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Apex Legends Update 1.86 Patch Notes for PS4, PC, & Xbox


A new Apex Legends update 1.86 released on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official Apex Legends 1.86 patch notes, the latest update added various, tweaks, changes, and adjustments. Apart from this, Apex Legends version 1.86 also includes various bug fixes.

Previously, a big update added a new legend, a new map, balancing, and much more.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are still experiencing issues while playing the game online. Today’s Apex Legends patch 1.86 will fix a few of these issues.


Apex Legends 1.86 Patch Notes – January 13, 2022

  • Addressed the Rampage and Sentinel weapons-related exploit.
  • Addressed the MIL-SPEC Bangalore skin bug which crashes the game at the character select screen if you have it equipped and select Bangalore.
  • Added stability fixes.
  • Audio fix for cases where VO for map changes doubles up (plays both variants at the same time).
  • Audio fix for Rampart Town Takeover where vending machines had no soundFX.
  • Addressed bug where Non-Crossplay Steam friends playing Apex would show up with debug text.
  • Removed the random rock floating in midair in World’s Edge.
  • Bug fix for cases where a player could stand up and jump in a knocked-down state after an enemy starts finisher and cancels it.
  • Addressed bug where player names would be missing from Legend select.
  • Reduced hitbox size for Crafting Material Canisters to better fit its shape.

Added the following changes previously.

New Apex Season 11

New Legend: ASH

New Map – Storm Point





Read the full list of changes in Apex Season 11 here.


  • UI/UX / Steam Only: Addressed issue where your online friends playing Apex didn’t count towards total online friends while in matches.
  • Addressed bug for Placing a Caustic trap over a Seer Ultimate,  that could result in the Ultimate being protected from taking damage.
  • Updated Volt skin’s charm placement to be moved up so that charms become more visible.
  • Addressed bug with players losing extra Boosted Loader extra ammo if the player reloads before getting to base ammo amount.
  • Steam: Addressed issue where if a player has a forward slash in their name, a backslash will be added right before it automatically.
  • R5DEV-280424 – Legends- Retail – Hitting an enemy with Valk tactical missiles, can result in health damage even with shields equipped
  • Addressed issue where players do not see Legend Select when starting a game in Trios and immediately advance to drop ship phase.
  • Audio fix for cases where music starts playing in the middle of a BR match.
  • Addressed UI error that showed that the Legendary Prowler had the “Shotgun” tag in the in-game info screen.


  • Rampart: 
    • Fix for cases where Rampart’s “No Mercy” finisher causes her to clip through geometry.
  • Wattson:
    •  Addressed issue where her Ultimate doesn’t always destroy frag grenades when thrown inside the Pylon radius.
  • Pathfinder: 
    • Addressed issue with players being able to create ziplines much farther than intended.
  • Fuse: 
    • Addressed bug with his Ultimate cooldown being the same with or without a gold helmet.
  • Seer
    •  Removed ability for players to be able to bunny hop at full speed while using Passive.

Download free Apex version 1.86 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.