Atlas Update 548.2 Patch Notes (Summer Content) – July 7, 2022


A new Atlas update 548.2 is available to download on PC (Steam) and Xbox. According to the official Atlas game patch notes, the latest update added new items, a new region, and some welcome improvements to the game. Apart from this, today’s Atlas patch 548.2 also includes performance and stability fixes. Read more details below.

Previously, a major Industrial Exploration update added new content including Tame House, new craftables, new regions and more. Unfortunately, players are still facing a number of issues with the game. Today’s Atlas patch 548.2 will fix a few of these issues.

Atlas Patch 548.2 Notes – July 7, 2022

New Content

Tame Hatchery

Egg-laying tames can now be stored at the new Tame Hatchery. Eggs produced by stored tames are sent to the inventory to be fertilized. Fertilized eggs will be incubated and hatched directly into the Tame Hatchery. While food is stored in the inventory, tames will continue to reproduce and generate Nitro Fertilizer, which gives crops a growth boost for a short time.


Tames allowed in the Hatchery:

  • Chicken, Crow, Parrot, Vulture, Seagull, Penguin, Ostrich, Spider, Turtle, Crocodile, Razortooth, Shieldhorn, Crab, and Tortugar

After obtaining the Beastmaster 2 skill, the Tame Hatchery will be buildable at a Smithy:


Crafting Resources

  • 300 Stone
  • 20 Flint
  • 90 Keratinoid
  • 65 Wood
  • 80 Fibers
New Resource type: Toxic Compounds
  • Toxic Flora: Harvested from mushrooms in swamp biomes
  • Venom: Harvested from Snakes and Scorpions
  • Toxic Sludge: Crafted from Nitro Fertilizer
New Ship Railing: Swivel Gun Railing

A new railing that supports two out facing swivel guns has been added. Unlocked from Swivel Gun Skill in the Artillery tree, this railing can be built at the Smithy.

Crafting Resources

  • 550 Wood
  • 225 Thatch
  • 250 Fibers
  • 98 Alloy
  • 180 Stone

New Region: Uncharted Sea

Uncharted Sea has been reintroduced into the world of Atlas. Tropical Islands here have rare resources for pathfinders to plunder as well as more access to industrial and Army of the Damned nodes. Access to this region is located via portals in the South America and Africa Regions. This region is Lawless.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed instances where shooting a spear gun while riding an underwater tame damaged the tame
  • Fixed instances of players consuming the ship rename token
  • Fixed instances where the ‘collect now’ function only working once on the warehouse
  • Fixed instances where players were not getting Essence of the maw from destroying enemy ships
  • Fixed instances where players could not defecate
  • Fixed instances in which some module ships’ initial module point totals were incorrect
  • Fixed instances in which the tame house was placeable on shipyards
  • Fixed multiple instances of holes in the ocean in various islands
  • Fixed instances where players could not place turtle shells into the advanced shipyard
  • Fixed instances where bed travel and respawning would default to the rookie cove
  • Fixed instances where the game could crash when set to any language other than English
  • Fixed instances where sails would be be misaligned with the ships center
  • Fixed instances where the Tame House could be built on other structures
  • Fixed instances where the 6th shot in the revolver would not deal damage
  • Fixed instances where industrial buffs would give incorrect UI icons
  • Fixed instances of projectiles spawning at incorrect locations when the player is moving
  • Fixed instances where the Cog could not turn correctly
  • Fixed instances where Transient Nodes provided incorrect resources


  • Durability for the Industrial Hydra Pistol and Industrial have been increased
  • Large Stone Walls and gates and their Industrial variants are now limited to 30 per company per server

Please ensure the 30 you want to keep are the only 30 placed before the patch. Any walls/gates placed over the 30 limit will be destroyed, at random until there are only 30 remaining.

  • Large Stone Walls and their industrial variants will start at a lower health when first built and will need to be repaired to max health
  • Ship Icons on the map will now show life as an HP amount instead of a percentage
  • UI is now more consistent for Industrial stations
  • Return to the overworld tab on the map has been moved to be less obtrusive
  • Added more keys to be bound to defecate
  • Ash wood bundles and unbundles have been added to the workstation
  • Shipyards can no longer be placed unless all ships within the variant can be built
  • Ritual Generator and Ritual Pedestal Health has been increased

Xbox Only

  • Fixed instances where the game would crash if the player switched between tabs in the menu too quickly
  • Adjusted distance islands render to decrease memory usage
  • Fixed instances where changing grids would result in a crash

Known Issues

  • Crash occurs when interacting with the Great Temple’s progression table
  • Crash occurs when interacting with the Industrial Lab’s progression table
  • Static nodes that are located on Island Claim grid islands are claimable and destroyable when a company wipes the island
  • The Hatchery has an issue where the fertilizer barrel can’t be accessed from certain directions
  • Treasure Map Bottles picked up in the PVP realm will sometimes not produce a treasure map
  • The limit on stone walls / gates is currently 30 per variant per company per grid, instead of 30 total per company per grid. This is being adjusted in next hotfix patch.
  • Crew seated on sails will sometimes be seated at a wrong location.

Download free Atlas update 548.2 on PC (Steam).