Workers & Resources Update Patch Notes

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic game update released on PC(Steam). According to the official Workers & Resources patch notes, the latest update adds fuel for the railway end station and fixed the problem with water switches.

Previously, a major update added new metro and tram transport infrastructure as well as the community requested ‘Realistic Mode’, realistic borders and a new water erosion tool for the editor.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, some players are bugs and errors in the game. Today’s Workers & Resources patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Workers & Resources Patch Notes – January 26, 2023

  • Added fuel for railway end station
  • Fixed problem with water switches, there was way how to connect them so badly that game freeze would appear
  • Metro trainsets are not flipped when collided
  • Attempt to fix problem causing crash when saving game due to parking lots
  • Fixed problem about collision notification when train is purchased in realistic mode and at custom house the track is engaged
  • Fixed problem when copy tool do not clone the pipe connections
  • Corrected some texts in tutorials
  • Ukrainian and Russian localization update
  • Removed memory leaks, increased time of loading in case returning to menu
  • Materials delivered on the construction are used instead of funding when later funding is enabled
  • Fixed pick tool crash when used over fields
  • Fixed rendering of resources when carrying on the flatbed trucks
  • Fixed issues in the tutorials
  • Fixed Dunay class ship fences
  • Fixed using rotate/zoom during pause or double speed when mapped to keyboard
  • Fixed traffic flow for flipped sewage filling station
  • Fixed warning messages about stopped production missing for factories
  • Fixed warning message about can’t store resources for factories

  • Fixed problem that more trains from railway CO are sometime assigned to same construction
  • Fixed building editor launch problem
  • S1202 police and ambulance family token correction
  • Changed bit mechanics for chain signals for track builders
  • Optimized auto search for helicopter CO
  • Fixed crash related to snow plows and end of the winter
  • Fixed crash related to water pump
  • Fixed problem when crash building when build with grid snap
  • Fixed crash related to ship waypoints

Download free Workers & Resources patch on Steam.

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