Bloons TD Battles 2 (BTDB2) Update 1.7.1 Patch Notes

Bloons TD Battles 2 update 1.7.1 details are now available for PC, iOS, Android & Steam. According to the official Bloons TD Battles 2 patch notes, the latest update added balancing changes and bug fixes. Apart from this, the BTD Battles 2 update 1.7.1 includes performance and stability improvements.

Previously, a major Bloons TD Battles 2 update 1.5 added a new event (Speed Battles and Play with Fire), and Bling Season 6. Unfortunately, players are still facing some issues with the game. Today’s BTD Battles 2 patch 1.7.1 will address a few of these issues.

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BTD Battles 2 Patch Notes 1.7.1 – November 24, 2022

Balance Changes

  • Bloon Sends
  • Spaced Rainbows $80 -> $85
  • Dartling Gunner
  • Base price: $750 -> $800
  • x4x Rocket Storm: removed pierce boost to rockets and their explosions (+2 pierce -> +0 pierce)
  • xx4 Bloon Area Denial System: $12k -> $14.5k
  • Mortar Monkey
  • Mortar Monkeys can be set to “Follow Mouse” and “Follow Touch” on desktop and mobile respectively. This targeting mode causes the mortar to always aim at the cursor on desktop or the last place the player touched on mobile.
  • Engineer
  • xx4 Bloon Trap: Manual targeting of the trap is now unlocked with the x1x Larger Service Area upgrade.
  • Pat Fusty
  • Level 5: Pushback from Slap attack reduced by 33%
  • Fusty the Snowman
  • Level 5: Pushback from Slap attack reduced by 33%
  • Level 8: Chilling Cheer: when ability is active, x3x Ice Monkey slows moab class by its usual amount rather than a reduced amount.
  • Level 10 ability: Radial burst radius increased 30->50
  • Level 10 ability: Radial burst freeze duration increased 2s -> 4s (1s -> 2s for MOAB class)
  • Level 20 ability: Radial burst radius increased 70 -> 90,
  • Level 20 ability: Radial burst damage increased 30 -> 50 and additional damage to MOAB class increased +30 -> +50
  • Level 20 ability: Radial burst freeze duration increased 3s ->10s (1.5s -> 5s for MOAB class)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Pat Fusty’s slam attack not creating an area of effect if it destroyed the targeted bloon.
  • Fixed non-water towers placed on water via other means (e.g. Ice Monkey) getting the 5xx Buccaneer’s Flagship buff.
  • Fixed Sentai Churchill’s unlock scene showing when unlocking Captain Churchill
  • Fixed Right Shift key not working as a modifier on keybinds on Mac (Desktop only)
  • Fixed spotlights on ZOMG Superdome showing two beams each.
  • Fixed Fusty the Snowman allowing Ice Monkeys to slow BADs.
  • Fixed xx2 Spike Factory set to Smart Targeting not spawning spikes if there are no bloons nearby.
  • Fixed shift key not working for text input on Mac (Desktop only)
  • Fixed hotkeys being reset to default if they are assigned to the letter A on Mac (Desktop only)
  • Fixed being able to bind one hotkey to two different actions (Desktop only)
  • Fixed “Top Bloons” overlapping border in profile screen.
  • Fixed players who reach the Hall of Masters but do not play any games not getting a badge.
  • Fixed a rare bug where rapid input could result in placing two heroes.
  • Fixed Engineer’s Overclock ability duration not adjusting if the tower is upgraded while being buffed.
  • Fixed Alt key not being bindable on Windows (Desktop only)
  • Fixed x3x Shinobi Ninjas not stacking buffs correctly.
  • Fixed Pat Fusty’s slam attack occasionally landing on himself instead of the bloons.
  • Fixed the Halloween sky still showing in Lead Dungeon.
  • Fixed Ice Monkeys buffed by Fusty the Snowman’s Chilling Cheer ability not freezing white or zebra bloons spawned from rainbows.
  • Fixed children of MOAB class bloons not being consumed by Obyn’s Wall of Trees/Ocean Obyn’s Kraken if the MOAB was already in contact with the trees/kraken.
  • Fixed shards/frags from Ice Monkeys and Bomb Shooters getting pierce buffs when they shouldn’t have.
  • Fixed x3x Banana Farm not automatically collecting its money when sold.
  • Fixed Ezili’s acid splash visual being smaller than Smudge Catt Ezili’s when they should be the same.

BTD Battles 2 Update 1.8 Release Date

Bloons TD Battles 2 update 1.8 will release next month (December 2022).

Download free BTDB2 update 1.7.1 on PC (Steam).

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