Aliens Fireteam Elite Update 1.26 Patch Notes (Season 4)

A new Aliens Fireteam Elite update 1.26 (1.026.000) is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC(Steam). According to the official Aliens Fireteam Elite patch notes, the latest update added Crossplay, Prestige, the Fabrication Reprocessor, and a highly addictive new game mode called Restock Turrets. Apart from this, today’s Aliens Fireteam Elite patch 1.26 also includes various performance improvements.

Previously, a major Season 3 update added a new Class Kit – Lancer, a new Loadout Presets feature as well as new weapons, cosmetics, and rewards to unlock in-game.

Unfortunately, since the last patch 1.23, players are still facing several gameplay issues. Today’s Aliens Fireteam Elite version 1.26 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Patch 1.26 Notes – July 26, 2022


First up is crossplay. Our devs have been metaphorically burning the midnight oil on this one for months and we finally have it ready for you wonderful people. There’s not much else to say besides gather your friends and start blasting xenos together.


Next up is Season 4’s namesake: Prestige. What is this fancy sounding thing? It’s a new progression system that kicks in after you’ve reached level 20 and lets you earn tantalizing new items, including nameplates that show off how good you really are and shiny cosmetics that come in bronze, silver and gold.


Then there’s the Fabrication Reprocessor. You can fit so many challenge cards in this bad boy. It’s like a magical machine that takes all those old challenge cards you don’t want and gives you cool new ones instead. Specifically, we went with the 3-for1 approach with this. Put in three cards you don’t want and get a brand new one out.


Last but absolutely not least, we have Restock Turrets. This brand new game mode puts you and your fireteam on a platform with waves of xenos coming at you from every direction. It’s incredibly dangerous, but luckily you have a few friendly turrets to help you out. The problem is, they have limited ammo and when they run out, you either restock them or get run over by the xeno hordes.

Enough of my rambling. If you want to learn more, read the full notes below.

We have implemented the following changes.


New Features: 

  • Crossplay – Assemble your Fireteam across all supported Platforms.
  • Prestige – Every 10 Ranks, you’re rewarded with Prestige flair.
  • Fabrication Reprocessor – Trade in 3 of your unwanted Challenge Cards for a different random card. There is a chance of getting a bonus card drop.
  • Challenge Card Compatibility – Challenge Cards can now be played in all game modes, and Challenge Cards that are incompatible with certain Missions or Modes will be grayed out during card selection.

New Game Mode: 

  • Restock Turrets – Fight waves of Xenos in a new location and refill indestructible turrets to help with enemy crowd control.

New items and rewards in-game:

  • Nine (9) New Challenge Cards:
    • Draw Three
    • I Can’t Miss
    • Out of Shape
    • Brink of Death
    • Expendable Crew
    • Maybe We Got ‘Em Demoralized
    • Quality over Quantity
    • High-Threat Environment
    • Bad Feeling About This Op
  • Prestige Rewards:
    • Earn icon updates as you progress through Prestige Ranks.
    • Kit Skins (Prestige Armor – Gold, Prestige Armor – Silver , Prestige Armor – Bronze)
    • Head Accessories (Enhanced Helmet – Gold, Enhanced Helmet – Silver, Enhanced Helmet – Bronze)
    • Weapon Colors (Prestige – Gold Matrix, Prestige – Silver Matrix, Prestige – Bronze Matrix, Prestige – Gold Plated)
    • Weapon Decals (Prestige – Bomb, Prestige – Enlisted, Prestige – Second Tour, Prestige – Officer, Prestige – We Endanger Species
    • Emote (Prestigious)


New rewards for playing Restock Turrets:

  • Thirteen (13) New Attachments
    • Assault Brake (Intense+)
    • Auto-Loader (Intense+)
    • Composite Assembly (Intense+)
    • Composite Spring Magazine (Intense+)
    • Extended Field Brake (Intense+)
    • Hollow Points (Intense+)
    • STAP Magazine (Intense+)
    • Dual Rail Booster (Intense+)
    • Multiport Compensator (Intense+)
    • Magnified Reflex Sight (Standard+)
    • Holotab Sight (Standard+)
    • Compound Optic (Standard+)
    • Kinetic Enhancement Harness (Standard+)
  • Three (3) new Emotes
    • Chest Pound (Intense+)
    • Oh Snap (Intense+)
    • What the? (Intense+)
  • New Weapon Decals
    • You Always Know (Extreme+)
  • One (1) new Weapon Color
    • Meteoric Iron (Insane+)

New items available in Park’s Armory:

  • Four (4) New Weapons:
    • RIFLE: SVAT-92 Sokol
    • HEAVY: P.649 HEL
    • CQW: M51 Breaching Scattergun
    • HAND GUN: DKT-59 Misha
  • Two (2) new Weapon Skins
    • Alpine Trapper
    • Carrot Cake
  • Two (2) new Weapon Decals
    • Fires Regulation Cornbread
    • ICC
  • Two (2) new Head Accessories
    • Seegson Cap
    • Mask – Surgical
  • Two (2) new Emotes
    • Pose – Low Carry
    • Shadow Boxing


Now available in-game for all owners of the Deluxe Edition or for individual purchase for $9.99.

  • Fourteen (14) new Kit Skins:
    • APEsuit Mk.3 Kit Skin (available for all 7 Class Kits)
    • Seegson Maintenance Kit Skin (available for all 7 Class Kits)
  • Eight (8) new Weapon Colors:
    • Matte (Midnight, Sandstone, Evergreen)
    • Obsidian (Black, Volcanic, Helenite)
    • Summer Solace
    • Grim Salvage
  • Four (4) new Decals:
    • Meet Your Makers
    • Graphic Twist
    • Never Say Die
    • Wing
  • Four (4) new Emotes:
    • Mimic Synth
    • Hail to the Chief
    • This is BS
    • Air Fiddle
  • Four (4) new Head Accessories:
    • APEsuit Helmet Mk.3
    • Mask – Skull
    • Pilot Helmet
    • Night Vision Goggles
  • Additional Items:
    • 1 Challenge Card Pack of 3
    • 1 Consumables Pack of 3
    • Credit Pack (12,000 Requisition Credits, 750 Reputation Scrip)



Updated the Perk description for Rank 4 of the Microburst, which now states that “Projectiles fired from this weapon deal 5% of their damage to nearby enemies.” Previously it read “+5% Splash Damage”.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Tanker Muzzle Brake to proc its effect more often than the intended 15 second cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue where the Priming Magazine attachment sometimes displayed a test icon unrelated to its buff effect.
  • The X1 Fireball now counts as a CQW for Tactical Opportunities, as intended.


  • Fixed an issue where the Ability Duration UI would not update properly when active while in a Menu.
  • Updated the Perk icons for Rifle/CQW/Handgun/Heavy to help differentiate between Training, Expertise, and Mastery Perks.

DEMOLISHER: Napalm Rockets fire patches now properly scale with the Character Level. This results in a 50% increase to damage dealt for a max level character.”

  • DOC: The Strength in Numbers Perk should now show an indicator when the effect is active.
  • DOC: Fixed an issue with Doctor’s Orders where it appeared to apply 1 stack of its effects, regardless of the team’s health values.
  • GUNNER: The Frag Grenade ability description now reflects that the grenade bounces before exploding.
  • GUNNER: Damage dealt by Frag Grenade, Remote Detonator, and Incendiary Burst now properly scales with the Character Level. This results in a 50% increase to damage dealt by these abilities for a max level character.
  • LANCER: The Particle Burst effect should now be visible to all team members.
  • LANCER: The Heavy Weapon Training Perk should now properly apply the intended +10% Handling.
  • LANCER: Fixed an issue with the Tenacious Perk so it applies additional weapon damage and damage resistance as expected.
  • LANCER: The Resilience Perk has been renamed to Back In Action.
  • LANCER: Fixed a bug where the Residual Charge Perk did not properly proc.
  • LANCER: Updated the Class Kit tooltip.
  • LANCER: Fixed a bug where the Shake It Off Perk would not trigger from grapple attacks.
  • PHALANX: Unequipping your shield while reloading no longer interrupts the reload.
  • PHALANX: Fixed an issue with the Aftershock Perk where the slow effect would persist indefinitely.
  • PHALANX: Fixed the Combat Intertia Perk so that it no longer retains stacks of its effect after dealing melee damage to an enemy.
  • RECON: Optimized performance impact of the PUPS ability.

TECHNICIAN:  Increased the pick up radius for all turrets. This should address a few cases where they can be placed just out of reach on some objects.

  • TECHNICIAN: The Creative Pain Point Solutions Perk now provides the intended damage bonus when enemies are slowed by the following items and abilities:
    • Suppression Grid (Consumable)
    • Miller Twist (Barrel Attachment)
    • Aftershock (Phalanx Perk)
    • Distracting Howl (Recon Perk)
    • Suppressing Fire (Gunner Perk)
    • Suppression Station (Doc Replacer Perk)
    • Inhibitor Rounds (Small Magazine Attachment)
  • TECHNICIAN: The appearance of the Technician’s Sentry Turrets have been updated to visually distinguish between the types.


  • Rank 2 Universal Perk rewards on waves 30 and higher should now drop as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would sometimes get stuck.


  • Players who have previously obtained the Horde Slayer Kit Skin will now receive the Lancer Horde Slayer Kit Skin when they next login.


  • Fixed a bug where bots could get stuck in a kneeling position if grappled while attempting a revive.


  • Fixed a bug where some of Hoenikker’s voice lines in Priority One: Rescue would not play correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the LEM STG24 Storm Rifle’s audio was distorted.


  • Fixed a bug with the Keep It Tight People Challenge Card where players were unable to interact with ammo crates or medkits and other non-instant interactables when taking damage from the card effect.


  • Fixed an issue in Priority One: Extract where a player could get stuck while in cover.
  • Fixed an issue in The Only Way to be Sure: Regicide where enemies would sometimes get stuck.


  • Made additional fixes to address stuck enemies when they occur.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would sometimes teleport when stunned.
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s flashlight sometimes would not stay on consistently in areas requiring a flashlight.
  • Fixed a rare crash that would occur when Readying Up for a Private match.
  • Added setting options to use DirectX11 or DirectX12, with DirectX11 being the default option.
  • Fixed a bug where unused consumables were carried over to the next Mission.
  • Fixed a bug where a player could place too many Consumable Turrets.
  • Fixed a bug where players could place an extra consumable.
  • Fixed a bug where the consumable wheel would sometimes display more consumables than what the player actually had if they picked it up in mission.


  • Video settings for PC and Xbox should no longer apply across both platforms for the same profile.


  • Fixed an issue where changing Head Accessories sometimes caused other facial features to not carry over properly.
  • Fixed a bug where an incorrect player name could display in the “Currently Spectating” section for clients.
  • The Following Challenge Cards have had their reward description updated from “1 Bonus Reward” to “Random Reward”:
    • Don’t Get Hurt
    • I Made A Bad Call
    • Tools of the Trade
    • Stuck Magazines
    • Battlefield Salvage
  • Fixed an issue where Bonus Rewards from Challenge Cards did not have a visual indicator on the Summary Screen
  • Added scope in/out zoom to the following optics attachments:
    • Rangefinder
    • Illuminated Scope
    • 4x Illuminated Scope
    • Combat Relay Scope
    • Radar Enhanced Optics
    • Telescopic Sights
  • Removed scope in/out zoom from the following weapons:
    • L33 Pike
    • M42A3
    • X46 Ballista


  • Fixed a bug where Alpha and Beta were bleeding red blood when attacked by melee enemies
  • Fixed a bug where smoke effects were culled too quickly when the player moved in Point Defense.

Download free Aliens Fireteam Elite patch 1.26 on PC (Steam).

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