Beamng Drive Update 0.25.3 Patch Notes (Official)

A new Beamng Drive update 0.25.3 is rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Beamng Drive game patch notes, the latest update added various long changes and quality of life improvements.

Previously, a major update added a new vehicle, a metric truck-load of new missions and the return of the Garage Mode. Recently, a hotfix was also released.

Unfortunetly, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Beamng Drive patch 0.25.3 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Beamng Drive Patch 0.25.3 Notes – June 23, 2022


Civetta Scintilla

  • Fixed missing rear firewall beams causing nodes to get loose when some parts are removed
  • Fixed roll cage being too strong
  • Addressed roof bar mount texture UVs
  • Fixed race hood texture UVs
  • Fixed UI name for front driveshaft on AWD models
  • Addressed wrong default tires on the GTx and GTx Spyder

All vehicles

  • Updated thumbnails


  • Fixed tread direction of new drag tires


  • Fixed readability of the screen, removed blank space on the sides
  • Fixed center column text being to big in some cases and clipping on other cells

Small Island

  • Fixed AI decal road


A selection of Missions can now be played directly from the Scenarios Menu.

Wild West Trails, Highway Loop 1, A Flock of Pigeons, River Crawl, Soccer pit 1, Scintilla Delivery, Slither Drift (Short), A Run for Life, Garage to Garage Delivery: East Coast USA, Garage to Garage Delivery: Italy, Garage to Garage Delivery: Jungle Rock Island, Hypermiling at the Gas Station, Knockaway: Blocked Road, Beginning and Target Jump: Bridge.

  • Starting these from the Scenarios Menu will use the default settings and the default car (for A Run For Life and Hypermiling at the Gas Station).
  • Missions can be made available like this using a setting from the mission editor.

Other mission changes:

  • Added two more Missions to the Driver Training Campaign: Trailer Delivery Intro and Barrel knocker Basics

You can now gain the Driver Training Campaign Steam achievement (previously attainable by completing the old campaign) by passing the Advanced Circuit mission of the new Driver Training Campaign.

  • All Missions now have a Date and Author field.
  • Fixed UI Issue in Target Jump missions.
  • Fixed Vehicle Freezing not working properly in Target Jump missions.
  • Fixed Points not being rounded properly in Bus missions.
  • Garage to Garage missions will now have proper traffic for their level.
  • Fixed Garage to Garage missions sometimes having too big vehicles or too small parking spots.
  • Added 3 AI races to Small Island
  • Fixed an issue where some actions were not blocked correctly, allowing the user to recover or teleport the player vehicle, among other things.

Garage Mode

  • Fixed some camera issues after changing the vehicle


  • Fixed Clutchex AWD not working correctly in reverse


  • Fixed an issue where under some circumstances DSE would not initialize correctly and leave the car unusable
  • Fixed an issue where adaptive brake lights with no installed ESC would not function correctly


  • Fixed a bug where AI traffic resets by pressing Insert or Home
  • Fixed a few logic issues in Chase mode; chasing vehicles should act stronger now on long road segments

Game Engine

  • Fix UI not being able to access files with non-ascii characters
  • Improved throttling of dashboard updates
  • Fixed calculations of camera speed and rotational speed that are used by sound system

Thumbnail Creator

  • Fixed wrong camera mode when taking the screenshot for a custom config

Download free Beamng Drive update 0.25.3 on PC.

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