Bright Memory Infinite Patch Notes (New Update Today) – Nov 14, 2021

Bright Memory Infinite update (Nov 14, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Bright Memory Infinite patch notes, the latest update added various fixes and adjustments to the game.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Bright Memory Infinite patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Bright Memory Infinite Patch Notes – November 14, 2021

Fixes & Adjustments

  • Reworked the “Stealth Mission” alert system, after the enemy found that players will not fail,will enter into battle with the enemy.
  • Addressed a bug where “Surrounded” stealth levels had kitchen knives disappearing.
  • Adjust the friction of “car driving” tires to avoid skidding when going too fast.
  • Adjust “car steering” to avoid skidding if the steering Angle is too high.
  • Reduced steering input rate for “car driving”.
  • Addressed a bug where the “special Bullet” firing mode would automatically switch when the front ammo was 0.
  • Addressed a bug where “Reliquary” became negative.
  • Adjusted “after finishing the game once” to no longer display “Counter” and “dodge” tutorial popup.
  • Addressed a bug where “Hell difficulty” was still locked after “Revenge Difficulty”
  • Addressed a bug where “block” could jump out of some locations.
  • Addressed a bug where shotguns fell off the cliff and were unable to continue.
  • Addressed a bug where the shotguns on the walkway fell off a cliff and could not continue the game.
  • Fixed “to run along the wall” being able to walk into rocks.
  • Fixed “Surrounded” armored vehicles appearing at checkpoints, player enters the right side of the house door can pass through the problem.
  • Addressed a bug where the player’s hair would become a straight line when the “Six-armed Emperor” appeared.
  • Fix the problem that the prompt box of “Relic” novice tutorial cannot be closed.
  • Fix the problem that the nearby Reliquary will be refreshed repeatedly after reading the archive when the “sniper rifle” is obtained.
  • Fix the problem that the UI players on the left side of the move list can use the mouse to edit the text.
  • Fixed the issue that the “Dodge” tutorial could not continue the game when using certain skills.
  • Addressed a bug where “Giant king” could be dragged to the ground by the tractor.
  • Adjusted the health of “Mountain Beast” in Revenge and Hell difficulty.
  • Increase the supply of weapons and ammunition in the battle area of ​​the “Giant king”.
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