Patch Notes

ARK Genesis 2 Dedicated Servers for PC, PS4 and Xbox One


Ark Genesis 2 Dedicated Servers will be available on PC, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One X. The devs will expand Ark dedicated servers in the future. More details about ARK mods and ARK commands will be available here. The latest ARK Survival Evolved update has doubled the harvesting, XP, and taming rates in the core game by default. Non-Dedicated Servers, Single Player Sessions, and Unofficial Servers will also see the increased rates.

Therefore, if you’re currently using customized rates, you may wish to reduce your server/game rates by 50% to have the same effective values as before.

For example, using 2x harvesting rates when this major version releases would be equivalent to 4x harvesting rates if compared to prior to the major version.


Therefore if you wanted to keep the same harvesting as you had before, you’ll want to reduce your harvesting by 50% when this update releases by changing it to 1x.

Official ARK Genesis Part 2 Dedicated Servers Rates

Today’s ARK update also adjusted the current server rates on the Official Network to the following:

  • Standard Official Servers: 1x harvesting, taming, and XP (Equivalent to 2x when considering our old values — we know we mentioned 4x in the previous post, but that is comparing it to the initial ARK Early Access launch in 2015, and not to the previous values after we had already doubled them!)
  • Small Tribes Servers: Small Tribe servers will have their taming, harvesting, and XP changed to 2.5x (Equivalent to 5x when considering our old values)
  • Apocalypse Servers: Remain at 3x harvesting, taming, and XP (Equivalent to 6x when considering our old values)

More details will be available regarding Ark Genesis 2 dedicated servers for PS4 and Xbox One.