AC Valhalla Update 2.30 Patch Notes (AC Valhalla 2.30)


AC Valhalla update 2.30 is now rolling out for PS4 and Xbox One players. According to the AC Valhalla 2.30 patch notes, the update added various tweaks, fixes, and changes to the game. Apart from this, AC Valhalla version 2.30 also includes various stability fixes.

Recently, a big update was released with various tweaks and fixes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing several issues.

Today’s AC Valhalla patch 2.30 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


AC Valhalla 2.30 Patch Notes


Main Quest-related issues 

  • Road to Hamartia / Halfdan doesn’t follow player
  • In Absence of an Ealdorman / No quest objective
  • Reporting on Ledecestrescire – Cannot interact with Eydis
  • Workaround: Perform a save/load action

River Raids 

  • Legend of Saint George – Bringing clues to Vagn and reloading the first autosave might block progress of River Raids
    • Workaround: Do not use autosaves when returning to your settlement with the clues.

General issues 

  • Walk speed with disguise is limited



Main Quests-related issues: 

  • A Brother’s Keeper
  • Taken for Granted / Player interrupted
  • The Seas of Fate
  • A Sword-Shower in Anecastre / Aelfgar doesn’t move
  • The Big Finish / Cannot complete boss fight objective
  • Walls and Shadows / Objective not updating
  • In Absence of an Ealdorman / Body missing in Roaring Meg’s Spring
  • In Absence of an Ealdorman / Brooch collected before starting the quest
  • Stench of Treachery / Incorrect traitor selection
  • Defensive Measures / Jotuns can pass through shield
  • Of Bonds and Bloods / Halfdan is dead
  • Pricking the Needle / Needle cannot be killed
  • Unable to start Hordafylke arc after starting Road to Valhalla
  • No quest objective added after pledging to Hamtunscire

River Raids-related issues: 

  • “Raid Completed” celebration may not be displayed when opening/looting the last cargo chest
  • No wealth icons on compass and map
  • Eivor cannot return to Settlement if any sensitive content option is applied while being on any river
    • Workaround: Reload last autosave
  • “Raidable” icon is not seen on locations after they have recovered from scorched state.
    • Note: This is just a visual issue, all locations are still raidable once they have recovered – it takes three visits on the River for a location to be rebuilt and become raidable again.
  • Celebration VFX not shown after completing Raids a second time

World events or side activities-related issues:  

  • Flight of Fancy – The turkey could get stuck under water / Players can’t find turkey
    • Note: World events can be reset by leaving the area.
  • Pig of Prophecy
  • Have You Seen This Man?
  • Milk of Humankind / Audumbla is unable to move
  • Last Flight of the Gyldan Sparrow
  • Avenge quests are difficult to spot
    • Workaround: Follow the steps gathered by u/TheeElf on Reddit. We want to thank our various community members for coming together to find a workaround for this.

General issues 

  • Multiple issues with Ubisoft Connect challenges not being properly tracked and stats not displaying the correct information
  • Players may fall through map in a cave near Anlaf’s Lookout
    • Potential Workaround: Fast travel away if you get stuck.

Xbox Series / PS5 

  • Some players are experiencing issues when using Switcher (PS5) or Quick Resume (Xbox) over extended periods of time.
    • Recommendation: Be sure to save before suspending or switch away from the game to minimize the risk of losing progression when resuming play.

Download free AC Valhalla update 2.30 on PS4 and Xbox One.