Apex 1.61 Patch Notes (Apex version 1.61)


Apex version 1.61 is now available for download PS4, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official Apex 1.61 patch notes, the new update resolves various issues related to network connection, crashes, and more. Apart from this, Apex update 1.61 also includes general stability and performance fixes.

Previously, a big Season update added a new legend, a new map, balancing, and much more.

Unfortunately, players are still facing several issues while playing the game online. Today’s Apex version 1.61 will fix a few of these issues.


Apex update 1.61 Patch Notes (Updated)

Fixed the following issues.

Event skins are appearing grey and untextured in 1P.

Heat shield sounds can be heard across the map when another team uses them.

Players are sometimes able to bring weapons into the Fight Night Town Takeover.

Legend Skins bug causing issues when aiming down sights.

Legends – Bangalore – Heirloom – Cold Steel is missing SFX when performing attacks.

Heat Shield – Exploitable combination to have infinite uses

Chaos Theory LTM- Octane Skydive Emote “Fidget Spinner”
preview is not present when inspected on XB1.


Bloodhound– Frame- Error causes player to crash to home menu after looking at frame ‘Sacred Gate”.

Multiple overlaps and cut-offs in Ranked League menus.

Line breaks when selecting which game mode to play

Crash – GPU crash can occur when rolling matches

Clubs – Club Tag – Club Tag appears twice for other players in kill feed upon respawning in match.

Audio – Further adjust priority classes to better balance available voices.



Epic skin “Woad Warrior” has no texture in the first person

” Queen’s Guard” skin is missing textures

Lifeline’s Mic Check Skin has collision on her mouth in multiple menus.

War Path – Missing texture from pathfinder left hand when interacting with survey beacons

Legendary Skin

Skins – Bloodhound’s “Royal Livery” and Octane’s “Oni’s Shadow” skins lack texture when viewed in first person

Chaos Theory – Bloodhound Skin – “Going Dark” GLOVES are missing texture in 1st person view.

Art-Legend Skins- “Electric Blue” skin appears without texture on Console

Chaos Theory – Legend Skins – The fur lining is untextured on Bloodhound’s “Going Dark” skin when viewed in the Event Store tab and during matches.

PC – GeForce Now users stuck in infinite loading

Battlepass – add PIN events to track missing rewards

Toggle icon for fire rate does not change from semi-auto to burst

Character Boost– Improving Target Acquisition

Textures – Flickering textures are present on many surfaces throughout the title.

Update EA Play charm names to correct names and add Armory Icons

Other Fixes

  • Added various matchmaking improvements.
  • Added network connection improvements.
  • Players cannot hear each other in lobbies while connect via crossplay
  • Fixed game crashing issues.
  • Added performance and stability fixes.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Download free Apex version 1.61 on Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One.