Bloons TD 6 (BTD6) Update 32.1 Patch Notes

Bloons TD 6 update 32.1 is now available to download on PC(Steam), Android, iOS, macOS. According to the official BTD6 32.1 patch notes, the latest update aims to address some of the issues introduced into the game by last week’s v32.0 update. Apart from this, the BTD6 update 32.1 also includes general stability fixes.

Previously, a major update 32 added a new boss, new changes and quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, players are facing various bugs and gameplay changes. Today’s Bloons TD 6 32.1 update will address a few of these issues. Read more details below.

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BTD6 Update 32.1 Patch Notes – August 11, 2022

  • Fixed a number of issues with Contested Territory ticket assignment and generation
  • Fixed an issue where Teams Roster page was not showing player point earnings
  • Fixed an issue where the Master Builder’s Sentry ability would not snap placement to your next tap on mobile
  • Fixed an error when attempting to re-capture a tile with no surrounding tiles in CT
  • Updated UI around member removal / promotions on team pages
  • Fixed a rare crash on rejecting a team invite
  • Fixed UI alignment issues on certain screen resolutions around CT
  • A number of optimizations & fixes made to team messages
  • Prevented some team browser errors from popping up multiple times in a row
  • Fixed an issue where Ice towers buffed by the Camo Flogged Relic would not freeze camo bloons
  • My Teams button should now read “Teams” if not in a team
  • Engineer's 032 Cleansing Foam slow no longer stacks on a single target
  • Fixed an issue where CT Teammate's score was not loaded correctly when restarting/checkpoint loading a point before their score was set
  • “Tile Degraded” should no longer show when a teammate sets a better score on a tile in CT
  • x5x Ultraboost ability limited to 3 uses per round
  • 150 Absolute Zero ability no longer applies an excessively strong permafrost effect
  • Fixed an issue where “Team mate set better score” would show in the background behind victory screen in CT
  • Fixed an issue with Boss checkpoint costs being pulled down causing T5 boss checkpoint to be free
  • Fixed art issues with the x3x Druid vine attack
  • Fixed an issue with selecting more than 4 relics in CT
  • Fixed a number of incorrect damage type issues
  • Fixed an issue preventing Quick Join teams from working correctly
  • Fixed a game crash that could occur when exiting from CT
  • Fixed a number of locs issues
  • Fixed an issue where full teams would still display at the top of the team browser list
  • Closed Teams are now called “invite only teams”
  • Fixed some pixel line errors that could occur on team emblems on certain resolutions
  • Fixed a number of leaderboard load issues
  • Fixed a number of issues with Team Browser filter search results
  • Fixed a number of edge cases crashes related to UI / HUD updates
  • Fixed a number of ‘missing background’ scenarios

Bloons TD 6 (BTD6) update 33 released date and patch notes will be available soon.

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