Black Desert PS4 Update 1.92 Patch Notes – July 21, 2021

    Black Desert PS4 update 1.92 is now available for players. The patch is also available on Xbox One. According to the official Black Desert 1.92 patch notes, the latest update added the first co-op dungeon and various bug fixes. Apart from this, Black Desert Online version 1.92 also includes various performance improvements.

    Check out more details below.

    Black Desert Online Patch 1.92

    New Atoraxxion Event

    Event Details

    ① During the event, redeem the coupons below at the listed times to get yourself ready for Atoraxxion!

    Coupon Start Dates/Times Coupon Code Rewards
    Starting from:

    NA: July 15th 04:59 PM PDT

    EU: July 16th 12:59 AM UTC+1

    ASIA: July 16th 08:59 AM GMT+9


    Enchanted Scroll (+20) x2

    Premium Elixir Box x1

    Starting from:

    NA: July 16th 04:59 PM PDT

    EU: July 17th 12:59 AM UTC+1

    ASIA: July 17th 08:59 AM GMT+9


    Enchanted Scroll (+30) x1

    Crystal Extraction Tool x1

    Tuvala Ore x30

    Starting from:

    NA: July 17th 04:59 PM PDT

    EU: July 18th 12:59 AM UTC+1

    ASIA: July 18th 08:59 AM GMT+9


    Valks’ Cry x5

    [Event] Magical Elixir x2

    Starting from:

    NA: July 18th 04:59 PM PDT

    EU: July 19th 12:59 AM UTC+1

    ASIA: July 19th 08:59 AM GMT+9


    Yona’s Fragment x10

    Tuvala Ore x30

    Starting from:

    NA: July 19th 04:59 PM PDT

    EU: July 20th 12:59 AM UTC+1

    ASIA: July 20th 08:59 AM GMT+9


    [Event] Artisan’s Memory x5

    [Event] Magical Elixir x2

    Starting from:

    NA: July 20th 04:59 PM PDT

    EU: July 21st 12:59 AM UTC+1

    ASIA: July 21st 08:59 AM GMT+9


    Enchanted Scroll (+40) x1

    [Event] Black Magic Crystal Box x1

    * You will not be able to register the coupons before the start date nor after the expiration date. If these coupon items were not collected prior to the expiration date, they will be deleted from the web storage and the in-game mail will disappear.

    * Coupons can be registered once per family.

    * Please note that if you enter the wrong coupon code 10 times in a row, you will be restricted from using coupons for 1 hour.

    * You can register the coupon on the website after linking your account. The items from the coupons will be send via in-game mail.

    * You will need to link your game account with your Black Desert Console website account.

    ※ Event Notice

    – Coupon registration is not possible prior to the start date and after the expiration date.

    – The Expiration date of the mail and the expiration date of the coupon are the same, and the mail cannot be recovered after the expiration date.

    – Each coupon can be registered once per family.

    – If you enter the coupon code incorrectly 10 times in a row, you will be restricted from using the coupon for 1 hour.

    – Coupons can be redeemed through the homepage after an account has been linked, and rewards will be sent to your in-game mail.

    – Items that have been sent may be restricted in sale or may have expiration dates.

    – Items given in this event may be family bound or character bound and may vary depending on the item. Please check each item before using as items that are character bound cannot be moved or switched.

    – Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change, modify or cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances.

    – Any changes made can be found on this event page.

    – Participating in the event using inappropriate methods will result in a cancellation or retrieval of your reward and restriction from the game.

    – Any acts violating the Terms of Service agreement may lead to the cancellation of your event participation, retrieval of event rewards, and further restrictions in-game.

    – If you have any questions about this event, please send a ticket through [Support].

    – This event follows the [Event Rules].

    Season Server

    ● Improved the quest UI to now display the [Crossroads] window when choosing between Main or Simplified Questlines.


    ● With the addition of the Crossroads window to choose between the Main and Simplified questlines, you can no longer opt into the Simplified questline if you complete the Balenos Main Questline  ”The Sage of Velia”.
    ※ This condition applies to all season characters, including those who’ve gone through the Transferal process via “Fughar’s Timepiece”.


    ● Adventurers who fulfill the following conditions before the July 21st Maintenance will now automatically accept the ‘[Special Growth] Birth of a Prestigious Family’ quest after reconnecting to the game. (If you fulfill two of the conditions below, you will automatically accept the ‘[Special Growth] Birth of a Prestigious Family’

    – Completed the ‘[Pet] Bareeds’ Junaid’ and ‘The Sage of Velia’ quests.

    – Have not started or completed the ‘Embarking on an Adventure’ quest.

    * If you wish to go through the original main questline instead of the ‘[Special Growth] Birth of a Prestigious Family’ questline, you can forfeit the quest and complete the ‘Embarking on an Adventure’ quest.

    * Reconnecting to the game before you accept or complete the ‘Embarking on an Adventure’ quest will make you automatically accept ‘[Special Growth] Birth of a Prestigious Family’. You can forfeit this quest to begin the original main questline.


    ● Changed the following details when doing the simplified quest line on the Summer Season Server.

    – Changed the simplified quest from ‘acceptable once per family’ to acceptable by any season character.

    * This was changed after Adventurers gave us a lot of feedback about wanting to do simplified quests again after deleting or transferring a season character.

    – Changed the Valencia main questline from “[Special Growth] Fughar’s Memorandum – Chapter 11” to “[Special Growth] Fughar’s Memorandum – Chapter 8.” This quest can be accepted once the character reached lv. 56.

    – The simplified main quest line has changed from requiring the use of ‘Fughar’s Memorandum’ to all quests being delivered by the Black Spirit. We have therefore deleted any ‘Fughar’s Memorandum’ have been removed.

    – Added more objectives to complete the simplified questline. Now you will need to talk to the Black Spirit after reaching certain levels to complete the quest. By talking to the Black Spirit, you will be able to fulfill certain main questline objectives depending on how far you have completed the simplified questline, as well as complete related Season Pass objectives.

    – Fixed the issue where objectives on the Season Pass were not achieved when completing the simplified questline. Adventurers can now talk to the Black Spirit to complete the objectives of the Season Pass. This will also allow Adventurers to accept the questlines “Legendary Blacksmith” and “Mysterious Companion”.

    – Increased the amount of Beginner Black Stone (Weapon/Armor) given as rewards for completing the simplified questline by double. This also applies to adventurers who have already completed the simplified questlines.

    – Fixed the issue where certain social actions could not be obtained when progressing through the simplfied questline.


    ● Changed the simplified quest so that you do not get the reward “[Season] Secret Book of the Misty Breeze” when completing the simplified questline after changing the character to a normal character.

    – The Item “[Season] Secret Book of the Misty Breeze” is a season character exclusive item. It cannot be used by normal characters.


    ● Fixed the issue where the item “PRI (I) Tuvala Awakening Weapon Box” could be obtained by completing the awakening questline on a normal character.

    ● Fixed the issue where only season characters who were Lv. 56 or higher could complete “[Season] Fughar’s Special Timepiece”

    – The quest can now be completed by season characters from Lv. 25 or higher.

    ● Fixed the issue where quests that cannot be accepted by normal characters were still being displayed in the Quest Widget and the Quest list for the season character that was changed to a normal character by using the item “Fughar’s Timepiece.”

    ● Fixed the issue where the requirements listed in the Quest List for the quest “[Special Growth] Birth of a Prestigious Family” were different from the actual requirements.

    ● Changed the ‘[Season Weekly] Stronger Tuvala Gear’ list displayed in Quest List window> Recurring window to be displayed on the top when logged in with a season character.

    ● Changed the Black Spirit to show its different stages when going through the simplified questline like ytou would when going through the main questline.

    ● Fixed the issue where you could not complete parts of the Season Pass when the item “Fughar’s Timepiece” was used on a character that already completed the quests “[Boss] Red Nose: Engulfed in Darkness” and “[Boss] Giath, the Goblin Chief”.

    – These portions of the Season Pass can now be completed by talking with the Black Spirit.



    Content Changes

    ● The following land goods for bartering have been removed, and replaced with the new goods below:

    Removed Barter Goods Added Barter Goods
    Rough Green Crystal
    Rough Blue Crystal
    Rough Violet Crystal
    Powder of Earth
    Silver Azalea
    Pile of Sunrise Herbs
    Cloud Mushroom
    Fortune Teller Mushroom
    Wolf Hide
    Fruit of Nature
    Black Stone (Weapon)
    Black Stone (Armor)
    Lightweight Plume
    Clear Liquid Reagent
    Big Cloud Mushroom
    Pink Trumpet Mushroom
    Big Fortune Teller Mushroom
    Wheat Dough
    Trace of Forest
    Cooking Honey
    Lion Hide
    Cactus Thorn


    ● Changed the Barter system so that the Barter window will automatically reset if the contents of the Barter List are changed due to maintenance or some other factor.
    – Whenever there is a change to Bartering related content (ie. Number of Sea Coins availble to Barter on Hakoven Island are adjusted), the information on the Barter window will reset.
    – However, items that are currently in the middle of being bartered, will remain in the window until it is next refreshed.


    For example, an item is listed to be bartered on Baremi Island up to 4 times. The item that could be bartered falls under the ‘Removed Barter Goods’ section of the patch notes.

    If the item had not been exchanged (4/4 barters remaining) then it would be refreshed and a new offer would take its place.

    If the item had been bartered even once (3/4 or lower barters remaining) then the barter would not be refreshed.


    ● Expanded the guild positions that can receive the Guild Master position when a Guild Master doesn’t log in for a prolonged period of time.

    Before After
    If the Guild Master doesn’t log in for 15 days, then the Guild Advisor and Guild Officer can receive the position. If the Guild Master doesn’t log in for 15 days, then the Guild Quartermaster, Cannoneer, and Members can receive the position.

    – However, Apprentice Guild Members cannot receive the Guild Master position. The number of days required for the passing of the position resets when a Guild Master/Advisor/Officer logs in.



    Item Changes

    ● Characters will no longer cheer when they obtain the Mass of Pure Magic.

    ● Unified the names and details of the ‘Secret Book’ items that open up succession on characters, and fixed various typos.

    ● Increased the chance to obtain the Saltwater Crocodile’s Scale when defeating Saltwater Crocodiles by 50%.

    – Saltwater Crocodile’s Scale is used to craft the Violent Wave Plywood.


    ● You will now cheer when obtaining the following items from chests.

    Item List
    Horse Emblem: Dream Arduanatt
    Horse Emblem: Dream Dine
    Advice of Valks(+150)
    Advice of Valks(+100)

    Energy of all Creations
    Gold Bar Box

    Sharp Alchemy Stone of Destruction
    Resplendent Alchemy Stone of Destruction
    Sharp Alchemy Stone of Protection
    Resplendent Alchemy Stone of Protection
    Sharp Alchemy Stone of Life

    Resplendent Alchemy Stone of Life

    ● Changed the descriptions of the Succession Clasic Box, [Event] Succession Classic Box to list each of the outfits obtainable for each class in detail.

    ● Fughar’s Timepiece – Changed the item description to mention that Skill EXP acquired from combat, and not the total amount of Skill Points are transferred when using the item.

    ● [Season] Crow Merchants Guild Contribution Certificate I and II descriptions have been changed to now include that the items must be in the inventory of your season character, which will allow you to see and accept the quests.



    Mount Changes

    ● Tier 8 and Dream Horse max mount levels have been extended to Lv. 100.

    – However, the horse’s stats do not increase after Lv. 31 and above.

    * Horse stats such as HP/Stamina/Max Weight Limit/Speed/Acceleration/Turn/Brake no longer increase and additional skills cannot be learned.

    * But you will still be able to obtain Training EXP on level up.

    – Horses that are Lv. 31 and above can be registered at the horse market like other horses but its price in the horse market/breeding market, Imperial Delivery as well as its sale price will be unaffected by it.

    – Horses will no longer come under attack by monsters if its level is significantly higher than the monsters.

    * This applies to all monsters on the field but does not apply to monsters that have appeared as an event.

    Horse’s max level cap has been extended to 100. Horses cannot gain any increase in stats or learn new skills after a certain point but having a high enough level will stop monsters from attacking your mount. Given the time spent with horses, we hope that this update can bring more personal attachment to the mounts that you’re currently riding.



    Monster Changes

    ● Changed the following monster zones so that the monster will not attack if the character and mount are 15 levels higher than the monsters.
    – Field Monsters in Kamasylvia and Dreighan


    ● The second consequtive summon of the field boss Bheg when it has been defeated has ended after the July 21st maintenance.


    Character Changes

    ● The 300 second wait time has been removed when switching between tagged characters.

    ● Improved Water collection/digging so that the character will not stop when they obtain a Sharp/Hard Black Crystal Shard.

    We improved water collection and digging to no longer stop during certain situations (like obtaining a Sharp or Hard Black Crystal Shard). We would have liked to have this quality-of-life patch sooner, however; it was delayed due to certain parts that required further development on live servers. We would like to sincerely apologize for the delay. We will strive to make more quality-of-life updates for our Adventurers.Sage



    ● Fixed the issue where if awakened Sage’s Guard broke while moving backwards, and was under the effects of the No Guard Gauge recovery debuff, he couldn’t move until his Guard Gauge recovered.



    ● Prime: Wave Lash – Fixed the issue where the cooldown version of the skill effect was being displayed when used during Riding Waves and Smooth Sailin’.

    ● Fixed the issue where the effect would remain on the Serenaca when using Emergency Escape after certain skills.

    ● Mareca Swing – Changed to add the first hit damage of Splashin’ Around to give the skill more impact when used.

    ● Overflow – Improved the input so the skill is not activated when using L2/LT + L1/LB
    – Regardless of what skill was used before, Wipe Out will be activated when the above comamands are used.

    ● Storming Gale – Changed the skill to no longer activate when using ↑+B/O OR ↓+ B/O.

    – Regardless of what skill was used before, only Storming Gale will activate when pressing B/O
    ● Sea Prowler – Changed the skill to no longer activate when using ↑ + R2/RT OR ↓ + R2/RT.

    – Regardless of what skill was used before, Sea Prowler will only activate when R2/RT is pressed.
    ● Improved commands so that Sprint (Non-combat stance) is activated when pressing L2/LT +↑ while sheathing your weapon during movements using R3.

    ● Wave Lash – Changed to be able to combo into other skills smoothly after the 2nd hit.

    ● Riding Waves – Changed to activate Whirling Slash by pressing ↑ + R1/RB while using the skill sideways.

    ● Riding Waves – Changed to activate Wave Breaker by pressing ↑+R1/RB if Storm Surge is not learned.

    ● Wipe Out – Changed to activate Flow: Squall when pressing B/O after using Wipe Out.

    ● Wipe Out I ~ Absolute: Wipe Out – Changed range of the last hit of the skill to be identical to the range of the last hit for Prime: Wipe Out.

    ● Overflow I ~ Absolute: Overflow – Increased the attack range of these skills.



    Node War, Conquest War

    ● Changed Venom Trap and [Guild] Venom Trap to no longer stack, but refresh the duration of the effect as follows.

    Before After
    Poison Damage –100 every 2 sec for 20 sec Poison Damage –350 every 2 sec for 20 sec.



    ● Added the Head Storage butler and the Group Command function that can be used with the Head Storage Butler.
    – The Group Command function through the Head Storage Butler allows you to move as many items (in weight) as the total number Maids/Butlers you’ve employed allows you to move (in Weight)

    ● Added a “Cheer”  functionality to all types of the Golden Bell (including the Pearl Shop version) that will allow Adventurers to express their thanks to the Adventurer who activated the Golden Bell.

    ● Fixed the following elements when registering a horse to the Breeding Market in the Stable.
    – Added commas (,) to the price displayed
    – Added the word “Silver” to the price displayed.
    – Changed some of the awkward text.

    ● Added the function “Auto-move to Storage” to move overlapping items in your inventory to the Storage all at once.
    – You can select up to 10 items to be excluded from being moved by this function. (Items like food, potions/elixirs, worker stamina, recovery items, pet feeds, etc.)
    – This function only works for items that can stack.



    ● Improved ‘Clorince’s Travel Bag’ to show the weight of its contents in the item description.

    ● The Barter UI and the Load Cargo UI have been improved to show together when at the Wharf Manager.

    ● Added feature to view the Central Market from the storage.

    – While viewing the storage, press LT+Y/L2+△ to view the Central Market.



    System Changes

    ● Large Ship cannons have been changed so that they can only be fired by a character that is level 50 or higher.

    (Characters below level 50 could previously fire cannons, but they dealt no damage).



    NPC, Environment, and Sound Changes

    ● Improved the way that the soldiers and Saunil of Trina Fort attack each other.



    Quest and Knowledge

    ● Calpheon Main Quest, “The Delphe Knights in Chaos” has been improved so that it is possible to talk to Christopher Varkaant without previous knowledge of Reyas.


    ● The following sources of knowledge have been added, and some knowledge has been renamed.

    Category Knowledge Hint
    Basic Guide The Principle of Crystals Hand over 1 of the 4 ‘Talis’ accessories to the Jeweler in Heidel
    Premium Elixir Elixir of Thorn Hand over Special Mediah Meal x10 to Yisar Pjetyo in Tarif
    Southwestern Calpheon Adventure Journal Dead Elk Hand over Stuffed Feather Wolf Head x1 to the Behr Node Manager
    Northen Calpheon Adventure Journal Ancient Ruins Spider Hand over Old Tree Branch x100 to the Bree Tree Ruins Node Manager
    Other Paste Bait Hand over Seaweed x10 to Crio


    – Hints for the Knowledge in the category ‘The Great Expedition IV’ are as follows:

    Knowledge Hint
    Brilliant Pearl Shard Talk to Jarette ion Western Guard Camp after completing the main quest “The Great Expedition – Oquilla’s Eye”
    Luminous Cobalt Ingot Talk to Ravinia after completing the Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log Category
    Seaweed Stalk Talk to Ravinia after completing the Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log Category
    Bright Reef Piece Equip the title “On the Trail” that can be obtained by completing the quest “Mysterious Picture 3” and talk to Diega on Illiya Island
    Khan’s Scale Talk to Kanilla Delca on Oquilla’s Eye after completing the main quest “The Great Expedition – Oquilla’s Eye”
    Deep Sea Memory Filled Glue Obtainable when Amity with Bave Ricksa, the vice chief of the natives on the great expedition Oquilla’s Eye is 200 or higher.
    Cox Pirates’ Artifact (Parley Beginner) Hand over Cox Pirates Extermination Seal x250 to Paso Anca at Epheria Sentry Post
    Pure Pearl Crystal Hand over Golden Pearl x1 to the Otter Curio at Oquillas’s Eye
    Cobalt Ingot After completing “Jordine’s Inspectoracte” of [The Great Expedition] Oquilla’s Eye, hand over Coral Piece x100 to Sherah Riki at Oquilla’s Eye
    Brilliant Rock Salt Ingot Talk to Lavala, Keeper of the Hall of Heroes, after completing the Crow’s Nest main questline.
    Enhanced Island Tree Coated Plywood Talk to Ravinia after completing the Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log Category
    Khan’s Tendon Talk to Kanilla Delcas on Oquillas’s Eye after completing the main quest, “The Great Expedition – Oquillas’s Eye”
    Ruddy Manganese Nodule Talk to Ravinia after completing the Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log Category
    Rock Salt Ingot Hand over Gold Bar 100G to the Crow’s Nest Wharf Manager
    Island Tree Coated Plywood Hand over Standardized Timber Square x30 to Dario, the Wharf Manager on Illiya Island
    Usable Pirate Ship’s Remains Hand over Usable Pirate Ship’s Remains x1 to Proix in Velia Dancing Marlin Tavern
    Cox Pirates Extermination Seal Equip the title ”Sneaky Secret Agent” that can be obtained by completing the quest “Mysterious Picture 2” and talk to Proix in Velia Dancing Marlin Tavern
    Cox Pirates’ Broken Cannon Show Cox Pirates’ Broken Cannon x1 to the Old Moon Guild Member at Velia Workshop
    Wrecked Phantom Ship’s Debris Show Wrecked Pantom Ship’s Debris x1 to the Old Moon Guild Member at Velia Workshop

    – Hints for the knowledge in the category “Installment Tools I” are as follows:

    Knowledge Hint
    Velian Bookshelf Obtainable when Amity with Sealus is 200 or higher
    Heidelian Bookshelf Obtainable when Amity with Lebyos is 200 or higher
    Calpheon Handcrafted Chair Hand over Calpheon Handcrafted Chair to Lylina
    Velian Handcrafted Chair Hand over Velian Handcrafted Chair to Sealus
    Heidelian Handcrafted Chair Hand over Heidelian Handcrafted Chair to Lebyos
    Calpheon Handcrafted Antique Table Hand over Dark Blood Ruby Necklance to Trent village’s Rikta
    Calpheon Handcrafted High-Quality Table Hand over Corrupt Ruby Necklance to Trent Village’s Rikta
    Calpheon Handcrafted Table Hand over Calpheon Handcrafted Table to Lylina
    Velian Handcrafted Table Hand over Velian Handcrafted Table to Sealus
    Heidelian Handcrafted Table Hand over Heidelian Handcrafted table to Lebyos
    Calpheon Handcrafted Wardrobe Hand over Calpheon Handcrafted Wardrobe to Lylina
    Velian Handcrafted Wardrobe Hand over Velian Handcrafted Wardrobe to Sealus
    Heidelian Handcrafted Wardrobe Hand over Heidelian Handcrafted Wardrobe to Lebyos
    Calpheon Handcrafted Drawer Hand over Calpheon Handcrafted Drawer to Lylina
    Velia Handcrafted High-Quality Drawers Hand over Velian Handcrafted High-Quality Drawers to Sealus
    Heidelian Handcrafted High-Quality Drawers Hand over Heidelian Handcrafted High-Quality Drawers to Lebyos.

    – The hints for the Knowledge in the category “Other” are as follows:

    Knowledge Hint
    Trace of Forest Spend energy and talk to Remitaronsom in Tooth Fairy Cabin, Griffian Bernianto in Northern Wheat Plantation, Kamasylve Priestess in Rhua Tree Stub to obtain the Knowledge
    Trace of hunting Spend energy and talk to Zara Lynch in Lynch Farm Ruins, Karu in Glish Ruins to obtain the Knowledge
    Trace of Battle Spend energy and talk to Griffian Bernianto in Northern Wheat Plantation to obtain the Knowledge
    Trace of Origin Spend energy and talk to Karu in Glish Ruins to obtain the Knowledge
    Trace of Savagery Spend energy and talk to Zara Lynch in Lynch Farm Ruins to obtain the Knowledge
    Trace of Ascension Spend energy and talk to the Stone Chamber Excavation Lead in the Ancient Stone Chamber to obtain the Knowledge
    Trace of the Earth Spend energy and talk to the Stone Chamber Excavation Lead in the Ancient Stone Chamber to obtain knowledge
    Trace of Despair Spend energy and talk to Kamasylve Priestess Lunia at Rhua Tree Stub to obtain the knowledge
    Trace of Chaos Spend energy and talk to Jama Hasa in the Ancient Ruins Excavation Site to obtain the Knowledge
    Trace of Memory Spend energy and talk to Camira in Sherekhan Necropolis to obtain the Knowledge
    Trace of Violence Spend energy and tlak to Mansha in Mansha Forest to obtain the Knowledge.


    – Added a method of obtaining the following Knowledge.

    Knowledge Hint
    Tear of the Ocean Hand over Indigo Lapis Lazuli x10 to the otter Curio on Oquilla’s Eye

    – Changed the following Knowledge name and inormation to match the current state of the content.

    Before After
    Mid-Grade Crystal Fusion (Terrific Opportunity for Change) The principle of Crystals.


    ● Added the buff, ‘Sea Legs’ as rewards for the following two quests at Lake Kaia, that are a part of the Calpheon main questline.

    – Take Away the Fish and Only a Corpse is Left
    – ‘[Boss] The Mastermind of the Catfishmen’

    *Sealegs is a buff that is applied immediately after it has been accepted. Characters will be able to swim faster for 3 minutes after receiving this blessing from the water fairies living in Lake Kaia.

    Other Changes

    ● Fixed an issue where the Trainer’s Flute was not working on Weita Island.

    ● Fixed an issue where the window could not be closed when first entering your Family Name, or changing the Family Name/Character Name/ Guild Name with a name change coupon.

    ● Fixed an issue where abnormal graphics would show with some Corsair Underwear items.

    ● Fixed an issue where the Offin Tett’s Radiant Serenaca would not display correctly.

    ● Fixed an issue with Nova’s Garnier Troupe Garb where the dye scheme of the Awakening Weapon would display incorrectly.

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