Black Desert Update 1.97 Patch Notes for PS4 and PC – Sep 8, 2021


Black Desert update 1.97 (Sep 8, 2021) is now available for PS4 and Xbox One. According to the official Black Desert 1.97 patch notes, the latest update brings more convenient ways to build starting Enhancement Chances, Pet Groups, changes to Sage and Nova, and more quality of life updates.  Apart from this, Black Desert Online version 1.97 also includes various tweaks and stability fixes.

Recently, a big update was released with new features, changes, and improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Black Desert patch 1.97 will fix a few of these issues.


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Black Desert Online Patch 1.97 – Sep 8, 2021

Content Changes

● Improved the Enhancement UI so that it’s easier to check and increase your Enhancement Chance.


● Added the option to exchange Black Stones (Weapon/Armor) for increased Enhancement Chance from the Black Spirit Enhancement window.

– You can now press the [+] button next to Enhancement Chance and Valks’ Cry in the Enhancement UI and select the desired materials to increase your odds.

– Just like how Valk’s Cry and other similar items work, you can only use this function to increase your Enhancement Chance if its value is 0.

– Pressing the [+] button for Enhancement Chance will allow you to exchange a certain amount of Black Stones (Weapon/Armor) to improve the Enhancement Chance from +5 to +30

– Likewise, you can select Valks’ Cry and devour to see how many of the selected item you have in your possession, and you can also choose to do them.

– Pressing the [+] button for Valks’ Cry will allow you to check how many Valks’ Cry you have in your possession and you can also use them.

Quest and Knowledge changes

● Changed the main quest ‘[Atoraxxion][Co-op] Recovered Vow’ so you can now solve the thread in Atoraxxion – Vahmalkea by yourself.

– Interact with the Exchange located within Vaha’s Heart to consume 10 Energy for some supplies while proceeding with this quest. These supplies will let you solve the thread all by yourself.

– To solve the thread by yourself, you will need 4 of these supplies.

– We’ve also deleted ‘[Co-op]’ from this quest’s name.

● Added the ‘[Daily] Old Moon Subjugation Request’ daily quests, which you can accept from Jetina.

– The added the following quests. You can complete them to obtain Burning Moonlight Black Stone Powder x2, which is the same reward for the other ‘[Daily] Old Moon Subjugation Request’ quests.

Fixed the issue where you couldn’t use the Honorable Adventurer’s Certificate to accept the quest “[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World” if you had already converted your season character to a normal character and previously forfeited the quest as a normal character.
– In the case of the aforementioned character, you can proceed with the quest, “[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World” after completing “[Season Server Graduation] At the Crossroad” by receiving guidance from the NPC Leila at the Velia Workshop via “I wish to proceed with the [Season Server Graduation] Completion quest” when talking to Fughar.
– You can complete the quest by talking to Fughar in this case, since you have already used the Honorable Adventurer’s Certificate.

● Improved the camera during the ‘Memorial Service for the Fallen People’ quest.

● Added a camera that navigates the path to the location you have to go to when interacting with Beedle during the quest ‘Infiltrating Cron Castle.’
● Changed the camera that shows Cron Castle in the first dialogue that appears upon accepting the quest ‘Never-ending Troubles’ to be more natural.

● Changed the quest, ‘Hustle and Bustle’ to flow more naturally.

● Changed the Giath’s Journal NPC to be more natural during the quest ‘Abandoned Fate.’.

● Changed the dialogue of the quest completion NPC for ‘Support from the Church,’ Michael, to read more naturally.

● Expanded the spectrum of Alustin’s Relics you can interact with during the quest ‘On the Top of the Spire.’

● Expanded the spectrum of Caphras’ Seals you can interact with during the quest ‘What Was Left Behind.’

● Changed the dialogue that appears when accepting the quest ‘Fragment of Earth’ to read more naturally.

● Changed the dialogue about Origin of Clear Water during the quest ‘Searching for Clues’ to read more naturally.

● Added more details to Marni’s Journal that appears during the quest ‘Marni’s Journal.’

● Changed the camera angles shown during the quests ‘Misty Foresight’ and ‘The Essence of Water’ to be more natural..

● Changed the quest dialogue of ‘[Mediah] The Awakened Ones’ to read more naturally.

● Changed the location of the merchant that you can meet during the quests ‘[Valencia] [Co-op] Wicked Basilisk’ and ‘[Valencia] [Co-op] The Head of Harnan League’ to be easier to reach.

● Changed the quest objective description for the quest ‘[Valencia] Enervated Black Dragon’ to read more naturally.

● Changed the quest objective description for the quest ‘[Valencia] A Question’ to be clearer.

● Changed the quest objective description for the quest ‘[Valencia] Story of Gahaz Tuval’ to be clearer.

● Added 10 Shabby Shovels to the reward for completing the quest ‘[Valencia] Tracking Zobadi.’

● Changed Zobadi’s quest dialogue during ‘[Valencia] Moving Ahead’ to read more naturally.

● Changed the quest dialogue for ‘[Valencia] Memories of Eliza’ to read more naturally.

● Changed the ‘Invitation from I’ quest to flow naturally to the Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea quests.

● Added the knowledge for ‘Worn Orc Binding Test Records,’ which is obtainable from the Marni Farm Ruins.

● Added the following knowledge that you can obtain by handing over Silver to Calpheon City’s Rubin the Herald.

– The knowledge, ‘Situation of Casualties in the Slum’ is a new addition, and ‘Enemies of Calpheon I’ and ‘Bree Tree Cave’ can be obtained via the same method.

Read the official changelog here.

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