Arma 3 Update 2.08 Patch Notes (Official) – March 8, 2022

Arma 3 update 2.08 is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Arma 3 patch notes, the latest update added 3 new binary jukebox events, the Ability to manually select unit types, “arsenalPreOpen” scripted Event Handler, and much more.

Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Arma 3 patch 2.08 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Arma 3 2.08 Patch Notes – March 8, 2022

  • Contact consists of 2 data packs / folders:
    • Contact (via PLAY CONTACT or -mod=Contact): for the singleplayer “First Contact” campaign experience (accessible only to owners – optionally loaded)
    • Contact (Platform): for most other use cases, including sandbox multiplayer (loaded by default for all players)
  • Consider using the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update.
  • Consider defragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates.

Updating a deeply moddable game and its platform is not without risks. We use various methods to communicate upcoming changes to our awesome modding community, such as via the Dev Hub. We also co-operate directly on troubleshooting, and we offer an opportunity to test updates via our Release Candidate tests. Modders, server administrators, and other members of the community do their best to prepare for updates and to address issues post-release as quickly as possible. Please be mindful of some interruptions (especially in the first hours / days after a release) while we all work to improve the game together.

  • Legacy Build Steam branch is available for advanced users. It contains the previous significant main branch version (2.06). It can be used to compare specific changes between major releases. The access code for this branch is: Arma3Legacy206
  • This update does not apply to the experimental Linux and Mac client port betas.
  • You can find the servers in the Steam library (switch the filter to “Tools”) – “Arma 3 Server” (based on your OS, it will download the Windows or Linux version).
    • Administrators can also use the command-line SteamCMD utility. The app ID is to be 233780.
    • NVIDIA GameWorks™ Technology provided under license from NVIDIA Corporation. Copyright © 2002-2018 NVIDIA Corporation. All rights reserved. NVIDIA® and PhysX® are trademarks of NVIDIA Corporation and are used under license.


Added: 3 new binary jukebox events in CoF: Gray
Added: Ability to manually select unit types in the Civilian Presence module. The module can now also be expanded with modded units, see the documentation.
Added: “arsenalPreOpen” scripted Event Handler – FT-T160993
Tweaked: Converted AoW (Art of War) and remainder of Enoch (Contact – Platform) addons to PBO
Tweaked: Added triggerInterval to BIS_fnc_3DENExportSQF
Tweaked: Added an optional parameter to BIS_fnc_deleteTask to also remove the deleted task from the JIP queue
Tweaked: Added an optional parameter local to BIS_fnc_createSimpleObject
Tweaked: Zafir optics mounting point position – FT-T161680
Tweaked: BIS_fnc_missileLaunchPositionFix has been optimized – FT-T160903
Fixed: Typo in the black variant of the MX rifle with pre-attached accessories – FT-T156832
Fixed: Incorrect tooltip for AKM 75-round drum magazine
Fixed: Contact’s blank rounds were producing fly-by sounds
Fixed: One of the doors in Land_Cargo_Tower_V3_F was not working – FT-T127458
Fixed: Clan selection was mirrored on the right side of the T-140 Angara
Fixed: Small visual glitch on the Nyx Recon and Autocannon variants when the SLAT cage was visible
Fixed: Bullets not all hiding on static M2 HMG – FT-T161143
Fixed: Camera transitions (and progress) would break when using the Vehicles Only third-person perspective difficulty option in “Old Man” and “Remnants of War”
Fixed: The info signs for the van variants were swapped in Showcase IDAP
Fixed: Sirens did not stop when a vehicle is destroyed – FT-T159347
Fixed: CoF: Blue 2 steel plates on a wood stand getting hit would sometimes cause the stand itself to fall down
Fixed: Missing distant sounds for some of the mines – FT-T161858
Fixed: Function recompile buttons were disabled in Eden Editor preview mode – FT-T162125
Fixed: Challenges without special time defined would show redundant () in their overview
Fixed: Camo selections in farther resolution LODs of HEMTT (Repair), HEMTT (Box) and the box itself – FT-T139039
Fixed: setUnitPos was not set correctly in exports to SQF – FT-T160837
Fixed: Locations search in Eden Editor was not working as expected – FT-T161001
Fixed: Muzzle flash and muzzle slot proxies position in one of the Promet LODs
Fixed: Wrong SPMG magazine in LDF Special Weapons Crate – FT-T162788
Fixed: Some Old Man radio tracks having wrong config duration – FT-T161192
Fixed: Mk14 7.62 mm (Classic) was in an incorrect Eden Editor category – FT-T157826
Fixed: Separation between units in the CSAT Recon UAV Team – FT-T160864
Fixed: Added missing localization for Vorona’s additional tooltip – FT-T162849
Fixed: The symbols for fixed / rotary wing aircraft were swapped in a High Command Field Manual record
Fixed: Various translation errors (thanks for the reports)
Added: Steam Rich Presence (shows Steam Friends what you’re doing in the game / can be disabled via the existing Stream Friendly UI toggle)
Added: Scripted Lasers via drawLaser
Added: Alternative syntax for lockCameraTo that works for non-directionally-stabilized turrets
Added: lockedCameraTo script command
Added: Instigator parameter to setHit / setHitIndex script commands
Added: Instigator parameter to setHitPointDamage script command
Added: “VisionModeChanged” entity Event Handler – FT-T160442
Added: maxLoad and setMaxLoad scripting commands
Added: getConnectedUAVUnit scripting command
Added: Server config option to dump logs when a player has an excessively large message queue size
Added: Log context for trigger scripts (a script error in a trigger will tell you which trigger it was)
Added: ctrlMapPosition command to complement existing ctrlMapSetPosition – FT-T161243
Added: Debug log with context if getVariable is called on a null object or group – FT-T153041
Added: “yearTime”, “ambientTemp”, “snow” Environment Sound Controllers
Added: “snow” parameter to RainParticles config (default false – this is for mods; there will not be snow implemented for vanilla)
Added: getAllEnv3DSoundControllers, getEnv3DSoundController and allEnv3DSoundSources script commands
Added: rainParams script command
Added: setHumidity script command, to complement the existing humidity script command
Added: Vehicle-in-Vehicle cargo objects are now rotated by 90° if they would not fit in their default orientation
Added: awake and isAwake scripting commands, to be able to access the resting state of a PhysX object
Added: Network compression
Added: isSaving script command
Added: Missing getter for allowCrewInImmobile – isAllowedCrewInImmobile – FT-T161783
Added: _thisEventHandler and _thisEvent variables to Display / Control / Music / 3DEN Event Handlers
Added: Missing getter for disableCollisionWith – collisionDisabledWith – FT-T161479
Added: Error messages when trying to add / remove a Music Event Handler and providing an invalid event name
Added: Scripting command inputMouse – FT-T83382
Added: inputController script command
Added: New script command pose
Added: disableBrakes and brakesDisabled script commands – FT-T79066, FT-T161721
Added: onlyIfUnique parameter to the HashMap set script command – FT-T160982
Added: getPiPViewDistance and setPiPViewDistance script commands – FT-T161252
Added: Average texture color to the getTextureInfo command – FT-T162872
Added: selectionPosition parameter to return the center / bounding box of multi-point selections
Added: “ROADWAY” support for the lineIntersectsSurfaces command – FT-T150513
Added: Optional canReassign parameter to the moveInCargo script command
Added: CfgGlasses DivingAndOverwater mode – FT-T139644
Tweaked: Number plate format handling is improved – FT-T159583
Tweaked: load and loadAbs script commands can now take uniform / vest / backpack containers, vehicles, ammo boxes and weapon holders in addition to units as an argument – FT-T152952
Tweaked: regexFind now does not print an error when startOffset is bigger than string length; it will now fail silently
Tweaked: currentVisionMode script command was extended to include TI index
Tweaked: Added an optional parameter to magazinesDetailXYZ commands to include loaded magazines
Tweaked: magazinesAmmoFull command has been extended with magazine ID and creator information
Tweaked: Mission / Object Event Handlers are no longer recompiled when added
Tweaked: Set more reasonable Steam Workshop download priorities to hopefully avoid some immediate download aborts (for Compositions f.e.)
Tweaked: AI no longer check if units have their weapon flashlights enabled (for visibility checks) during bright daytime
Tweaked: The selectWeapon script command can now take weapon, muzzle and firemode as array argument
Tweaked: Enabled debug log context for when the group limit is reached – FT-T153041
Tweaked: getAllEnvSoundControlers and getEnvSoundController are now supporting the new sound controllers
Tweaked: rain and rainDrops sound controllers are zeroed when snow is set to 1 in the RainParticles config
Tweaked: Added dropColorStrong parameter to the RainParticles config to enforce the dropColor value
Tweaked: Added alternative syntax to the setRain script command
Tweaked: VehicleTransport config now also supports positions in addition to memory points
Tweaked: Thunder and lightning are now disabled when snow is set to 1
Tweaked: Surface humidity is stopped from updating when snow is set to 1; use setHumidity if a specific value is needed
Tweaked: objectParent now returns the unit or WeaponHolder when checking uniform / vest / backpack containers
Tweaked: Improved Vehicle-in-Vehicle loading / unloading performance
Tweaked: Added alternative syntax to actionKeys that returns an array of strings – FT-T79203
Tweaked: Added alternative syntax for keyName and keyImage commands which accepts a string
Tweaked: It is no longer possible to load mines into Vehicle-in-Vehicle cargo in Eden Editor
Tweaked: Added muzzle and firemode optional parameters to the weaponState script command
Tweaked: Added muzzle and firemode optional parameters to selectWeaponTurret
Tweaked: Improved performance of triggers with Present / Not Present activation
Tweaked: Added alternative syntax for createDialog
Tweaked: Added optional custom center parameter to the setVelocityTransformation script command – FT-T162411
Tweaked: getModelInfo command is extended with information about the placement point of the model
Tweaked: Added alternative syntax for the reload script command – FT-T151112
Tweaked: Improved performance of network message encoding
Tweaked: The RPT mod list now shows when a mod folder does not contain any PBOs (to help with Linux servers)
Tweaked: Arma 3 Units default timeout was reduced from 30s to 10s
Fixed: Corrected return types of some of the script commands in the in-game help
Fixed: Debriefing stats not rendering if they are on the first visible debriefing page
Fixed: Potential crash on listbox drag-and-drop operations
Fixed: When a UAV was disassembled with its rotors spinning, the engine sound would remain FT-T79617, FT-T80507
Fixed: sliderSpeed script command did not return an optional step parameter value
Fixed: Missing separator between the missing addons message and the missing addons list
Fixed: createDialog was not working on briefing screens – FT-T160422
Fixed: Vision modes were not returned correctly for a unit controlling a UAV – FT-T127335
Fixed: All magazinesDetailXYZ commands returned the same result – FT-T151895
Fixed: MFD on the Mora was showing vision mode incorrectly – FT-T127823
Fixed: Various audio-related game crashes and glitches
Fixed: Game not properly generating freeze reports on freezing
Fixed: magazinesAllTurrets returning a person’s magazines when turned out, resolved via alternative syntax to preserve backward compatibility – FT-T160485
Fixed: Potentially wrong return type of the airportSide command – FT-T161288
Fixed: Weapons of the same kind but with a different ammo count would get counted as the same weapon within a container (using getUnitLoadout) – FT-T127850
Fixed: Weapon firing mode reset on weapon change – FT-T160471
Fixed: Mines being instantly armed if the closest vehicle to it is another mine
Fixed: A few minor typos in some in-game help examples
Fixed: When too many IR lasers were in the scene, only the furthest would be rendered instead of the nearest
Fixed: Custom RainParticles parameters now reset to main config values when weather resets
Fixed: Several typos, incorrect return types, and capitalization in the in-game help texts
Fixed: Visual desync of remote PhysX car wheels after the driver gets out
Fixed: Mission / 3DEN / Music / UserAction Event Handlers possibly skipping some handlers when handlers are deleted while executing – FT-T161871
Fixed: Mission Event Handler ID would reset to 0 when all handlers were removed
Fixed: Config entity Event Handlers were ignoring their return value
Fixed: Mission Event Handler arguments were not stored in saves
Fixed: Control / Display Event Handlers possibly executing their handler code twice when handlers are deleted while executing – FT-T161871
Fixed: Music Event Handlers were not stored in savegames
Fixed: allowedHTMLLoadURIs was not working if the provided URI was not lowercased – FT-T161958
Fixed: Sound simulation did not stop when entity simulation was disabled – FT-T161266
Fixed: forceWeaponFire was not firing the smoke launcher on Marid – FT-T80829
Fixed: A tooltip did not show for a custom listbox created over the inventory display – FT-T162052
Fixed: Modded keybinding category sorting issue if a mod is loaded before the vanilla game – FT-T161263
Fixed: Titan would get stuck in top-down mode on the Kamysh
Fixed: Character orientation on tilted ladders should be improved – FT-T83397
Fixed: Unloading of a specific cargo with setVehicleCargo was not working – FT-T162101
Fixed: Character orientation on ladders on some Tanoan buildings was off
Fixed: When weaponState was given the current weapon as parameter, the firemode returned was not always the current firemode – FT-T162218
Fixed: Firemode would reset when a weapon was swapped with one on the ground – FT-T160471
Fixed: Empty weapons would auto-reload when picked up – FT-T63451
Fixed: Locations search in Eden Editor was not working as expected – FT-T161001
Fixed: HashMap would print a circular reference warning if it contained multiple references to the same HashMap – FT-T162441
Fixed: Multiple players getting into a vehicle in multiplayer at the same time, most players would not actually get in because they all tried to get into the same seat (now if a seat is occupied, the next available seat will be taken)
Fixed: Sound occlusion from createSoundSource / say3D would not update when switching between 1st/3rd Person Perspective while inside a vehicle
Fixed: say3D command would always disable sound attenuation (introduced in 2.04) – FT-T131341
Fixed: On-screen script errors were only displaying “Generic Error” messages in many cases
Fixed: Script errors would be printed to RPT twice (once correct, and a second “Generic Error” message after it)
Fixed: Eden Editor cut operations with an object under the cursor would copy all selected units, but only delete the unit under the cursor
Fixed: Potential crash when using Regular Expressions in script
Fixed: Cars no longer lock into an extreme turn if the driver opens the map, changes seat or exits a vehicle after initiating a turn – FT-T162644, FT-T153528
Fixed: Selection of groups and waypoints in Zeus was broken in singleplayer
Fixed: Erratic behavior of Darters following waypoints when flying at high altitude – FT-T82570
Fixed: Crash when Shift-click selecting an item in a ListView without any previously selected items – FT-T161512
Fixed: Rebreather facemasks would show up as soon as your feet touched water while diving goggles only showed while swimming – FT-T139644, FT-T161187, FT-T161998
Fixed: Stopping free fall by grabbing onto a ladder would still apply fall damage when leaving the ladder
Fixed: “Suspending not allowed in this context” script errors would not show in on-screen error messages – FT-T151337
Fixed: Potential game crash after loading a savegame – FT-T162128
Fixed: canAdd script command (and its variants) were creating stray entities (thanks AeoG | El’Rabito) – FT-T163205
Fixed: Planes would start moving on their own when the user opened a map and placed a marker – FT-T163253

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