Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) Update 1.006.700 Patch Notes

Baldur’s Gate 3 update 1.006.700 is rolling out on PS5 and PC. According to the official BG3 1.006.700 patch notes, the latest update addressed issues related to container-based actions, which were negatively impacting the in-game economy. Apart from this, Baldur’s Gate 3 version 1.006.700 also addresses crashes, bugs, and gameplay issues.

Previously, a big update 3 update 1.006.300 added improvements and fixes. Unfortunately, since the last update, players have been facing various issues with the game. Today’s BG3 version 1.006.700 will fix a few of these issues. The upcoming BG3 update 1.006.800 will fix more issues.

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BG3 Version 1.006.700 Patch Notes – March 27, 2024

Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3) Update 1.006.700 Patch Notes
Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) Update 1.006.700 Patch Notes

Crashes and Bugs:

  • Stuck Dialogue Fix: Resolved an issue where players would get stuck in Lae’zel’s recruitment dialogue if they saved midway and reloaded.
  • Particle System Crash: Addressed a rare crash linked to our particle system.
  • Black Pudding Platter: Fixed a crash occurring when throwing the Black Pudding Platter.
  • Character Creation Crash: Rectified a crash during Character Creation.
  • Container Selling Crash: Fixed a crash potential when selling a container with items, repurchasing, and reselling.
  • VFX Material Loading Crash: Resolved a rare crash related to VFX material loading.
  • Item Equip Bug: Fixed a bug hindering item equipping and spell usage due to a persistent item.
  • Poltergeist Aura Optimization: Optimized Poltergeist auras to reduce memory usage and prevent out-of-memory crashes.

User Interface (UI):

  • Gold Deduction Issue: Fixed an issue where selling all wares didn’t deduct the proper gold amount from the trader inventory.
  • Gold Generation Bug: Addressed a bug allowing players to generate gold by purchasing multiple items but only paying for one when dragging items into a container.
  • Free Item Stack Bug: Fixed a bug enabling players to ‘buy’ a stack of items for free when using the item splitter.
  • Equipped Item Trading: Fixed equipped items blocked by shapeshifting being tradable, allowing players to get paid even if the items don’t transfer to the trader’s inventory.


  • Moonrise Towers Prison Club Fix: Fixed clubs from the Moonrise Towers Prison getting automatically equipped upon pickup.
  • Continuous Soul Caged Condition Fix: Resolved an issue causing [spoiler]Nightsong[/spoiler] to continuously gain and lose the Soul Caged condition.
  • Balthazar Turn Finish Fix: Fixed Balthazar not finishing his turn when too far from the Colony ritual spot to reach it in one turn.
  • Civilian Help Call Bug: Fixed a bug where a civilian would call for help, but Flaming Fists would not move to the crime scene.

Code and Gameplay:

  • Party Ungrouping Bug Fix: Addressed a bug causing party members to be wrongly ungrouped in broken savegame states.
  • Dialogue Issues Fix: Fixed randomly occurring issues with dialogues, such as repeating lines and incorrect options.
  • Spell SFX Fix: Fixed some characters missing their spell SFX when transitioning from camp to the world.
  • Bulette Ground Stuck Fix: Rectified the bulette getting permanently stuck underground in Turn-Based Mode.

Download free Baldurs Gate 3 update 1.006.700 on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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