Bloons TD Battles 2 (BTDB2) Update 2.1.2 Patch Notes

Bloons TD Battles 2 update 2.1.2 is available to download on PC, iOS, Android & Steam. According to the official Bloons TD Battles 2 patch notes, the latest update brings several changes, including allowing players to claim 2 Reward Boosts for free every 4 hours from the Shop. It also includes balance adjustments for various towers, such as the Boomerang Monkey, Ice Monkey, Glue Gunner, Sniper Monkey, Monkey Sub, Monkey Ace, and more. Apart from this, the BTD Battles 2 update 2.1.2 also includes bug fixes and minor improvements

Previously, a major Bloons TD Battles 2 update 1.5 added a new event (Speed Battles and Play with Fire), and Bling Season 6. Recently, BTDB2 update 1.10 also added a new hero: Agent Jericho. Unfortunately, players are still facing some issues with the game. Today’s BTD Battles 2 patch 2.1.2 will address a few of these issues.

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BTD Battles 2 Patch Notes 2.1.2

General Changes

  • Reward Boost Changes (Desktop Only)
  • You can now claim 2 Reward Boosts for free every 4 hours from the Shop.
  • Features that allow you to spend Reward Boosts will show how many times they can be used in a given period (usually 24 hours).
  • Individual features will no longer offer “free uses” each day (e.g. It will always cost 1 Reward Boost to multiply your rewards post-game).

Balance Changes

  • Bloon Bot Factory
  • All passive sources of cash (xx3 Farm, x5x Druid, Benjamin, etc) will continue to function even when the elevator is down.
  • This can be a punishing map to play on already and, as we allow xx3+ farms to function while down the elevator, it made sense to allow other passive sources of cash to work too.
  • Boomerang Monkey
  • x4x Turbo-Charge: ability duration 10s -> 8s
  • Turbo Change is incredibly effective in dealing with all sorts of rushes, due to its long ability duration providing a massive speed boost in addition to a damage boost. We have slightly reduced its duration so that it’s not quite so dependable.
  • Ice Monkey
  • x3x Arctic Wind: radius 20 -> 30. Slow radius 25 -> 35. x4x radius remains unchanged at 30 and 35.
  • Since Ice monkey hasn’t got a lot of attention in recent updates, we wanted to give it a little buff, and opted for improving the Arctic Wind upgrade since it is one of Ice Monkey’s lesser used upgrades. We have shifted the tier 4 range boost to tier 3, leaving the tier 4 unchanged while giving the tier 3 a bit more value.
  • Glue Gunner
  • xx4 Relentless Glue: $2400 -> $2000
  • Like the Ice Monkey, the Glue Gunner also hasn’t received much attention recently. We have decreased the cost of the Relentless Glue since the only real valuable thing about this upgrade is its camo detection, and the previous price tag was not justified for this.
  • Sniper Monkey
  • x5x Elite Sniper Elite Supply Drop Ability will now also trigger all other Supply Drop Abilities
  • xx3 Semi-Automatic: $2700 -> $2500
  • xx4 Full Auto Rifle: $4200 -> $3800
  • Sniper Monkey’s bottom path continues to be considered one of the weakest of all tower paths, therefore we are making a couple of decently sized price buffs to the tier 3 and 4 upgrades.
  • Monkey Sub
  • 4xx reactor pierce 26 -> 30 (410 remains at 35 pierce)
  • 401 pulse rate 0.32 -> 0.3 (xx1 reduces by 20->25%)
  • 402 pulse rate 0.224 -> 0.2 (xx2 reduces by 30 -> 33.3%)
  • For a long time now, x2x has undoubtedly been the optimal Reactor crosspath due to its lead popping power and greatly increased pierce. Ideally, we would like the xx2 crosspath to provide a valuable alternative option, if lead popping power is not required. To help with this, we have increased the base pierce while leaving the 410 Reactor pierce unchanged, and we have increased the attack speed boost that xx1 and xx2 provide.
  • Monkey Buccaneer
  • 4xx Aircraft Carrier $6800 -> $6400
  • Just a small price decrease to an upgrade that could do with a little buff.
  • Monkey Ace
  • 4xx Operation Dart Storm: dart pierce 7 -> 9
  • xx5 Flying Fortress: rate 0.25 -> 0.3
  • xx5 Flying Fortress main weapon targets the strongest bloon rather than the closest.
  • We have buffed up ODS a little, with the hope that it will now be a more efficient option for mid game defense. Regarding Flying Fortress, it has proven to be an incredibly strong and efficient tier 5, therefore we have reverted the previous attack speed buff we made, as it was not necessary. However, we also addressed it unreliability due to its poor targeting, so it should be a bit more consistent now.
  • Heli Pilot
  • 4xx Apache Dartship: $19,600 -> $17,500
  • This upgrade feels just slightly too expensive for what it offers, so we have dropped the price a little.
  • Mortar Monkey
  • 3xx Shell Shock: stun duration 0.5 -> 0.4
  • x4x: $7600 -> $8000 and duration 8s -> 7s
  • Mortar still stands out as one of the strongest defensive towers, particularly excelling in mid-game defense. We have addressed this by slightly weakening both its Shell Shock stun and its tier 4 ability.
  • Super Monkey
  • 041 & 051 ability now knocks back any surviving targets by a large amount.
  • x5x Anti-Bloon: cooldown 45s -> 30s
  • We copied over this interesting knockback change from BTD6, helping to make Super Monkey’s ability more reliable with an added benefit. Additionally, the tier 5 ability cooldown was reduced so that there is more value in having the Anti-Bloon as a permanent tower, rather than just a tower to be sold and rebought for the ability.
  • Banana Farm
  • x3x Monkey Bank: $5100 -> $4600
  • x4x IMF Loan: $7500 -> $8000
  • Monkey Bank has been in long need of an efficiency buff, since it has never been able to compete with the other Banana Farm upgrades. We did not want to indirectly buff IMF Loan, therefore the total cost of an x4x Banana Farm remains unchanged.
  • Spike Factory
  • xx4: damage 2 -> 3
  • This upgrade simply does not provide enough value for its high price tag, especially when Spiked Balls provides a cheaper alternative. We have decided to give this upgrade a major damage buff, which should definitely shake things up.
  • Cyber Quincy
  • Level 3: Cyber Shot now also increases attack speed by 18%
  • No matter how much extra pierce Cyber Shot provides, it doesn’t seem to be able to compete with regular Quincy since attack speed is inherently more valuable. Therefore, we have decided to give Cyber Shot just a little attack speed boost as well.
  • Ocean Obyn
  • Level 10: RBE per Kraken 1000 -> 1200
  • Level 15: Nature’s Ward stuns every 4th -> 3rd MOAB class
  • With all the recent meta changes and hero introductions, Ocean Obyn has lost a lot of the relevancy that it once had. We have decided to buff up his own strength a little, improving Kraken since it’s almost always less desired than Wall of Trees.
  • Agent Jericho
  • Base cost: $750 -> $850
  • Level 10: Selling and rebuying Jericho will no longer reset the Bloon Decoy cooldown.
  • We still felt like Agent Jericho and Highwayman Jericho were in need of another early game nerf, and hopefully this will be the last. By increasing the base price, this reduces how much cash Jericho users have in the early game and additionally makes it a lot harder to place Jericho on round 1. A later Jericho placement is impactful as it results in his early cash steals and bloon adjustment being unlocked later. Additionally, we have slightly altered how Agent Jericho’s decoy works, so that it can’t be spammed by selling and rebuying the hero.
  • Highwayman Jericho
  • Base cost: $750 -> $850

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed part of the 420 Sniper Monkey’s rifle being invisible.
  • Fixed 2xx Monkey Sub attempting to fire at bloons it couldn’t see on the Ports map.
  • Fixed not being able to place towers on a 5xx Monkey Buccaneer if it is placed in front of a blocker.
  • Fixed heroes not reacting to Benjamin’s Holo-Ben taunt.
  • Fixed Preseason logo being hidden behind the Play With Fire art on the event banner
  • Fixed 4xx and 5xx Super Monkey showing its range circle as if it can’t see through blockers.
  • Fixed prestige avatars and banners not animating in the preview window.
  • Fixed Highwayman Jericho not displaying the correct VFX when he sells the opponent’s tower.
  • Fixed soft lock when dismissing a purchase confirmation window on Steam (Desktop Only).
  • Minor text fixes.

Download free BTDB2 update 2.1.2 on PC (Steam).

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