Alien Swarm Update Patch Notes – February 1, 2022

    Alien Swarm update is now available to download on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC (Steam). According to the official Alien Swarm patch notes, the latest update improves startup performance for players who are subscribed to a large number of Workshop addons.

    Since the last patch, players are facing several gameplay issues. Today’s Alien Swarm version will fix a few of these issues.

    Read more details below.

    Alien Swarm Patch Notes – February 1, 2022


    • Doubled the amount that the Damage Bonus skill affects the AVK-36 Marksman Rifle from 10 to 20 per point.
    • Fixed gas grenades not recording Steam stats.
    • Added stat recording for the IAF Medical SMG’s secondary fire.
    • Marines can place sentries on moving objects as long as the feet of the sentry are all located on the same object and the object is not physics-based.


    • Medic bots will only attempt to heal targets within 512 hammer units (32 feet) of their current position to avoid running a long distance while the squad is split.
    • Added a cvar (rd_bot_melee) to allow marine bots to melee attack when out of ammo or when being mobbed by aliens. Disabled by default to match previous behavior.
    • Fixed bots not being able to use the primary fire of the IAF Medical SMG.
    • Fixed keybindings not being shown on the HUD for some extra weapons held by bots in multiplayer.


    • Right-clicking on a wire hack tile will turn it in the opposite direction.
    • Added a cvar (rd_wire_tile_alternate) to adjust what right click does in wire hacks.
    • Added an animation to wire hack actuators charging up.
    • Added a cvar (rd_wire_tile_charge) to disable the new animation.


    • Added asw_weapon_healamp_gun and asw_weapon_medrifle to Hammer.
    • Sentry tops can be attached to a rotating parent and will update their angles correctly.
    • Remote turret can be attached to a rotating parent and has a Parent Name field in Hammer.
    • Added rd_debug_sentry_placement cvar to visualize the sentry placement traces.
    • Sentries now use the ai_relationship system when determining what they can shoot at.
    • Added an input to asw_env_shake to only target one marine.
    • Fixed SetTonemapRate not working in multiplayer.


    • Reduced memory usage for large Workshop preview images.
    • Fixed lack of controller focus on the Create Lobby screen.
    • Enabled the new prediction strategy by default.
    • Fixed a puddle at the start of Timor Station using the sewer water material.
    • Added EntityOutputs.GetValue VScript function (can be used to read math_counter OutValue).

    Download free Alien Swarm patch on PC (Steam).

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