Ziggurat 2 Update Patch Notes – November 2, 2021

Ziggurat 2 update is now available to download on PC. According to the official Ziggurat 2 patch notes, the latest update addresses some bugs and crashes.


Previously, a major update added new changes, fixes, and gameplay improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Ziggurat 2 version will fix a few of these issues.


Check out more details below.

Ziggurat 2 Patch Notes – November  2, 2021

  • Revised visibility of HUD icons in Sequence rooms.


  • Fixed hole in the wall of a specific Chained Chest room.
  • Fixed Final boss being able to show up in the middle of a Ziggurat Trial.
  • Fixed remaining unlocks not showing up as possible mission rewards after Ascension.
  • Fixed DLC ownership affecting starter Wand in the Daily Challenge.

Gameplay changes:

  • Final boss will not show up in endless modes.
  • Increased a bit time Shielded champions remain vulnerable.
  • Minor adjustments to enemy balance (sorry but we don’t have a proper list, they are really small changes anyway).
  • Toned down damage of Goblin Gunslingers, as they were too powerful (this new enemy didn’t have a proper balance pass before release).
  • Minor adjustments to weapon power. Again we don’t have a proper list, but most of the changes involved a mana usage reduction of the primary attack.
  • Beam wands’ damage was reduced.
  • Adjustments to unpopular perks to make them more interesting:
    • Black Market will only show up if you have more than 1 main weapon.
    • Increased Curse potion multiplier.
    • Increased Appraiser mana recovery.
    • Bunnyhopper now also increases damage.
    • Brute increases drop rate a bit more.