Patch Notes

WRC 9 Update 1.04 Patch Notes for PS4 and Xbox One

WRC 9 update 1.04 for PS4 and Xbox One is now available for players. According to the official WRC 9 1.04 patch notes, the latest update added new stages for Rally Finland, the Team Paddon livery and the highly requested Photo Mode. Apart from this, the WRC 9 version 1.04 also includes stability and performance improvements.


Recently, the game was released with mostly positive reviews. WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship Metacritic score also stands at 79.

Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s WRC 9 version 1.04 update will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


What is new and fixed in WRC 9 1.04 patch notes?

New Content
  • 6 new tracks for Finland

  • A brand-new photo mode

  • One new team and livery (Team Paddon)

General Fixes
  • Fixed driver card information sometimes not displayed

  • Fixed crash in spectator mode

  • Fixed crash when giving up a race

  • Fixed crash when trying to create a club

  • Fixed crash when entering a daily challenge

  • Fixed crash when accessing the last page of clubs

  • Fixed split screen related crashes

  • Fixed other various crashes

  • Fixed invisible Spain tile during installation even though we have the dlc

  • Fixed infinite loading when losing connection while searching for an online lobby

  • Fixed issue where the user remains stuck in neutral position when starting another race after the host as left the previous one

  • Fixed navigation issue in the main menu

  • Fixed issue that dismissed crew member instead of putting them in the reserve

  • Fixed issue where the points already earned on a challenge is reset when giving up on the same Challenge

  • Fixed issue where the sound of engines could disappear during a race

  • Fixed cases where the indicator of race progression was stuck

  • Fixed Copilot voice significantly louder than the other audio

  • Fixed message box appearing at all times after restarting a Training Challenge

  • Fixed wrong constructor logo issue in career HUB

  • Fixed several respawn issues

  • Fixed various vegetation and level building issues

  • 3 chances to win WRC3 at the start of a new career are now not restored when closing the application

  • A placeholder image is no longer displayed on Oscar Solberg’s Contract upon starting a new career

  • In the cockpit and dash POV while using the Bonus Porsche vehicle, odd and erratic sounds are no longer emitted within the cockpit

  • Fixed jittering in replay mode

  • The Slot 01 of career mode is no longer overwritten without warning by creating a new career after the tutorial

  • Fixed wrong preview of training sessions

  • Fixed collision with one of the towers in

  • Added right texture on the radiator of the Lancia Delta

  • Fixed NPC clipping through a vehicle in the Rally menu with the Volkswagen team

  • The name and nationality of a race can no longer exceed the limited zone when an event is started

  • Updated the dirt on the Alpine A110

  • Added missing collisions on various objects

  • Fixed several LOD transition

  • The map on the pause menu now appears correctly in the core tutorial and the WRC3 tryout

  • Fixed floating vehicle on the side of the road

  • Fixed various showroom display

  • Fixed various audio issues

PC specific fixes
  • A blocker no longer occurs when two users use the same Epic Games account

  • Fixed windows key related crashes

  • Fixed crash when the application was launched in multi display

  • Fixed crash when disconnecting a controller during a race

  • Fixed freeze when changing the main screen several times

  • Fixed cropping issue with ultra-wide resolution

  • Fixed cursor offset with resolutions different than 16:9

  • The game can now be launched with Nvidia GTX 400 and 500 series Graphics Cards

  • Fixed various cursor navigation issues

PlayStation 4 specific fixes
  • Fixed Trophy Race Master (unlock and description)

  • Fixed Trophy Challenger (unlock)

  • Corrected misleading connection error messages

Xbox One specific fixes
  • Fixed the issue that prevented to see the full list of created clubs

  • Fixed soft lock when returning to the Xbox Home menu after searching for an online lobby

  • Fixed issue with Xbox One trophy sync

Download free WRC 9 update 1.04 for PS4 and Xbox One.