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Windows 11 Release Date, Features and More


Windows 11 will be available this fall. The announcement is coming on June 24, 2021. The timeline is just very different from a normal Windows feature update for Windows 10.

When is Windows 11 coming out?

After it gets announced, the preview is going to go out to Windows Insiders. Windows 11 RTM should head to the Beta channel and OEMs shortly after. In October or November, Windows 11 will be available to everyone.

A big UX overhaul is coming with Windows 11. The new OS will be more touch-friendly, something that Windows 10 has struggled with.


With Windows 11, developers will be able to submit their apps in Microsoft Store without packaging them, and they can also host them on their own CDN. Now, it should be a whole lot easier to put your app in the Store.

This is opening up the Microsoft Store in a big way.

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