Alien Swarm Update Patch Notes (Official) – February 10, 2022

Alien Swarm update is now available to download on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC (Steam). According to the official Alien Swarm patch notes, the latest update improves stability and performance.

Since the last patch, players are facing several gameplay issues. Today’s Alien Swarm version will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.

Alien Swarm Patch Notes – February 10, 2022


  • Fixed several rare crashes.
  • Cleaned up memory leaks.
  • Improved performance by removing unnecessary calculations throughout the codebase.
  • Disabled some spammy developer warnings by default.


  • Fixed Buzzer poison getting stuck if a player died while it was active and did not switch to another marine.
  • Fixed Parasites and Xenomites being immune to blast damage when fully submerged in water.
  • Killing a large number of aliens at once no longer crashes the game in some rare cases.
  • The death animation of Shieldbugs no longer causes rare client crashes.
  • Fixed Drones getting stuck when dismounting info_node_climb.
  • Fixed a case where Drones would navigate to the wrong location when pathfinding failed.
  • Parasites should no longer appear to be growing outside of their egg or spawn at the wrong place when jumping out of an egg with unusual angles.
  • Mortarbug shells no longer block moving platforms.
  • Buzzers properly enter and exit the sleep state when far from players.
  • Drones will no longer “warp” past marines on challenges with very high drone acceleration.
  • Aliens with moveclone set do not trigger physics collision code. This improves performance on maps like Cargo Elevator that use aliens in a cinematic way.


  • Extremely short range shots will no longer cause incorrect decals or impact animations.
  • X33 Damage Amplifier and IAF Heal Beacon bounce in place or fall through the floor when placed on a moving platform.
  • M478 Proximity Incendiary Mines no longer fall through certain types of dynamic floor.
  • ML30 Laser Trip Mines no longer explode when touched by an invisible character.
  • SM75 Combat Flares and TG-05 Gas Grenades no longer collide with NPC Clip.
  • Fixed an issue where grenades would aim incorrectly if the marine had been hit from behind very recently.
  • Fixed collision inconsistencies between mines and various types of throwables.
  • The beam of the mining laser no longer gets stuck if the weapon is deleted by a script.


  • Fixed doors getting stuck with negative health if they were killed from the side they were dented towards. Extremely high damage can correctly knock down a door in one hit.
  • Sentry bases now use a different skin number for each type of sentry.
  • Improved the performance of rm_welcome_message.
  • Made the cheat convar asw_unlock_all_weapons available outside of debug builds.
  • Added asw_create_generic_emitters_for_drone_gibs, which can be set to 0 to disable some graphics.
  • r_drawsprites and r_drawropes are no longer marked as cheats.
  • Added statistics support for the Football map.
  • Fixed exploits involving client commands (cl_campaignsas, cl_kickvote, etc.)
  • Fixed the warning message for an invalid unburrow idle activity.
  • Fixed a rare case where a marine dying would not automatically spectate the next marine.
  • Fixed the calculation of the fast hack time for 4-wire hacks.
  • Fixed scrolling the difficulty from Insane using keyboard or a controller going to Easy rather than Brutal.
  • Fixed not being able to draw on some parts of the map in the mission failed debriefing.
  • Improved physics calculations when a marine is stuck on a box or near a spawning alien.
  • Increased engine limit for pseudosounds, which are used for NPC AI.
  • Reduced the delay when starting a mission.
  • Added HUD support for having more than max HP.

Client ConVars

  • rda_better_weapon_chooser
  • rda_faster_radialmenu
  • rda_faster_wire_hack_close
  • rda_draw_scanner_rings
  • asw_tree_sway_enabled
  • rda_print_console_objective_completion_time
  • rda_print_chat_objective_completion_time

Server ConVars

  • rda_marine_backpack
  • rda_marine_backpack_alt_position
  • sv_clamp_unsafe_velocities
  • sv_skip_velocities_warnings
  • sv_draw_debug_overlays_release
  • phys_applystressdamage

Server ConCommands

  • rda_hide_backpack
  • rda_draw_backpack
  • rda_strafepush


  • Added the ability to require a held rd_weapon_generic_object to activate an trigger_asw_button_area.
  • Added rd_func_jumpjet, which allows the Jump Jets and the Blink Pack to jump to a point inside the volume regardless of pathing.
  • Added the ability to mark spawners and aliens to reflect grenades.

Challenge ConVars

  • asw_paint_ammo_bar
  • rda_grenade_launcher_grenade_ricochet
  • rda_grenade_allow_electro_amped
  • rda_grenade_electrostun_duration
  • rda_grenade_electrostun_range_multiplier
  • rda_grenade_launcher_grenade_ricochet
  • rda_grenade_max_ricochets
  • rda_grenade_post_ricochet_velocity_multiplier
  • rda_grenade_reflector_radius
  • rda_grenade_search_reflectors
  • rda_laser_mine_ownerless_alien_friendly
  • rda_marine_allow_strafe
  • rda_marine_strafe_allow_air
  • rda_marine_strafe_push_hor_velocity
  • rda_marine_strafe_push_vert_velocity
  • rda_mortarbug_shells_by_alien_sizescale
  • sv_enablebunnyhopping
  • sv_autobunnyhopping

Game Events

  • Added laser_mine_active (entindex, marine)
  • Added cluster_grenade_create (entindex, marine, weapon)
  • Modified player_dropped_weapon (userid, entindex) – added entindex.

VScript Functions

  • void CBaseEntity::SetParent(handle parent) – sets an entity as another entity’s move parent; faster than calling the input from VScript
  • void CBaseEntity::ClearParent() – clears the entity’s move parent; faster than calling the input from VScript
  • handle FindNearestNPC(Vector Position, bool CheckZCoordinate, float Radius) – returns the nearest character (marine, colonist, or alien) to the given coordinate
  • void CASW_Grenade_Cluster::Disable() – disables the grenade’s timer
  • void CASW_Grenade_Cluster::Enable() – re-enables the grenade’s timer
  • void CASW_Grenade_Cluster::EnableWithReset() – re-enables and resets the grenade’s timer to its original duration
  • void CASW_Grenade_Cluster::ReflectBack() – reflects the grenade to approximately where it was fired from
  • void CASW_Grenade_Cluster::ReflectRandomly() – reflects the grenade to a random direction

Download free Alien Swarm patch on PC (Steam).

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