Patch Notes

Wreckfest update 1.07 Patch Details (PS4 & Xbox One)


Wreckfest update 1.07 is now rolling out on PS4 and Xbox One. According to the official Wreckfest 1.07 changelog, the latest update comes with new features as well as various bug fixes and gameplay changes. Apart from this, Wreckfest version 1.07 also includes stability and performance improvements.

Previously. a big update was released which resolves issues related to multiplayer, stability, frontend, and more. Unfortunately, since the release, some players are experiencing several issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Wreckfest version 1.07 is expected to fix these issues. Check out more details below.

Wreckfest Update 1.07 Changelog (PS4 & Xbox One)


  • Added two new tracks: Drytown Desert and Rockfield Roughspot.


  • Optimized loading times.
  • Added Steam Achievements. Except for “Rocketeer” (Reach 210 Km/h (130 Mph) With Rocket), already achieved ones will unlock retrospectively upon launching the game.
  • Wreckfest update 1.07 added support for Steam Cloud. Note that the game’s save data is now located in “Documents\My Games\wreckfest” (old save data will be copied over in the first-time launch).
  • Improved mesh particle culling, improving framerate especially in events featuring large vehicles.
  • Glow particles no longer appear completely white.


  • Added a third damage mode that some have been requesting: “Intense”. This is same as the “Realistic” mode with which the console versions launched, in other words, “Realistic” with attacker’s advantage enabled.
  • Wreckfest version 1.07 added an AI Set for Limo.
  • Added Big Rig and Limo to the “Special Mix” AI Set.
  • Increased Wingman strength.
  • Reduced Limo strength slightly.
  • Taking the loop on “Deathloop” no longer causes damage to the car.
  • Wreckfest update 1.07 improved Honey Pot panel damage so that panels get detached correctly.
  • Wheels no longer clip the fenders of Venom as easily.
  • Wheels no longer clip the fenders of Outlaw as easily.
  • Lawnmower and other small vehicles are no longer invincible against small to medium nudges.
  • Improved AI raceline on various tracks.


  • Added improved iconography to the garage user interface.
  • Wreckfest 1.07 added new, unique icons for armor and visual upgrade parts.
  • Added upgrade tier icons for performance parts.
  • In career heat races, event specific loading screen is now displayed also between the heats.
  • In custom events, the correct AI Set is now displayed after changing the vehicle.
  • HUD can no longer appear in the main menu after being disconnected from an online session.
  • Health bar no longer appears full when the player has 1 health point left.


  • Improved local car prediction precision to reduce input lag.
  • Wreckfest update 1.07 increased maximum allowed prediction time for remote cars to reduce warping with high latency.
  • In lobby, the server name no longer overlaps the track name at the top.
  • Lobby options are no longer incorrectly grayed out in case the user is in the Tune screen when a track change occurs.
  • Idling during an online event no longer results in the player being kicked from the server.
  • Wreckfest version 1.07 added back the “Add Bot” button to lobby.


  • Collision effects are more crunchy now.


  • In-game modding tools now work again.
  • Modifying minimap settings (bag filetype “mise”) no longer trickers anti-tamper protection.

Wreckfest update 1.07 is now available for download on for PS4 and Xbox One.