ARK 277 Update fixed a Major Vulnerability in the Game

    ARK 277 update is now available on PCs. The latest Ark Survival Evolve v277 update comes with a major vulnerability fix. Accroding to the game developers, there was a critical exploit in the game that has existed since August 2015. The exploit is known and utilized by the PC player base for quite some time. Today’s major version update will resolve the vulnerability and address the issue going forward.

    Under normal circumstances, such an exploit would deem a global tribe wipe, and a comprehensive ban for all players involved from our Official Network, as well as BattlEye-protected servers.

    On this occasion, devs have decided to provide a one-time amnesty to everyone involved; this means that no one will be banned or wiped, as the impact of the action would have been too widescale and have a significant effect on our Official Servers.

    For those who took advantage of the exploit, whether your motivations were malicious, or to put yourself on even grounds, it ends now with a chance of redemption. Please note that this is just a one-time situation.

    The game developers are currently investing in additional external and internal/technical solutions to those playing unfairly and will do our best to ensure that the ARK remains a fair and competitive environment.

    Check your game update and download the latest ARK 277 update on your PC.

    Pramod Singh
    Pramod Singh
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