Will To Live Online Update 0.56.4 Patch Notes – December 3, 2021

    Will To Live Online update 0.56.4 (December 3, 2021) is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Will To Live Online patch notes, the latest update made some changes, fixed some bugs, and added new quests.

    Previously, a launch day update was released with various bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

    Unfortunately, since the last major update, players are facing issues with the game. Today’s Will To Live Online patch 0.56.3 will address a few of these errors.

    Will To Live Online Patch Notes – December 3, 2021

    “Testing Ground” location

    In this version, the “Testing Ground” location got the following changes in the economy:

    • The new valuable loot has been added to jellies that live in this location.
    • Faction merchants, that placed at faction entrance to the location, from now can buy loot from jellies and drones.

    Thus, a faction that didn’t manage to capture territories in the “Testing Ground” location got an opportunity to farm valuable loot and earn tokens, even this faction doesn’t own any territories. It brings a possibility to prepare for the next battle to the “losing side”.

    Together with that, due to the excess of parts of the sun spider on market and the increased demand for the drone’s parts, the basic price of sun spiders’ parts has been reduced by 10% (it affects all merchants in the game).

    The “Coast” location

    In the “Coast” location, a new four quest has been added, which targeted on 35+ level players. For completing the entire questline, players will ultimately receive a good amount of experience. Also, the hogs of the coast have a new loot – the “heart of the hog of the coast”.

    Wind effect and new settings

    Now, the wind effect has appeared in the game. It makes the world of the game more alive, since trees and grass sway, especially during the heavy rain. Also, the corresponding sounds have been added.

    If for some reason you do not like this effect, you can always turn it off in the game settings – a corresponding option has been added.

    In addition, we’ve added a new experimental feature – “Cache”. This function allows systems with a good amount of RAM (16GB+) to get more smoothly gameplay by pre-caching the used game data (instead of the usual mechanism for loading data as it is used). In theory, this should reduce the “lags” during the first appearance of some objects in the game (characters, monsters, etc.). This increases memory consumption and slightly increases the time to enter the game.

    As a reminder, this feature is experimental and intended solely for systems with a lot of RAM.

    Misc changes

    • Fixed some bugs in the level design.
    • The behavior of the Symbiont in the “Bunker” location has been improved.
    • The behavior of the bears on the “Swamp” location has been improved.
    • Fixed an issue due to the repeatable quest for the i-HR didn’t allow to complete the “Tea menu” quest;
    • Fixed a situation, when Victoria’s dialogues were not entirely correct if the player has a few active quests;
    • Characters on a moped in No-PK mode can now drive without bumping into other characters;
    • Improved animation of monocular usage (from the third person).
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