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The dowry side quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 has you searching Waukeen’s Rest for a precious hidden treasure. This guide will walk you through how to find the elusive dowry chest buried in the haystack.

When you first arrive in Waukeen’s Rest, you’ll encounter Benryn, a man desperately searching for his wife’s dowry. His wife tragically perished in a fire, and Benryn is eager to recover her dowry chest hidden somewhere in town.

Finding the dowry chest and ring requires patience and a careful eye. Follow this guide to uncover the secrets buried in Waukeen’s Rest.

Dowry Location in Baldur’s Gate 3

The dowry location in BG3 is in the barn at Waukeen’s Rest.

To find Waukeen’s Rest, head north from the Goblin Camp and west of The Risen Road waypoint. The coordinates are roughly x:-100, y:619.

Once you’re in Waukeen’s Rest, go downstairs beneath the arch and enter the third building on the left. This structure is the barn where the dowry chest is hidden.

Where is the Dowry in Waukeen’s Rest?

Inside the Waukeen’s Rest barn, examine the haystack tucked away in the back right corner. Interact with the haystack to trigger a Perception check, requiring a DC 15 to succeed.

Passing the check will reveal a buried chest containing the dowry ring. If your Perception is too low, you’ll overlook the haystack secret and leave empty-handed.

Dowry Chest Perception Check

With a high enough Perception score, your party can spot irregularities in the haystack to find the hidden dowry.

If your Perception falls short, utilize Guidance or a Bard’s Jack of All Trades to bolster your score. Cast Guidance on the character before interacting with the haystack.

Without passing the chest’s Perception check, you’ll have to take alternate steps to recover Benryn’s ring.

Getting the Dowry Ring from Mirileth

If you failed finding the Waukeen’s Rest barn dowry, seek out the corpse of Mirileth, Benryn’s deceased wife.

With the Speak with Dead spell, you can communicate with Mirileth and directly ask her where the dowry ring lies hidden.

To find Speak with Dead, venture to the Overgrown Ruins and loot the chest guarded by Venomous Asylum.

Return to Waukeen’s Rest and cast Speak with Dead on Mirileth’s remains. She’ll reveal the dowry chest’s location in the barn haystack, allowing you to finally claim the ring.

What to Do with the Dowry Ring

Upon retrieving the elusive dowry ring, you have two choices:

  1. Return the Ring to Benryn: Benryn will reward you for reuniting him with his wife’s ring. He’ll be eternally grateful.
  2. Keep the Ring for Yourself: The dowry ring sells for a profitable 115 gold. However, Benryn remains distraught.

If your moral compass points you toward selflessness, return the ring to Benryn. His somber story deserves a small shred of hope after such tragedy. However, the decision is ultimately yours.

Dowry Side Quest Wrap Up – September 15, 2023

The dowry ring side quest exemplifies the morally ambiguous dilemmas woven throughout Baldur’s Gate 3. Your choices shape your adventure through the Forgotten Realms.

With the dowry ring in hand, you can ease a widower’ssorrow or line your own pockets. Both paths forward hold potential pros and cons.

Hopefully this guide leads you to the buried treasure in Waukeen’s Rest and assists in your decision surrounding the dowry ring’s fate. The Forgotten Realms brim with difficult choices and memorable characters like Benryn.

This concludes your guide to finding the well-hidden dowry chest in Baldur’s Gate 3. May your quest through perilous Faerûn result in prosperity and glory.


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