Automobilista 2 Update Patch Notes

    Automobilista 2 update is available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Automobilista 2 patch notes, the latest update resolves issues related to physics, AI, audio, tracks and much more.

    Previously, a major update added RacinĀ“ USA Part 2, featuring 1990s american open wheelers from Reynard, Lola & Swift as well as the Cleveland Burke Lakefront Road Course & Watkins Glen International.

    Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Automobilista 2 patch will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

    Automobilista 2 Patch Notes – July 10, 2022


    • Fixed championship editor not respecting max opponents and max rounds in some cases
    • Fixed crash trying to start Stock Car Pro 2022 championship
    • Revised livery name alterations for Porsche Cup & VW TSI Cup, adding more distinctions to help prevent duplicated liveries with custom AI files


    • Fully revised Lancer Cup, TSI Cup, Opala 79, Copa Fusca, Copa Uno physics
    • Further tire tread revisions to F-Trainer (both), F-Vee, F3, F-Vintage (both); F-Retro Gen3, F-Classic (all gens), F-V12, F-V10 (both gens), F-Reiza, F-Ultimate (both gens), GTE, GT3, Group C, BMW Procar; Ginetta G40 (both), P1, Vintage Touring Cars
    • FFB Max force & smoothing adjustments for F-Vee, F-Trainer, Lancer Cup, Opala 1979, Opala 1986, Sprint Race, Copa Fusca, Copa Uno, VW Polo & VW Virtus
    • Ginetta G40 (both) Slightly adjusted CoG height, frontend aero
    • Further revisions to tire tread of all radial slicks & wet compounds when running on a wet surface (revisions in progress, to be completed by V1.4)
    • F-Ultimate (both gens): Adjusted ERS mapping for Silverstone


    • Minor adjustments to AI racing behavior: Reduced range at which AI car ahead will try defend from car behind; Increased range AI behind will try pass car ahead; Slightly reduced speed differential needed to attempt overtake; Slightly decreased avoid ratio at max aggression; Minor increase of care factor against human; Minor decrease of lateral range while defending
    • Slightly increased AI hotlap pace push for pratice / quali
    • Added Porsche Cup, GT4, GT5, G40 Cup custom AI driver names + Ai entries for the 5 new DPi liveries
    • AI calibration pass for Copa Fusca, Copa Uno, Opala 1979, Lancer Cup, F-3, TSI Cup
    • Adjusted AI grip for Spielberg (both layouts)


    • F-Reiza: Increased DRS beep volume increase
    • Added & adjusted several soud effects from trackside objects – helicopter, 747 jet and turboprop animation sound effects


    • Added real weather data for Buenos_Aires, Cordoba and Termas Rio Hondo
    • Buenos Aires: Added VR trackside cameras
    • Cordoba: Static object LOD corrections
    • Termas Rio Hondo: Additional static object, crowds, and marshals; Change Default race date to May 29 2022
    • Minor adjustment to grass friction coefficient


    • Corrected driver gear shift animation of Lancer RS, Caterham SuperLight & SuperSport to match the actual car gearbox (sequential or H-shifter)
    • Reduced frequency of exhaust backfires in vehicles in which that is not common
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