Animal Shelter Update Patch Notes (Official) – Nov 30, 2021

    Animal Shelter Prologue update (Nov 30, 2021) is now available on PC (Steam). According to the official Animal Shelter Prologuepatch notes, the latest update added new animal portraits and addressed various bug fixes as well as crashing issues.

    Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Animal Shelter Prologue patch will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Animal Shelter Prologue Patch Notes – November 30, 2021

    • [BIG] New animal portraits
    • [BIG] Animals should be better aware of each other and avoid colliding with one another (much less likely for two animals to occupy the same space)
    • [BIG] Fixed major frame drops after an animal tries to pee
    • [BIG] Equipment bar shows up for a bit after picking up and item to let new players know that they can hold more than one item at a time
    • [BIG] Added “Reset Player Position” button to options
    • [BIG] Better starting rotation for held objects while placing them down
    • Fix for adoption e-mails
    • Added null error checks to reduce chance of unintended behavior
    • Updated animals stories
    • Small translation fixes and additional tips for the players
    • Usability changes to Adoption Summary screen
    • Fixed objects sometimes dropping after changing their slot
    • Fixed all floor heights in all buildings, again
    • Added small trash bins in all office levels
    • Small fixes and updates for post-processing
    • Fixes to answering adoption e-mails
    • Changed when healing/washing buildings are blocked
    • Fixed incorrectly displayed animal’s name after posting an adoption ad
    • Optimizations for photo camera
    • Fixed FPS drop during photo mission
    • Fixed shadow distance value reseting on settings change
    • Better memory management (incremental C# garbage collection)
    • Changed notification text from “Finish mission first” to “Finish tutorial first” to make the message more clear
    • Fixed reputation value loading
    • Delivery boxes (and their content) should no longer disappear after reloading
    • Additional pluses/minuses (from another animal) should no longer appear in animal’s information panel
    • Fixed gate going through brick wall while opening
    • Changed to a safer way of opening log folder when clicking log button in options
    • Added translations for good/bad/awesome in Adoption Summary panel
    • Slowed down brushing (once again)
    • Blocked using syringe if there is no space to apply it
    • Fixed translation parameter in “What are you doing” e-mail
    • Fixed cursor disappearing after entering the settings and sometimes then entering build mode
    • Blocked playing with an animal if the animal is placed on any ‘station’ (like vet table)
    • Corrected tooltips for laser and ball
    • Additional ‘to take’ animal descriptions
    • Fixing animals disappearing in some circumstances
    • Fixed some photos uploading issues
    • Animal can’t be fed a cookie if on a ‘stations’
    • Fixed loading of photos
    • Corrected colliders of different objects
    • Poop bag keeps only one poop but can be stacked in inventory
    • Corrected brush issues
    • Fixed major tweezer error
    • Added poop bag to the shop (again)
    • Updated e-mail answer screen
    • Changed error message panel
    • Fixed icons in animal’s more info panle (in computer)
    • Small fixes to notifications
    • Darker backgrounds for in-tame tooltips
    • Added safety check to animal’s random walk action
    • Added safety timer to puke action
    • Player is no longer able to fill water bowl while an animal is drinking from it
    • Playing with an animal using a ball or a laser cures depression in the animal (if only it was this simple in real life…)
    • Added force stop in animal’s agent during stop action
    • Fixes to expand system to correct loading issues
    • Poops should no longer return nulls after reload
    • Better handling of loading of certain prefabs

    Download free Animal Shelter update for PC (Steam).

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