Patch Notes

ARK Update 2.50 Patch Notes for PS4 (ARK 2.50) (v559.1)


Ark update 2.50 patch notes (v559.1) are now available for PS4 and Xbox One players. According to the official ARK 2.50 patch notes, the latest added various tweaks and fixes. Apart from this, Ark 2.50 also includes general stability fixes. ARK servers are now updated to 559.2

Previously, an update added some minor changes and fixes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game online.

Today’s ARK version 2.50 will fix a few of these errors.


ARK 2.50 Patch Notes (559.1)


Reverted visual enhancements as they were causing stability issues (game would crash) and some performance dips in some cases. We’ll be looking to re-implement these visual enhancements in the future once we’ve resolved the stability and performance problems.

Added stability fixes

Added performance improvements


Other minor fixes.


ARK Official Server Version 324.10. ARK PC Update Version 324.10 Details

  • Added some additional logging for servers
  • Added some additional validation against renaming dinos and structures
  • Fixed an exploit with explosives
  • Fixed a server crash

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