Black Desert PS4 Update 1.96 Patch Notes (Black Spirit’s Adventure) – August 25, 2021


Black Desert update 1.96 (Black Spirit’s Adventure) is now available for PS4 and Xbox One. According to the official Black Desert 1.96 patch notes, the latest added Black Spirit’s Adventure board game. Apart from this, Black Desert Online version 1.96 also includes various tweaks and stability fixes.

Recently, a big update was released with new features, changes, and improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Black Desert patch 1.96 will fix a few of these issues.


Check out more details below.

Black Desert Online Patch 1.96 – August 25, 2021

What is the Black Spirit’s Adventure?

The Black Spirit’s Adventure is a board game where you can earn fantastic rewards. Roll the dice and move around the board, and for each square you land on, you will earn a reward.

What is the Black Spirit’s Adventure?

The Black Spirit’s Adventure is a board game where you can earn fantastic rewards. Roll the dice and move around the board, and for each square you land on, you will earn a reward.


How to Play (To access the ‘Black Spirit’s Adventure’, go through the Menu > Rewards)
1) You can check which dice are currently stored.

2) Press X/▢ to [Acquire] a set of dice! (After acquiring a set of dice, you must wait 30 minutes before collecting the next)

3) You can check what Arcana cards you have by pressing LT+Y / L2 + △

4) You can select which set of dice you want to roll using LS, then press A / X to roll the dice

– Rolling doubles will earn you an immediate extra roll after moving!


5) Reaching the FINISH will earn you a completion reward and move on to a new board.


But things are never quite so simple when the Black Spirit is involved. Each time you roll, you roll two dice (consuming 1 set of dice per roll). The total of these two dice will determine how many squares you will move around the board. Doubles allow you to roll one more time without consuming extra die, so hitting those double 6’s will catapult you around the board at a lightning pace.

Once you get all the way around one board, you will receive a special prize for completing the level, and move on to the next board. There are also some special loaded dice, which will move you a set number of squares depending on the one you select. These special dice can be obtained in a variety of ways, but more on that later.

You can also power up the Black Spirit with Arcana Cards. These cards have special abilities to truly shake up the board. From moving a set number of squares, to doubling the dice roll, there are arcana cards for all situations.

How do I get Dice?
There are multiple ways to get dice. The first (and easiest) way to get dice is just playing Black Desert. Each 30 minutes, you play Black Desert, you will receive 1 roll. You can receive a maximum of 3 rolls per day (90 minutes of playtime) from this method. You will need to collect these every 30 minutes, otherwise you will have to wait for the next dice to become available.

Events will also offer additional dice rolls. These events will often run alongside the Black Spirit’s Adventure mode, so make sure to check out the Event notices during the Black Spirit’s Adventure period.

Black Spirit’s Special Dice
The Black Spirit has a multitude of die up his sleeve, and will occasionally let you take them for a spin. While these dice are generally given during events, stacking them up and using them at opportune times can allow you to drill down on the rewards you want to obtain. The following special die are available:

Black Spirit’s Special Dice Effects

Black Spirit’s Special Dice (1,1)
Move 2 Spaces

Black Spirit’s Special Dice (2,2)
Move 4 Spaces

Black Spirit’s Special Dice (3,3)
Move 6 Spaces

Black Spirit’s Special Dice (4,4)
Move 8 Spaces

Black Spirit’s Special Dice (5,5)
Move 10 Spaces

Black Spirit’s Special Dice (6,6)
Move 12 Spaces

Black Spirit’s Special Dice Box
Obtained through rewards and events

Arcana Cards
Arcana cards are special modifiers that are stored within an Arcana card storage. These cards shake up the game even more, with powerful effects that can almost skip the whole board!

Arcana card Description

Pace of Delight

Whenever you run out of dice and are unfortunately short of the square you want to reach, Pace of Delight is there for you!These cards will allow you to move between 1 and 6 spaces forward, depending on the number on the card.



If the specific square with the reward you want is 3 squares away, try using Pace of Delight +1 and a special die of (1,1) to gain the additional boost after acquiring the reward.

Lucky Day

Adds 1 to 3 additional remaining rolls in the Black Spirit’s Adventure.Having the Lucky Day Arcana gives you that reassuring feeling of being able to roll more dice before you need to finish!


However, it can only be used once to finish one board of Black Spirit’s Adventure. So, make sure to carefully consider when to use the additional chance!

Fated Encounter

Upon use, the number of Rolls to Finish resets and the Black Spirit returns to START.

If you weren’t able to finish and get the completion rewards or you passed by a square with a handsome reward, this Arcana will you reset the game from the beginning!

Nice Fluke

Upon use, receive 2 times more rewards for landing on a square.

If you think this is the perfect timing, use the Nice Fluke! Arcana giving you 2 times the rewards in the square you landed on! However, this only applies to squares that you landed to by throwing dice so you won’t be able to use it with Pace of Delight.

Clattering Rattle

Upon use, you will randomly obtain a dice that will be stored in your dice storage. You can get 1-3 basic dice or 1-2 special dice!Let’s say you run out of dice right before you finish. Then the Clattering Rattle is here to help you finish!

Cosmos Cataclysm

Upon use, the Black Spirit will randomly teleport to a square on the adventure board.

Try your luck by upending the cosmos and moving somewhere random on the adventure board



Try using the card right at the beginning. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up right before the FINISH square!

Arcana’s can be obtained from events, landing on the CARD square on the adventure board, or through the Adona Rioblanc’s questline, ‘Friendly Astrologist’.

How do I access the Black Spirit’s Adventure?
You can begin Black Spirit’s Adventure by going to [Main Menu] → [Rewards] → [Black Spirit’s Adventure]

The individual square rewards may change depending on which board you’re currently on, but completing a full round of the Black Spirit’s Adventure will reward you with Black Spirit’s Adventure Box that contains the following items upon opening it:

Reward for Completion (Every Round)

Black Spirit’s Adventure Box


Rounds Completed Rewards for Additional Rounds Completed

Arcana of Fate Box x1


Fine Accessory Box II x1


Black Spirit’s Adventure Box x5


Black Spirit’s Adventure Box x10


Get 1 item from the list belowfrom the Black Spirit’s Adventure Box
Tungrad Necklace

Ogre Ring

Laytenn’s Power Stone

Tungrad Belt

Basilisk’s Belt

Valtarra’s Eclipsed Belt

Tungrad Ring

Ring of Crescent Guardian

Eye of the Ruins Ring


Tungrad Earring

Black Distortion Earring

Ethereal Earring

Advice of Valks (+50)

Advice of Valks (+40)

Advice of Valks (+30)

Krogdalo’s Origin Stone

Stonetail Fodder x3

Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast x3

Pure Forest Breath x3

Rainbow Gem Fruit x3

Breezy Conch Seaweed x3

Deep Blue Hoof Root x3

Rumbling Earth Shard x10

Swaying Wind Shard x10


Sharp Black Crystal Shard x4

Hard Black Crystal Shard x8

Ancient Spirit Dust x25

Character Changes

● Changed the notifications that appear for the skills Yianaros Light I~V, Pilgrim’s Steps I~V, and Knight’s Defense I~V to appear only for the Lv. I skills that you can learn upon your character reaching Lv. 56.

● Added the following information to the skill descriptions: a list of skills you cannot acquire upon learning Yianaros’s Light I~V, Pilgrim’s Steps I~V, Knight’s Defense I~V as well as information on how to obtain the secret book to learn the aforementioned skills.

● Fixed an issue where certain classes could immediately recover with a certain movement after being dismounted.

● Added color effects to detailed numbers for skill add-ons.

● Changed ‘PvP AP’ effect to ‘Extra AP Against Humans’ for skill add-ons.
– Since the actual effect applied to all human types, we changed the name to match.

● Improved the movements after stopping in combat stance for the following classes:

– Archer, Guardian, Hashashin, Nova, Sage, Corsair

We’ve simplified the basic movements for Archers, Guardians, Hashashins, Novas, Sages, and Corsairs in combat stance. We’re currently in the middle of making improvements to their non-combat stances as well, and we will update them as soon as they’re done.


● Nocturne, Absolute: Nocturne, Prime: Nocturne – Fixed the issue where other skills that do not combo with Nocturne could be used while invisible.
● Nocturne, Absolute: Nocturne, Prime: Nocturne – Fixed the issue where your character would turn the other way while standing in place instead of moving behind the enemy when moving forwarrd while targetting the enemy from a certain distance.
● Dusk, Chain: Dusk – Fixed the issue where your attack would be canceled when attacking with the skills moving left charging Prime: Kamasylvia Slash I~III during the cooldown of the skills.
● Prime: Enforcement III – Fixed the issue where the actual number of hits was lower than the number of hits in the skill description.
● Core: Seed of Catastrophe, Seed of Catastrophe IV – Fixed the issue where the actual number of hits was lower than the number of hits in the skill description.
● Absolute: Hidden Strike – Changed the description to match the actual Critical Hit Rate.
– however, the actual PvE and PvP damage applied is the same as before.

Before After
Critical Hit Rate 100% Critical Hit Rate 100% (Applied only to monsters)

● Fixed the issue where combos from basic movements weren’t smooth when attempted after stopping while sprinting in Awakening.



 Prime: Rift Chain – The issue where the character would stop intermittently during continual use of the Rift Chain skill when low on Stamina has been fixed.


● Corsair has been added as a trial character.

– After created a Trial character, you can purchase Trial Character only equipment, consumables, items and Succession books from the NPC Haz.
● Fixed an issue where the knees would protrude through the Desperada Outfit.

● Extended the Black Spirit’s Rage to also be usable for Close Quarters: High Spirits, Close Quarters: Charge, and Ocean’s Allure.

– Added Black Spirit: Close Quarters: High Spirits, Black Spirit: Close Quarters: Charge, and Black Spirit: Ocean’s Allure to the Skill window.

– Each skill can be used by pressing an extra button depending on the situation when Black Spirit’s Rage is at 10%, 25%, or 50%, and can be controlled more dynamically.

– You can get special bonuses such as an increased number of hits or an increased casting speed when using each skill.

● Flow: Whirlpool – Corrected the issue where Defence icons would not show up in certain circumstances.

● Ocean’s Allure – Increased the lateral range of damage.

● Close Quarters: Suppress – Changed to be activated by pressing LS↓+RB/R1 after using Spare No Quarter!
● Crow’s Mark – Improved the skill to combo better when used after switching from serenaca to patraca.

● Sea Mist, Close Quarters: Charge – Improved to combo smoothly into Crow’s Mark.


● No Mercy, Scallywags! – Improved the Scallywags with Secret Weapons to be distringuishable by visual effects.

● Spare no Quarter! – Fixed the issue where Corsair would sometimes climb on top of monsters during the skill.

● Light ‘Em Up – Improved to now be usable during Smooth Sailin’ in Awakening.

● Flow: Earth-render Patraca – Changed to be activated by pressing RB/R1 after Sun-shielder Patraca

● Cap’n’s Orders: Open Fire! – Added to the skill description that you can combo into Riding Waves and Wave-breaker Patraca.

● Cap’n’s Orders: Open Fire!, Cap’n’s Orders: Cease Fire! – Changed the skill to have the split damage effect applied in PvP.
● Crow’s Mark – Changed to be activated by pressing LT/L2+RB/R1 after using Spare No Quarter!

● Flow: Earth-render Patraca – Changed to be activated by pressing RB/R1 after using Spare no Quarter!

● No Mercy, Scallywags! – Changed to only be available in Awakening state.

● Labao on Deck! – Decreased the cooldown from 10 min to 1 min.

● Wind-piercer Patraca – Increased the cooldown from 4 sec to 6 sec.

● Labao on Deck! – Fixed the issue Labao’s voice was hard to hear.

● Smooth Sailin’ II ~ Absolute Smooth Sailin’ – Fixed the issue where using the skill in the front wouldn’t combo into Cap’n’s Orders: Open Fire!

● Cap’n’s Orders: Open Fire! – Fixed the issue where the skill would auto-activate during Riding Waves or Wave-breaker Patraca.

● Cap’n’s Orders: Open Fire!, Cap’n’s Orders: Cease Fire!, Core: Sea Mist, Core: Close Quarters: Suppress – Fixed the skill demos to play more naturally in the Skills window.

● Fixed the issue where the Cannoneer Duo would disappear if they were too far away from Corsair.


● Fixed the issue where Corsair’s appearance appeared abnormal while using Mareca skills.

● Fixed the issue with Corsair’s Lv. 56 Skill Enhancement icons appearing abnormal.

● Core: Cap’n’s Orders: Open Fire! – Fixed the issue where the audio output would not work properly in certain cases upon learning the skill.

● Fixed the issue where your weapon would appear abnormal when using the auto-navigate function while Sprinting in Awakening state.

● Mareca Swing – Fixed the issue where the skill did not activate above water when in awakening.

● Flow: Wave Skedaddle – Fixed the issue where jump would activate first when the commands for the skills were pressed after using Smooth Sailin’ going forward.

● Crow’s Mark – Fixed the issue where the Sprint Attack would activate first if Crow’s Mark was input immediately after stopping from a frontal Smooth Sailin’ in Awakening state.

● Light ‘Em Up – Fixed the issue where the skill demo wouldn’t show the Actin’ Cap’n.

● Black Spirit: Cap’n’s Orders: Open Fire! – Fixed an issue where Labao appeared abnormally in the skill preview window.

● Whale Song – Fixed an issue where Corsair would display abnormally in certain situations.

● Fixed the issue where auto-running would not maintain the spriting action after pressing LT/L2.

● Mareca: Sea Stroll – Fixed the issue where your outfit appeared abnormal during the skill demo in the Skills window.


Content Changes

● You can now purchase the Adventurer’s Luck buff from the camp shop.

The newly added Adventurer’s Luck buffs are intended to widen your choices in choosing where to play according to your goals, instead of ensuring a steady income for defeating monsters.


This buff stacks with other ‘Item Drop Rate’ increasing effects, but its substantial silver cost should be considered also.

Just like the effect of the ‘Item Collection Increase Scroll’, this buff will not increase the number of vendor items dropped, but will increase the chances of other items dropping.

Buff Effect Price (Silver)
[Camp] Adventurer’s Luck I Item Drop Rate +10% (60 min) 10,000,000
[Camp] Adventurer’s Luck II Item Drop Rate +20% (60 min) 20,000,000
[Camp] Adventurer’s Luck III Item Drop Rate +30% (60 min) 30,000,000
[Camp] Adventurer’s Luck IV Item Drop Rate +40% (60 min) 40,000,000
[Camp] Adventurer’s Luck V Item Drop Rate +50% (60 min) 50,000,000

※ The [Camp] Adventurer’s Luck buff can stack with other buffs.


● Increased the number of days in which a New Adventurer can enter the Olvia(Growth) Server to the following:

Before After
30 days of entry 60 days of entry

● Changed certain regions of Iliya Island so you can fish up Black Eye Crabs, a Prize Catch type, once again.


Item Changes

● Changed Rift’s Fragments, obtainable on the Season Servers to form a Rift’s Echo, from character-bound to Family bound.

“Rift’s Fragments,” which combine into the Rift’s Echo item, are character-bound, and when “Fughar’s Timepiece” is used, these items couldn’t be moved to the new season character. To improve the fate of “Rift’s Fragments” unintentionally turning into junk loot, this update will change “Rift’s Fragments” to now be family-bound, and you’ll be able to access them through means such as the storage keeper to use them on a season character once more.

● Changed the PRI (I) Tuvala Main and Sub-weapon Boxes exchanged from PEN (V) Naru Main and Sub-weapons to now open immediately upon reciept, granting you a suitable weapon for your class.

● Changed the PRI(I) Tuvala Awakening Weapon, which can be obtained during the Awakening quest, will now open immediately and give you the correct equipment for your class.

● Improved the description for boxes that mention obtaining items according to a set probability.

● Changed the icon for the [Event] Rare Tungrad Accessory Box.

● Added details explaining certain restrictions to the item description of slot expansion items.


● Changed the descriptions for the [Season] Lv. 53: Leveling Aid Box to be more explicit about its requirements.


Monster Changes

● Increased the lowest possible chance to obtain knowledge from defeating monsters in Balenos to Mediah by 10%

– However, the rates to learn knowledge from Shultz Guard monsters remains the same as before.

Gathering bits of knowledge as you grow stronger is one of the small pleasures of playing Black Desert. Especially some knowledge of certain monsters can be more difficult to learn, which may serve as a challenge to the collector within all of us. On the other hand, only by learning a certain monster’s knowledge will you be able to see their health in detail. Thus, some Adventurers have requested we provide an increase in the rate for learning knowledge to help new adventurers adjust better. In response, we have decided to increase the rate of learning knowledge for monsters up to the Mediah Territory. However, the Shultz Guard garrison is not a monster zone for novice adventurers, so they’ve been excluded. We will continue to look for better ways to provide support for New Adventurers.


Quest and Knowledge Changes

● Changed weekly quests to now reset to specific times.

– All weekly quests now reset every Thursday at 12:00AM UTC.
[North America: Wednesday 05:00 PM (PDT), Europe: Thursday 01:00 AM (UTC+1), Asia: Thursday 09:00 AM (GMT+9)]


※ If you have accepted and/or completed but haven’t handed in a weekly quest prior to this week’s maintenance, the changed reset rule will apply immediately. Weekly quests that were completed prior to maintenance will follow the previous rule (reset on week after completion) and will reflect the changed rule once the previous rule’s reset period ended.

Weekly quest was accepted and/or completed yet not handed in prior to August 25th 2021 maintenance Changed rule applies, will reset every Thursday at the following times:

North America: Wednesday 05:00 PM (PDT)
Europe: Thursday 01:00 AM (UTC+1)
Asia: Thursday 09:00 (GMT+9 

Weekly quest was completed and rewards obtained prior to August 25th 2021 maintenance Quest can be re-accepted on week after its date of completion, after which the quest will reset every Thursday at the following times:

North America: Wednesday 05:00 PM (PDT 

Europe: Thursday 01:00 AM (UTC+1) 

Asia: Thursday 09:00 AM(GMT+9) 



– The following weekly quests have been changed to reset every Thursday at 12:00 AM UTC:

Weekly Quest
[Special II] The Terror Revived (1/W) [Weekly] Purify the Sherekhan Necropolis
[Special II] Confronting Hexe Marie (1/W) [Weekly] Breeding Protties
[Special II] A Scheme under the Monastery (1/W) [Weekly] Preparing to Leave
[Special II] Confronting Dim Tree Spirit (1/W) [Weekly] Bounty on the Cadries
[Special II] Kzarka Shrine (1/W) [Weekly] A Rattling Sound
[Special II] Confronting Muskan (1/W) [Weekly] Lucretia’s Ruby
[Special III] Divine Power (1/W) [Weekly] Vestige of Immortality Bestowed by Vaha
[Special III] Confronting Ancient Puturum (1/W) [Weekly] Vestige of an Era Bestowed by Vaha
[Special V] The King of Navarn Steppe (1/W) [Weekly] Vestige of a Moment Bestowed by Vaha
[Special Quest V] Face Ahib Griffon (1/W) [Co-op] [Weekly] Vestige of the Rifts Bestowed by Vaha
[Special VI] The Mightiest Warrior (1/W) [Weekly] Black Abyssal Weapon Exchange
[Special VI] Confronting Urugon (1/W) [EXC] Asula’s Crimson Eye Necklace
[Special] Confronting Leebur (1/W) [EXC] Asula’s Crimson Eye Earring
[Training Quest] Valtarra – To a Higher Place (1/W) [EXC] Asula’s Crimson Eye Ring
Sealing the Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Weekly) [EXC] Asula’s Crimson Eye Belt
[Repeat] Alustin’s New Experiment [Weekly] A Special Fishing Rod
Inverting the Energy [Weekly] Preparing to Set Sail for the Great Ocean
[Weekly] Inverting the Energy [Weekly Professional Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking I
[Weekly] Hordes of Bandits [Weekly Professional Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking II
[Weekly] Rules of the Roud Sulfur Works [Weekly Artisan Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking I
[Weekly] Impenitent Criminals [Weekly Artisan Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking II
[Weekly] Homesick Desert Naga [Weekly Master Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking I
[Weekly] Dangerous Argos Saunils [Weekly Master Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking II
[Weekly] Help that Never Arrives [Professional Day Fishing] The Good Feeling of Harpooning
[Weekly] New Mushroom Dish [Artisan Day Fishing] The Good Feeling of Harpooning
[Weekly] Rule of Power [Master I Day Fishing] The Good Feeling of Harpooning
[Weekly] A Soldier Who Cannot Go Home [Master II Day Fishing] The Good Feeling of Harpooning
[Weekly] For the Forest Redeeming the Good Name of Xian
[Weekly] Frenzy of Manshaums Urgent Request from Calpheon Workshop
[Weekly] Full-scale Cleaning of the Tshira Ruins Must-Haves for Calpheonian Madams
[Weekly] Blood Wolf Extermination Dreaming Little Girl
[Weekly] Training with the Shultz Guard Skin Care for Altinovan Nobles
[Weekly] Revenge against the Basilisk Parade of Research
[Weekly] Sleep-disrupting Centaurus [Weekly] A Special, Healthy Meal for Horses
[Weekly] Accepted by the Bashim


● Improved the dialog of the Collapsed Soldiers that appear in the main quest of the Calpheon Region, ‘The Fallen’.

● Fixed some of the typos found in a main quest of the Kamasylvia region, “New Business.”

● Fixed the issue where proceeding with the Simplified Main Questline would prevent you from accepting certain Adventure Logs.

Adventure Log Conditions for Accepting the Quest
Adventure Log: Traces of a Great Adventurer Can accept after completing [Special Growth] Fughar’s Memorandum – Chapter 6
Adventure Joutnal: From the Bottom to the Top Can accept after completing [Special Growth] Fughar’s Memorandum – Chapter 9


● Added ‘[5-person Co-op] The Last Stronghold, Atoraxxion’ to the Recurring tab in the Quests Window.
– The list in the Recurring Quest window will show all quests related to the content.

● Improved to allow a character that has not yet done the Atoraxxion main questline to be able to enter Atoraxxion through the Ancient Stone Chamber Sol Magia NPC upon completion of the quest, “[Atoraxxion] Vaha’s Time Capsule” that can be accepted once per family during the Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea main quest.

– However, when your Sage is doing the awakening questline, parts of the secret path where the Sol Magia NPC located in the Ancient Stone Chamber could be closed, depending on how much of the questline has been done. Please note that the chamber will open again when you complete your Sage’s awakening questline.

● Added a dialog to an NPC that guides you out of Vahmalkea when you Interact with an NPC in each area of Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea. You can now know the location of the nearest NPC that guides you out of the area and into another by talking to the following NPCs:

Area NPC
Vaha’s Sky Vaha’s Sky – Sol Magia
Vaha’s Storm Vaha’s Storm – Sol Magia
Vaha’s Heart Vaha’s Heart- Sol Magia, Atoraxxion Exchange
Vaha’s Head Vaha’s Head – Sol Magia
Vaha’s Garden Vaha’s Garden – Sol Magia
Vaha’s Paradise Vaha’s Time Capsule


● Removed the following unobtainable titles from the title list:
– Ow!
– Dream Inside the Box
– Float Like a Butterfly
– Hit It Harder!
– Thrives On Attention
– Devoured the Sky
– Br-zzap
– Lion of the Sky
– Rage Inducer
– Grave Keeper
– Conquered Vaha’s Heart
– Tyrant of Vahmalkea
– #BDORemastered

● Fixed the issue where the navigation to the destination appeared awkward after accepting the quest, “[Corsair Awakening] Paruo, Paruo, and Paruo”

● Fixed the quest objective text to appear clearer for the quest, ‘[Corsair Awakening] Rapscallions of the Sea.’

– Speak to Hurao to recieve the Shovel Sprinkled in Tears.


– Use the Shovel Sprinkled in Tears to dig through the sands hiding a buried bomb.

– Defeat the Rapscallions hired by Lantinia.

● Added a line of dialogue to the quest ‘[Corsair Awakening] Rapscallions of the Sea’ when the first objective is completed and Hurao guides you to the spot of sand where the bomb is buried.

● Added the line, ‘※ If you forget where the bomb was buried, talk to Hurao and he will guide you once more.’ to the quest summary of ‘[Corsair Awakening] Rapscallions of the Sea.’

● Changed the camera angle at the end of the quest, ‘[Corsair Awakening] Rapscallions of the Sea’ to better show Lantinia slumped down on the floor.

● Changed the camera angle when reading the letter during the quest “[Corsair Awakening] Farewell, Again” to appear more natural.

● Changed the awakening tutorial text to yellow in the quest “[Corsair Awakening] Patraca Conquest – Combo

● Fixed the knowledge of “Dehkia’s Will” and “Vaha’s Records #22: Conclusion” to read more naturally.

● Fixed the quest objectives for the Atoraxxion main quests “Activation,” “The Story Thus Far,” and “Start of the Maze” to read more naturally.

● Improved the Knowledge entry for ‘Hunt’ to read more naturally.

Node and Conquest War Changes 

● Changed the conditions to participate in a Conquest War as follows:

Before After
If you’ve occupied a Tier 3-4 node once or more If you’ve occupied a node of any Tier once or more

● Changed the Node/Conquest War Participate button to be usable after midnight on the day of participation.

– You can participate in Node/Conquest Wars through the Guild menu > Guild Member Status.

– However, you can only participate in the Node/Conquest War servers and a Fort/Command Post/Field HQ need to be constructed.


● Changed the AP/DP limits applied to Tier 1 Node Wars to now also apply to forts, flame towers, hwachas, supply depots, and all other annexes.

– However, the Extra Damage of the [Combat] Trina Demolition Axe, Node/Conquest War annexes, and Medium/Large Siege Towers will not be considered.

● Changed the function of recovery centers for conquest wars to the following:
– However, the function of recovery centers for Node Wars is the same as before.

Before After
Revive cooldown decreases by 6 sec per recovery center built Revive cooldown decreases by 3 sec per recovery center built

● With this change to AP limits to now consider all Tier 1 Node War forts, flame towers, hwachas, and all other annexes, we’ve reduced the rather highly-set DP of Tier 1 forts, barricades, and currently under-construction wooden fence gate by 50%. Tier 1 Iron Barricades have also had their DP reduced by 40%.

● For Tier 2 to 4 Node Wars and Conquest Wars, the DP of certain annexes and defensive structures have also been changed.

Tier Annex DP Change (%)
Tier 2 Recovery Center, Elephant Nursery, Cannon Observatory, Indomitable Flag Factory -50%
Indomitable Flag -62.5%
Flame Tower, Hwacha -10%
Tier 3 Recovery Center, Elephant Nursery, Cannon Observatory, Indomitable Flag Factory -16.5%
Indomitable Flag -25%
Flame Tower, Hwacha -17%
Enhanced Flame Tower, Big Hwacha -7%
Tier 4 and Conquest War Recovery Center, Elephant Nursery, Cannon Observatory, Indomitable Flag Factory -7%
Indomitable Flag -6.25%
Flame Tower, Hwacha -7%
Enhanced Flame Tower, Big Hwacha -6.25%

● Reduced the Conquest War wooden fence DP by 10%.
● Reduced the Tier 2-4 Node and Conquest War wooden fence gate DP by 10%.

UI Changes

● Talking with NPCs – Improved exchanging with NPCs to now allow you to select and exchange multiple items that do not stack at once. However, this does not apply to certain items that need to be exchanged with caution.

We’ve changed it so that you can now determine the actual number of items you wish to exchange, especially those that aren’t stackable like fairies. While you may not frequent UIs such as these, we hope to continue updating various parts of the game that may feel somewhat inconvenient to use. We ask for your continued feedback.

● Improved the Guild Mission tab in the Guild menu to display the remaining time to re-accept a guild mission after its completion.

System Changes 

● Changed to block items that require the 15-minute delays to be listed on the Central Market 20 minutes before certain times like maintenance.

● Fixed the issue where the screen display would lag when the character would level up, due to UI display and effects.

Other Changes

● Fixed the issue where the 2 monsters Sandstorm Plunderer and Shadow of Gahaz appeared abnormally at Gahaz Bandit’s Lair.


● Fixed the issue where the CI would not be displayed when you first run the game after installing it.

● [Corsair] Fixed the issue where errors occurred when a summon attacked during certain Awakening skills

● Fixed an issue where opening the World Map would open the stable information under certain circumstances
● Changed the progress to not reset when a player dies 5 minutes into battle during the “Rapscallions of the Sea” Corsair awakening quest.

● Fixed the issue where the background of the region near Serendia Shrine would appear abnormally.

● Fixed the issue where the resurrection motion for a character that died in the Serendia Shrine region would appear abnormally.

● Fixed the issue where some of the records would intermittently be omitted from the log of the Guild window.

● Fixed the issue where an abnormal message appeared in certain situations where the fairy couldn’t be summoned/unsummoned.
● Fixed an issue where Dark Rift ‘Saunil Siege Captain’ would not return to it’s summoned spot after being pulled away in certain circumstances.

● Fixed typos and improved certain sentences.

● Fixed an issue where some backgrounds would be displayed abnormally.

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