Wreckfest Update Version 1.44 Changelog


Wreckfest version 1.44 released for PS4 and Xbox One players. According to the official Wreckfest update 1.44 changelog, the latest hotfix addressed the issue of tournament results not being registered correctly for some users and more. Apart from this, Wreckfest 1.44 also includes performance and stability improvements.

Previously. a big Tournament update was released which added a new Tournament Mode, a new demolition derby arena, support for American All-Star Car Pack, and more.

Unfortunately, since the release, some players are experiencing several issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Wreckfest version 1.44 is expected to fix these issues. Check out more details below.


What is new in Wreckfest update 1.44 Changelog?


  • Tournament details are now displayed properly and the player result registered correctly.


  • AI Harvester is no longer faster than player harvester.


  • Idle detection now works again so players idling in a multiplayer event will be kicked after a period of inactivity.


  • Adjusted lawnmower engine sound for louder offload volume.
  • Mixdown adjustments for driver contact sounds.
  • Audio asset size optimizations for driver contact sounds.
  • Driver body-to-ground contact sounds now change according to vehicle road surface.
  • Tighter volume roll-off based on camera distance (max. audible range 20 meters / ~65.6 feet).
  • Added distance based playback prioritization to driver contact sounds.
  • Added triggering delay randomization to increase variety with driver contact sound sequences.

Wreckfest 1.44 is now available for download.