World of Warships Legends Update 1.63 Patch Notes (1.010.000) – August 30, 2021

    World of Warships Legends update 1.63 (1.010) is now available to download on PS4, PS5, and Xbox One. According to the official World of Warships Legends 1.63 patch notes, the latest update brings new changes, fixes and more. Apart from this, World of Warships Legends patch 1.63 (1.010.000) also includes stability fixes.

    Previously, an update was released with various quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

    Today’s World of Warships Legends version 1.63 will fix a few of these issues.

    World of Warships Legends 1.63 patch notes (1.010.000)

    Order and Discipline campaign

    First off – a Soviet campaign with traditional 100 milestones spread over 5 weeks. Tier VII Premium Cruiser Pyotr Bagration barges in because the ultimate reward (obtainable with a 2500-doubloons Admiralty Backing). This warship, supported a project of an important Red Navy cruiser, is sort of a formidable threat. It boasts nine 7-inch (180 mm) guns and an honest AA suite, improved with experience of naval battles of WWII in mind. With maximum speed capped at 34.5 knots there’s tons of flexibility in your positioning. the combination of her strengths provides a stimulating thanks to fill different battlefield roles. Try it yourself and see!


    Below you can find the campaign rewards breakdown with corresponding doubloon values.

    Rewards you can get without Admiralty Backing: 

    • 55x common boosters
    • 12x Type 1 camouflage
    • 12x Type 2 camouflage
    • 12x Type 3 camouflage
    • 8x Victory camouflage
    • 235,000 Commander XP
    • 300,000 Credits
    • 3000 Global XP
    • 14x Promotion Orders
    • 1x Insignia
    • 1x Commendation
    • 7 days of Premium Account
    • 5x Soviet Destroyers Crate
    • 1x Big Soviet Destroyers Crate
    • 1x RU Commander Crate
    • 1x Patch background
    • 1x Patch Symbol

    Value of the rewards without the Admiralty Backing: 15,760 doubloons 

    Additional rewards you can get with Admiralty Backing (2500 doubloons):

    • 35x rare boosters
    • 30x epic boosters
    • 20x Type 1 camouflage
    • 20x Type 2 camouflage
    • 20x Type 3 camouflage
    • 13x Victory camouflage
    • 185,000 Commander XP
    • 1,500,000 Credits
    • 19,250 Global XP
    • 26x Promotion Orders
    • 3x Insignia
    • 3x Commendation
    • 750 Doubloons
    • 9x Soviet Destroyers Crate
    • 4x Big Soviet Destroyers Crate
    • Tier VII Soviet Cruiser Pyotr Bagration

    Total value of the rewards including the Admiralty Backing: 69,990 doubloons

    The Transformers return


    What are those thunderous sounds? That’s the mighty Transformers paving their way back to the seas! This collaboration sees 4 new commanders added to Legends, both Autobots and Decepticons, with corresponding skins for Tier VII ships as follows:

    • Grimlock with the “King of Primitives” skin for French battleship Richelieu
      This scary-looking Dinobot is all about improving your Battleship’s secondary caliber guns (and eating enemies, of course).
    • Hot Rod with the “Hot Racer” skin for British cruiser Edinburgh
      Improve Radar, make spotting you from planes more difficult, hunt aircraft. Easy!
    • Soundwave with the “Superior” skin for Italian cruiser Amalfi
      Better maneuverability and better smoke screens, great choice for Italian cruisers.
    • Starscream with the “Lord of the Seekers” skin for German aircraft carrier August Von Parseval
      Faster aircraft with bigger health pool, what’s more you can ask for a carrier Commander?

    Check the store to learn more about this offer and don’t miss a blog post with detailed breakdown of the Transformers collaboration tomorrow.

    Please note: you’ll be able to acquire any of the Transformers content from the previous collaboration (including Megatron, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Rumble) starting first week of the update, August 30, while the new reinforcements of Grimlock, Hot Rod, Soundwave and Starscream will arrive on week two, from September 6.

    TRANSFORMERS and its associated characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. © 2021 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

    Alternative Soviet destroyers in Early Access

    Next come even better news, comrades. Three fresh-off- the-dock dangerous Soviet destroyers: Soobrazitelny (Russian for Sharp) at Tier IV, Boevoi (Russian for Pugnacious) at Tier V and Kiev at Tier VI wait for you in Early Access as an alternate branch. You can receive these warships with unique personal missions, one per ship, while opening dedicated Soviet destroyer crates and Big crates (with a better chance to get an Early Access DD). If luck is not your signature trait, worry not – those warships will become researchable as soon as the next update with Udaloi capping off the branch at Tier VII.


    To learn more about these feisty vessels, check out our upcoming feature blog post.

    Arena battles: seasons V, VI and VII

    Arena is coming back – with three short-timed seasons this time! Arms Race mechanic is an effective way to spice up the flow of battles, and it’s active for all three seasons. Battle with Tier V-VII ships, depending on the season rules (with no carriers allowed whatsoever) and earn rewards according to your overall placement – the better you do, the more you get. Prizes include steel, commander progression items, crates and more. The action starts on 9th September, so be prepared!

    You can learn everything in detail about these Arena seasons in our dedicated blog post next week.

    New Big crate

    New season – new crate! This time, the Big one lets you obtain London, West Virginia and Błyskawica among other in-game content.

    Balance changes

    We are bringing in a lot of changes in this update. Those include both nerfs and buffs – to popular and less so ships (13 in total), commanders and skills, toning down a bit some of the most effective ones and improving those that are underperforming, according to our stats. You’ll notice that we touch two of the most popular destroyer inspirations, and that is done in hopes of more diversity when it comes to builds, however, the well-known combo will still provide the best concealment.

    Ships changes:


    • Tier VII Cleveland

    The stock main battery reload time was increased from 6.5s to 7s and for the major upgrade from 6s to 6.5s.

    • Legendary Tier Alaska

    Radius of max dispersion of main guns decreased by 10%, penetration of AP shells increased by 5%. Repair party reload time decreased from 60 to 50 seconds, HP/second regeneration is increased by 33%.


    • Tier VI Nagato

    Maximum speed increased to 26 knots, rudder shift time decreased for both hulls from 15.2 and 13.7 to 14.4 and 12.9 respectively. Shell grouping increased by 2.5%.

    • Tier VII Kagerō

    Reload time of torpedo tubes decreased from 101s to 91s.

    • Legendary Tier Yamato

    Shell grouping decreased by 5%, rotation speed of main guns decreased from 4.5 degrees per second to 4.


    • Tier VII Vanguard

    Shell grouping increased by 2.5%, radius of maximum dispersion for main guns decreased by 10%. Rudder shift time decreased for both hulls from 19.7s and 14.7s to 18.1s and 13.4s respectively.


    • Tier VII Tirpitz

    Shell grouping increased by 6%, torpedo tubes armor against HE shells increased.

    • Tier VII Bismarck

    Shell grouping increased by 5%.


    • Tier VII Champagne

    Maximum range of main guns increased from 17480m to 17780m. Shell grouping increased by 5%, reload time of main guns decreased from 28.6 seconds to 26.6 seconds. Repair party HP/second regeneration is increased by 33%.

    • Tier VII Gascogne

    Repair party HP/second regeneration is increased by 33%.


    • Tier V Gnevny

    Rotation speed of main guns increased from 6 degrees per second to 7, armor against HE shells for steering gears and engine increased as well.

    • Tier VII Tashkent

    Repair party added to the slot with Smoke Generator as a consumable of choice.


    • Tier V Leone

    Exhaust Smoke Generator added to the slot with Smoke Generator as a consumable of choice.

    Other changes:

    • Exhaust Smoke Generator duration increased from 17 to 20 seconds for all Italian cruisers equipped with it (Montecuccoli, Trento, Zara, Amalfi), along with its dispersion time being increased from 30s to 35s.
      At the same time, secondary guns aiming priorities were changed. Now enemy destroyers are more likely to be chosen as a target in case there are two or more options for the attacks.

    Skills changes:


    • Before It’s Too Late – bonus to torpedo detectability increased:
      • Level 1: 3% => 5%
      • Level 2: 5% => 8%
      • Level 3: 7% => 12%
      • Level 4: 10% => 15%
    • Flank Speed – penalty to rudder shift time changed to +3% instead of +5%.
    • Marksmanship – penalty to rudder shift time on level 4 changed from +10% to +5%.
    • Mortar – penalty to destroyer’s visibility is now same on every level at +4% instead of 5-10% range.
    • Velocious – bonus to ship’s speed increased, with buff ranging from 2% to 5% now instead of 1-4% range.
    • Evil Sparks (legendary skill) – penalty to destroyer’s HE shells damage decreased on every level, to 35-20% range instead of 55-40% range.
    • Running with Scissors (legendary skill) – penalty to dispersion of main battery on levels 3 and 4 changed from +7% and +10% to +5% and +6% respectively.


    • Fragile Threat – bonus to destroyer’s concealment decreased:
      • Level 1: -2.5% => -2%
      • Level 2: -5% => -4%
      • Level 3: -7.5% => -6%
      • Level 4: -10% => -8%
    • Ingenious – guns rotation speed reduced for -0.2 degrees per second on every level.
    • Hide’n’Seek (Jerzy Świrski base trait) – bonus to ship’s concealment is decreased on every level of skill, maximum bonus is now -4% instead of -5%.
    • Shifty (Erich Bey base trait) – bonus to destroyer’s concealment is decreased on every level, maximum bonus is now -5% instead of -6%.

    Oklahoma project deprecating


    The Oklahoma project will become deprecated after the September update. It means that you need to have at least 1 research point in the project to be able to finish it later. Make sure that you research it at least for a moment, so that you can finish it, if you haven’t yet!

    Bug fixes

    • No more incorrect ship type icons in the select inspiration menu
    • Unintended spotlights on water surface wherever Arpeggio of Blue Steel ships are destroyed do not appear anymore
    • Paid and free campaign rewards are now correctly shown on the port widget screen
    • Vertical movement for camera on Wickes destroyer is now correctly limited.

    More new ships in this update

    • Tier V Japanese Aircraft Carrier Zuihō, available for doubloons. First premium carrier in Legends with excellent concealment for the aircraft, make sure to try her out!
    • Tier VI American Destroyer Charles F. Hughes, available for doubloons. Further extends the range of Red, White and Blue destroyers, providing a lot of torpedoes to launch at your foes.440707011_ver.3.6-VI-Charles.F.Hughes.thumb.jpg.2988ab9a6962ca19444aca3af427a99e.jpg
    • Legendary Tier Soviet Cruiser Stalingrad for 2 million Global XP.
      Stalingrad is the first non-Bureau Legendary ship, we’re making her available with a permanent camouflage from the get-go. When it involves what this ship is, consider an enormous cruiser with 12-inch (305 mm) guns, offering a superb performance with AP shells, a serious HP pool and quite a little bit of speed, and a choice between Defensive AA fire and Radar else. Please note, also, that Stalingrad isn’t a Premium ship, but simply a ship of Legendary tier, so changes to her performance are considered possible and even likely, please consider that before making a sale.

    Download free World of Warships Legends update 1.63 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One.

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