Witch It Winterdream Festival 2021 Update Patch Notes – December 13, 2021

    Witch It Winterdream Festival 2021 update (November 23, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Witch It patch notes, the latest update added various bug fixes and gameplay changes.

    Previously, a big update added a new faction, new creatures, new skills, and status effects.

    Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing various issues with the game. Today’s Witch It patch 1.2.2 will address a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Witch It Patch Notes (Dec 13, 2021)

    Added: 8 new skin items (skin set ‘Winterdream Sentinel’)

    Added: Option to switch off the timer for automatically starting the match in custom games

    Added: The skill chicken wears a christmas hat during the Winterdream Festival event

    Changed: A group in Creative Mode no longer gets unselected if shift is held and the ground is clicked

    Changed: Reselecting a group member in Creative Mode no longer unselects the whole group but removes that prop or structure from the group instead

    Changed: Performance optimization for the ‘Dunes ground tile’ structure

    Changed: A warning has been added to the skill selection screen to inform mid-game joining players that they cannot earn achievements during the ongoing match

    Fixed: Mode toggle in Creative Mode now possible again without placing prop first

    Fixed: Mini cannon can be fired multiple times again

    Fixed: Light of spotlight prop can now be toggled

    Fixed: States of action props like Lantern lights turned on or off set back to their usual look on all maps

    Fixed: Removed useless K input possibility in Creative Mode

    Fixed: Second player entering Fly Mode in Creative Mode no longer visually changes the host’s HUD to Edit Mode

    Fixed: Third person view back in Creative Mode’s Default Mode

    Fixed: Negative props and structures count in Creative Mode

    Fixed: Popcorn prop effect

    Download free Witch It patch on PC(Steam).

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