Zero Hour Update (Operation Meghna) Patch Notes – August 24, 2021


Zero Hour Update (Operation Meghna) is now available to download on PC (Steam) players. According to the official Baldurs Gate 3 patch notes, the latest update added two new maps, weapons, features, and bug fixes.

Previously, a big update was released with new features and bug fixes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Zero Hour patch will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


Zero Hour Patch Notes (August 24, 2021)

Two New Maps

A Ferry Launch is a mode of water transport popularly used in Bangladesh. The Ferry Launch by the name of “M.V Meghna” has been rigged with a bomb by the terrorist organization wreaking havoc. While the vessel was on it’s way to Ochinpur ( ~ Location ) someone reported the Ferry Launch has been hijacked. As there was no other approach, the MS – Unit was instructed to take on the operation in the middle of the river, Meghna.

Abandoned Hospital

A viral video released by the terrorist group shook the nation on July 3rd. Where it showed the terrorists had the ambassador of the Asian Embassy abducted 2 days ago. The terrorists wanted their philosophical leader, Ahmed Al Zoori ( ~ Captured in Paradise City ), to be released from jail in exchange of the ambassadors life. The intelligence unit used the IP address associated with the video and tracked down the location to be an abandoned hospital near Tangail. The MS Unit was instructed to take on the operation. A lot was at stake as the demise of the ambassador may change the geopolitical scene of the region for good. When the MS Unit went in, the prime minister along with her national security team were in a situation room, receiving live updates from Operation Night Owl.

Four New Weapons:

To improve our pool of weapons and their accuracy to real life usage we added 4 new weapons; Sawed Off ( T-Side ), AS Val ( T-Side ), PP-19 Bizon ( T-Side ) & Five Seven ( CT-Side ). We switched the MP7 to the CT side and Uzi to be available exclusively on the T side while Glock will be available in both sides.

Feature Highlights

The New Weapon Audio

With Operation Meghna, we prioritized the improvement for weapon audio. In the making, we took many feedback from you guys to push emotion and tension into these gun sounds. We tried to make them punchy, satisfying and realistic. The gun sounds will also react to it’s environment such as variations for shooting from outside or inside a building and even on different floors.

Cutscene Details

The cutscenes provide an in depth look at what’s happening at each mission. It provides a progressive storyline with the protagonist and what’s happening in the scene. We are going for an aesthetic and informative cutscene with many cutscenes being an abstract form of Art.

Improved Gore

We enhanced the gore in Zero Hour where the player models will have a more realistic shot wound. This was done to add to it’s realistic factor but it’s certainly an option that can be turned off in the settings menu.

Tinnitus Effect

In addition to our new gun sounds coming into place, we also added a tinnitus effect where as the player will experience a slight ringing in their ear when they pull the trigger for a significant amount of time. The effect on the counter terrorist side will be more subtle than the terrorist side.

Smoke grenade

We added a smoke grenade where players can deploy a smoke screen to disable enemy sight. This will allow you to gain cover, rearrange formation and commence an attack from another direction. The smoke grenade will only be available for the Counter Terrorist side.

Skill Based Match Making

Zero Hour will now carry out skill based matchmaking in Quick Match mode. We implemented a penalty for leaving a match which will result in -2000 MMR. Steam Guard has also been added therefore you now have the choice to only queue with other verified steam users. This will be available as an option in the main menu.

Reporting Dead Bodies in PvP

Since we are reworking the kill feed for Operation Meghna, we added a feature in PvP where you or your team will need to report in if you kill anyone from the enemy team to let your squad know the enemy is down. You will still receive a report automatically if your team mate is killed.

However, this is different in CO-OP where if your team mate is down, you will need to report it so the squad will be informed.

New Inventory System

With the addition of a whole new inventory system we are trying to give the players the control over how they want to deal with situations as such; Letting you take either of the primary or secondary weapons along with possible utilities. This will also fix the involuntary weapon pick ups when interacting with other objects such as doors. The inventory system also has the feature to transfer ammo from one magazine to another compatible magazine, allowing you to refill unfinished mags.

Weapon Stats

Weapon Statistics will now show up if you hover over a weapon in our weapons tab, giving you a information on how the gun performs. The tab shows the Weight, Recoil and Damage of the selected weapon. It also provides the difference between the selected weapon and the weapon you are hovering over. Including description of all the utilities and gadgets available in Zero Hour.

Canted ADS

If you use a laser attachment that is visible to the naked eye, using ADS will be different. With this new system, using the normal laser and toggling it on will enable canted ADS similar to when you ADS with NVGs On. (Note if you do it while already in ADS, it will remain in that pose until you are out). Toggling it off will allow you to ADS through the sights again.


  • New Playable Map “Abandoned Hospital”
  • New Playable Map “M.V. Meghna” aka Ferry Launch
  • New Weapon Audio System
  • New Gunshot SFXs for all weapons
  • Skill-Based matchmaking option for Quick Match
  • New Weapon Five Seven (CT Side)
  • New Weapon AS Val (T Side)
  • New Weapon PP Bizon (T Side)
  • New Weapon Sawed Off (T Side)
  • New Utility Smoke Grenade (CT Side)
  • New Foregrip options for weapon customization
  • New Pressure Pad options for weapon customization
  • New Laser option for weapon customization
  • New Co-Op Cutscenes (First Iteration)
  • New Co-Op Hostage models
  • New Co-Op Hostage animation sets
  • Selection Menu weapon detail preview
  • Selection Menu utilities detail preview
  • New Inventory System (Press Tab when near dead body)
  • Canted ADS for using new Steiner laser
  • Ability to shoot lights out
  • (PvP) Report dead body feature
  • Tinnitus Effect for continuous shooting
  • (PvP) Coughing state for T side when inside smoke zone
  • Co-Op Free Cam option after death in (Casual Mode Only)
  • Bullet casing SFX
  • Body wound for getting shot
  • Notification for player joined match
  • (PvP) Penalty for leaving a on-going match (2000 Points)
  • More environmental ambient SFXs
  • Weapon initial deploy animations
  • Gameplay Settings Tinnitus toggle option
  • Graphics Settings Post Process toggle option
  • Audio Settings new main menu OST options
  • Jittery movement visual
  • Penetrated bullet direction issue
  • (PvP) Breaking Meth specific outside door exploit
  • (PvP) Header Player Alive icons will update once reported or round ends
  • (PvP) Joining on-going match causes possible door desync
  • Thrown Grenade reset can be shot
  • Tier 2 achievement not being received
  • Fixed Several missing light fixtures throughout all existing maps
  • Spy Cam not defusing when shot
  • Several rappel exploit issues
  • Co-Op secure weapon spamming issue
  • Co-Op Flash-bang causing arrest desync
  • Co-Op Suspect unable to see through Residential House Elder’s Room
  • Co-Op Suspect AI aim block still allows to shoot
  • Co-Op Arresting all suspects and not neutralizing results in points missing
  • Missing key-bind for Team Chat & All Chat
  • Terror House PC Monitors not disabling with breaker switch
  • Team members overflow causing match related issues
  • Suppressor smoke VFX position
  • Buffer clean up system added for better network connectivity
  • Co-Op reworked suspect patrol locomotion
  • Broken doors can now be interacted
  • C2 can blow up other utilities in the vicinity
  • Spy Cam collider scale
  • Setting options changed during match will now save when leaving match
  • Overall Functionality Optimization
  • Weapon Attachment scales & VFXs
  • Glock Re-centered pose animations
  • Caster Mode weapon selection screen UI
  • Round End UI design
  • Audio Settings level change value
  • Weapon Modification preview screen
  • Breaker Switch lights smoother change state
  • All grenade usage animations
  • Flare light fade out effect
  • Movement Gravity force element
  • Physics related optimization
  • Network related optimization
  • Frag Grenade functionality optimization
  • C2 functionality optimization
  • Breaker Switch functionality optimization
  • M4 fire rate slightly
  • Co-Op Suspect Horizontal Spread
  • (PvP) Weapon Resource is now limited in both sides
  • (PvP) Utility Resource is now limited in both sides
  • Players can now damage others even after round ends
  • IR sights can now only be seen with NVGs
  • Removed weapon pickup prompt
  • (PvP) Removed Kill feed
  • Several map furniture changes
  • Glock is now available in both sides
  • MP7 is now CT Side weapon
  • Mac 10 is now T Side weapon
  • Disabled Rich text feature for steam player names
  • Color Correction for Hotel Trouble, Breaking Meth (Day Time) & Residential House