Aliens Fireteam Elite Update 1.09 Patch Notes (1.009) – Sep 16, 2021


Aliens Fireteam Elite update 1.09 (1.009.000) released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC (Steam). According to the official Aliens Fireteam Elite patch notes, the latest hotfix added minor fixes to the game. Apart from this, today’s Aliens Fireteam Elite patch 1.09 (1.009) also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a major update added free new content, a new Phalanx Class, 4 new weapons, new cosmetics, and much more. Recently, a hotfix was also released.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing several issues. Aliens Fireteam Elite version 1.09 will fix a few of these issues.


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Aliens Fireteam 1.09 Patch Notes (1.009) – September 16, 2021

  • [PC] Reverted a fix for improved support to ultra-wide screens in order to prevent an unintended issue with weapon accuracy.
  • Addressed an issue where players are being prevented from acquiring the “All My Personal Friends” achievement where you need to Level 30 weapons to four stars.
  • Addressed an issue where some players are having trouble with being able to pick up some Intel items.
  • Added stability fixes.
  • Other minor under the hood fixes.

Download free Aliens Fireteam Elite patch 1.09 on PC (Steam).