken
    • Fixed 57mm_zis2 and 76mm_zis3 to deploy a shorter sandbag emplacement so that the gun doesn’t become blocked with gun depression.
    • Increased distance Sdkfz 302 and 303b (Goliath) can drive before running out of fuel
    • Increased responsiveness and turn speed of Sdkfz 302 and 303b (Goliath)
    • Increased amount of fuel given per second, to flamethrower weapons in auto resupply zones (10 to 50)
    • Increased rate of fire of AT rifles
    • Increased slightly accuracy at max range of 152mm_ml20
    • Decreased difficulty on easy
    • Removed duplicate entries in localizations

    Download free Call to Arms Gates of Hell Ostfront update 21 on PC.

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