Bless Unleashed Update 1.10 Patch Notes – Oct 15, 2021


Bless Unleashed update 1.10 released on PC (Steam). According to the official Bless Unleashed patch notes, the latest update added a long list of bug fixes and gameplay changes. Apart from this, today’s Bless Unleashed patch 1.10 also includes stability improvements.

Previously, a big update added a long list of quality of life improvements and fixes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues. Bless Unleashed version 1.10 will fix a few of these issues.

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Bless Unleased Patch Notes (October 15, 2021)

– Fixed a bug where Costumes that were purchased before the maintenance last week couldn’t be registered in the Marketplace.

– Changed so that if you registered a bundle of items in the Marketplace and only some of them were sold, the listing fee for the sold item(s) will be returned even when you retrieve the remaining item(s) or the listing is expired.
– If you register an item with a price that is higher than the average trading price for the last 3 days by a certain amount, the listing period will be additionally increased.
– As the tradable items in the Marketplace are adjusted, the following items can no longer be registered to the Marketplace.

Unregistrable Items to Marketplace
– Equipment with rank C or lower
– Equipment Recipe with rank B or lower
– Consumable with Uncommon grade or lower (Some items are not included in the restriction.)
– Consumable Recipe with Uncommon grade or lower
– Fishing Tool Crafting Recipe
– Appearance Card
– Dye
– Toy Consumable of Union Shop
– Dungeon Sealed Chest
– Estate Structure Blueprint (Blueprint / Installation Kit)
– Estate Worker Contract
– Booster Item except for the following items
1) PvE Combat XP Boost Ticket (7 days)
2) SXP Boost Ticket (7 Days)
3) Gold Boost Ticket (7 Days)
4) Advanced Star Seed 40% Booster (7 Days)


– Increased the Sidequest completion reward of Ostium and Eidolon Forest since the reward was lower than standards.
– Changed the name of Achievement and the achievement requirements.

Changed the name of [In Rare Form] Achievement to “A Truly Epic Outfit”, and changed so that the achievement requirement is equipping Equipment with Rare or above for all parts.
Changed the name of [A Truly Epic Outfit] Achievement to “A Living Legend”, and changed so that the achievement requirement is equipping Equipment with Epic or above for all parts.

– Fixed a bug where a character goes back to the original position if the character jumps and moves while a slow effect is applied.
– Deleted the message that states the wrong refresh time when interacting with a Limited Merchant NPC.
– Fixed so that the finished Summer Event Fishing Competition’s fishes “Large-Eye Dentex”, and “Jewelfish” are not shown.


– The Star Seed reward booster event of Battlefield/Warlords Arena has finished.
– Expanded the fishing hotspot.

Download free Bless Unleashed patch 1.10 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.