Aliens Fireteam Elite Update 1.31 Patch Notes (New DLC)

    A new Aliens Fireteam Elite update 1.31 (1.031.000) released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC(Steam). According to the official Aliens Fireteam Elite patch notes, the latest update added the Pathogen Expensan pack to the game. Apart from this, today’s Aliens Fireteam Elite patch 1.31 also includes a new hardcore mode.

    Previously, a major Season 4 update added Crossplay, Prestige, the Fabrication Reprocessor, and a new game mode called Restock Turrets.

    Unfortunately, since the last patch 1.23, players are still facing several gameplay issues. Today’s Aliens Fireteam Elite version 1.29 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.

    Aliens Fireteam Elite Patch 1.31 Notes – August 30, 2022


    Pathogen adds new tools of war for your Colonial Marine, including new ability replacer perks for each Class Kit, new weapons, and more. It also includes even more options to further customize your Colonial Marine and your guns!

    New Campaign

    Delve deeper and fight together for survival against a new Xenomorph threat in this new 3 Mission Campaign.

    Two (2) new Kit Skins

    • Expedition Suit Mk. 2
    • Pala Lab Coat

    Nine (9) new Weapon Colors

    • Forge
    • Racer Drift Blue
    • Racer Cherry Red
    • Racer Gold Rush
    • Racer Envy
    • Floral Gothic
    • Surfaced Olive
    • Surfaced Sand
    • Surfaced Shadow

    Four (4) new Weapon Decals

    • Comic Bang
    • Elite Stripe
    • Great Wave
    • Friendly Fire

    Four (4) new Emotes

    • Dance – Robot
    • Fishing
    • Get Out
    • Headbang

    Four (4) new Head Accessories

    • Gaiter Mask
    • Earflap Beanie
    • Shepherd Glasses – Clear
    • Expedition Helmet Mk. 2


    • Mission Cards (3): 1
    • Consumables (3): 1
    • Credit Pack: 12,000 Requisition Credits, 750 Rep Scrip

    Available through Mission and Campaign Completion:

    Four (4) new Weapons:

    • LEM StG24 Storm Rifle (Complete Promise of a Flower: Scout)
    • Thunderbolt Mk.2 Autocannon (Complete Promise of a Flower: Approach)
    • EDS-93 Zadak Plasma Discharger (Complete Promise of a Flower: Strike)
    • U1A2 GL Conversion (random drop for completing Promise of a Flower missions on Intense+ difficulty)

    Seven (7) new Perks: (one for each Class Kit – awarded for completing the entire Promise of a Flower Campaign.)

    • Gunner: Mini-Grenades
    • Demo: Precision Rockets
    • Tech: Particle Turret
    • Doc: Field Station
    • Phalanx: Shock Ordnance
    • Recon: Best Friend
    • Lancer: Particle Pulse

    One (1) new Weapon Decal:

    • Hive Hunter – (awarded for completing the entire Promise of a Flower Campaign.)
    Available from Park’s Armory:

    Four (4) new Weapons:

    • 2B1 Vajra
    • 4C2 Astra
    • 6A Jaipur Submachine Gun
    • 8A7 Dambulla Machine Pistol

    Four (4) new Weapons:

    • 2B1 Vajra
    • 4C2 Astra
    • 6A Jaipur Submachine Gun
    • 8A7 Dambulla Machine Pistol

    Five (5) new Weapon Colors:

    • Alphatech Khaki
    • UPP Pattern Ulm
    • UPP Pattern Fulda
    • UPP Pattern Kassel
    • UPP Pattern Kiel

    Thirteen (13) New Attachments:

    • C36B5 Karachi Overwatch
    • C32D6 Nagpur Shroud
    • C34F3 Hamsa Null Compensator
    • T23A8 Khulna MDS
    • T24C6 Sylhet Stalker
    • T27A Jaffna N-SITE
    • M12E1 Patna LiteMag
    • M17C2 Kolkata Eviscerator
    • M13F2 Basra XPRES
    • LFN Reverberator
    • Alignment Module
    • Lightweight Induction Coils
    • H105D7 Gada Executioner Harness

    One (1) new Head Accessory:

    • Alphatech Cap

    Two (2) new Weapon Decals:

    • Signal Trace
    • Alphatech Logo

    Two (2) new Emotes:

    • So Done
    • Pose – Aim
    Available from Hidden Caches in the new Campaign:

    Seven (7) new Weapon Colors:

    • Metallic Fade Amber
    • Metallic Fade Citrine
    • Metallic Fade Amethyst
    • Metallic Fade Sapphire
    • Metallic Fade Aquamarine
    • Metallic Fade Emerald

    One (1) new Head Accessory:

    • Backwards Cap & Shades

    Three (3) Weapon Decals:

    • FUBAR
    • Behavioral Inhibitor
    • Pastoral

    Four (4) new Emotes:

    • Not A Chance
    • That’s Nuts
    • Winded
    • Spirit Squad


    New Game Mode: Hardcore
    For the toughest Marines looking for a true challenge, Hardcore Mode poses the riskiest gameplay yet. In Hardcore Mode, players will be able to start with new characters and play at a difficulty of their choice, but be warned, in this mode death means it’s “Game Over”. However, as you progress through Hardcore Mode, all unlockable items are made available in Park’s Armory, after your character faces permadeath.

    Six (6) new Weapon Colors:

    • Strawberry (Purchased at Park’s Armory)
    • Surplus (Purchased at Park’s Armory)
    • Expanse Zenith (Intense+)
    • Expanse Sunset (Intense+)
    • Expanse Twilight (Intense+)
    • Expanse Daybreak (Intense+)

    Five (5) new Weapon Decals

    • Bug Sprayer (Purchased at Park’s Armory)
    • Harsh Language (Purchased at Park’s Armory)
    • Spirit of 2176 (Intense+)
    • Nearfields (Intense+)
    • Goodbye Mousey (Intense+)

    Four (4) new Perks: (earned as Hidden Cache rewards)

    • Extended Duration I
    • Extended Reach I
    • Force Multiplier I
    • Quick Charge I

    Five (5) new Emotes

    • Pose – Confident (Purchased at Park’s Armory)
    • Dance – Chicken (Purchased at Park’s Armory)
    • Dust Off (Intense+)
    • Sneaky (Intense+)
    • Pump Iron (Intense+)

    One (1) new Head Accessory:

    • Protective Headset (Purchased at Park’s Armory)

    Thirteen (13) new Weapon Attachments: (available through gameplay: Mission completion, Tactical Ops, Challenge Cards, etc)

    • Slanted Brake
    • Slotted Bell Brake
    • Alloy Muzzle Brake
    • Riser Mount MDS
    • Illuminated Reflex Sight
    • T22E4 Sargodha N-HANCE
    • Stabilizing Magazine
    • Compound Magazine
    • Scout Magazine
    • Tempered Chamber
    • Expanded Reserves
    • Reinforced Barrel
    • Servo-Assisted Armature

    Thirty-two (32) new Challenge Cards: (available through Hidden Caches and packs in the Armory)

    • On the Job Learning
    • I Only Work Here
    • Tactical Acquisitions
    • Recalibrated Weapons
    • In the Zone
    • Even Playing Field
    • Rear-Mounted Reloader
    • Don’t Get Comfortable
    • Watch Your Spacing
    • Immaculate Regicide
    • Thick Soles
    • Rocket Punch
    • Immovable Object
    • Unpredictable Mutations
    • Pathogen Swarm
    • Before My Coffee
    • Safety in Numbers
    • Too Old For This Crap
    • Deep Wounds
    • Let’s Cause A Ruckus
    • Plus Ultra
    • Prototype Weapons
    • Pulled Punches
    • Sorry, Try Again
    • Make Sure It’s Dead
    • Unstoppable Foes
    • Just Keep It Together
    • Synthetic Backup
    • They Hunt In Pairs
    • Out of the Shadows
    • They’re Everywhere, Man!
    • We Pissed Them Off


    • The Destabilizing Magazine now properly has a 100% Proc Rate.
    • The Combat Actuator attachment now works properly with flamethrower weapons.
    • The Counterbalanced Magazine attachment should now function as intended for projectile-based weapons.
    • The Flywheel Chamber attachment’s effect now functions as expected with projectile and flamethrower weapons.
    • The Rapid Dispersal Unit attachment’s proc effect now applies properly for projectile-based weapons.
    • The Expanded Reserve’s proc effect now applies properly for projectile-based weapons.
    • The Anti-Materiel Brake attachment now functions as intended with projectile-based weapons.
    • The Counterbalanced Brake will now proc its effect as intended when used with projectile-based weapons.
    • The Alignment Module attachment now functions as intended when used with projectile-based weapons.
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes players would not see the correct Armature Attachment on other team members.
    • Additional Kit Skins have been added to the Endeavor Veteran Pack and Wey-Yu Armoury DLC packs for the Phalanx and the Lancer Class Kits.(note: Players who own the DLC already will receive an in-game notification indicating they are getting the full DLC bundle when obtaining these Kit Skins, however the fix only adds the additional Kit Skins.)
    • Achievement descriptions should now indicate if they must be achieved on a single character.
    • Fixed an issue where players were unable to swap weapons when rapidly toggling the Phalanx’s Shield Up ability
    • Improved the animation when using the P.649 HEL weapon.
    • DEMOLISHER: The”Rampage” Perk should now apply its full effect as intended.
    • DEMOLISHER: The “Rifle Mastery” Perk should now properly apply its Reload buff
    • DOC: The Handling stat for the “Readiness Perk” now applies properly.
    • DOC: Fixed a bug where sometimes the player would get interrupted while interacting with objects when they had the Surgeon’s Hands Perk equipped.
    • PHALANX: The Resilience Perk now properly applies its ADS Movespeed buff.
    • PHALANX:The “Focus Under Fire” Perk now properly applies its Aim Assist and Reload Speed buffs
    • PHALANX: The “Push the Frontline” Perk now applies its Stability and Accuracy effects as intended.
    • RECON: The “Painkillers” Perk now applies its intended damage resistance effect.
    • RECON: The “Threat Detected” Perk now properly updates the equipped weapon’s Stability and Accuracy ratings.
    • TECHNICIAN: The “Agile Practices” Perk should now buff reload speed as intended.
    • TECHNICIAN: The “Super Serum” effect should now properly apply its full Handling buff.
    • Updated the display names for the Lancer Specialist helmets to “Specialist Shielded Helmet” and “Specialist Shielded Helmet – Elite”.
    • Fixed an issue where the Close Encounter weapon skin was not being added to a player’s inventory when purchased for 0 credits in Park’s Armory.
    • Fixed an issue where players sometimes did not receive cross platform game invites if they received one on the title screen.
    • Fixed a bug where players would occasionally be unable to receive cross platform friend requests from a recently unblocked player.
    • Fixed a bug where enemies sometimes weren’t properly moving between walls, ceilings, and floors

    Fixed an issue where players could clip into the Fabrication Reprocessor.

    • Fixed several instances where a player could move into a spot to avoid damage while in combat.
    • Fixed a rare issue with some enemy spawns in The Gift of Fire: Boarding missions.
    • Fixed a rare issue that could sometimes cause enemies to get into places where players were unable to shoot them.
    • Fixed a bug where players could roll out of the playable space.
    • Fixed a clipping issue in the mission: The Only Way to be Sure: Regicide.
    • Fixed several instances where a player could get stuck in cover.
    • Fixed an issue where Windows Gamepass players would have their graphics settings reset when switching profiles.
    • Added an option in Settings to Exit to the Title Screen.
    • Fixed an issue where pings would remain after a consumable item such as a MedKit had been picked up.
    • Fixed a bug where Handling Bonuses from Perks were not correctly reflected in the Weapon Stat screen.
    • Fixed a bug where the health indication floater would display when a player loaded into a mission or switched between Kits.
    • TECHNICIAN: Fixed a bug where “Unknown Attribute” would display on the Sentry Turret tooltip when the Parasocial Relationship Perk was attached.
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Analog Cursor would disappear with repeated profile swapping on Xbox Consoles.
    • Fixed an issue where the menu cursor would sometimes be active during gameplay at the start of a mission.
    • Fixed a bug on the Active Mission screen that displayed incorrect subheader text while in certain Game Modes.
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Cycle Complete screen in Horde Mode or Restock Turrets to initialize without a cursor.
    • Fixed an issue where the “New” label was not correctly displaying in the Core Perks tab.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Bonus Credits earned from a successful Challenge Card to be displayed without a “Bonus” label.
    • Fixed an issue where a bot would sometimes fail to replace a player if one of the player characters was dead and another abandoned the mission.
    • Made some optimizations so that players who lose their connection should be able to log back into the game more quickly.

    Download free Aliens Fireteam Elite patch 1.31 on PC (Steam).

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