Weird West Update 1.03 Patch Notes Details


Weird West update 1.03 details are now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox players. According to the official Weird West patch notes, the latest update added Weapon Perks in loot,  Apart from this, Weird West patch 1.03 also added support for 60FPS on Xbox Series X.

Previously, a major update two new travel encounters (Howling Hatch and Serpent’s Mouth) which will be added to the global pool of travel encounters the game can use. Unfortunately, some players are facing bugs and other issues. Today’s Weird West patch 1.03 will fix a few of these issues.

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Weird West Patch 1.03 Notes – June 13, 2022

Loot: Weapon Perks

In an effort to diversify weapon loot a little bit, Patch 1.03 will introduce the concept of weapon perks. Now each weapon you will find in the world has a low chance of having a random perk attached to it, such as, but not limited to, increasing critical damage against non-human, a chance to poison enemies or ignoring part of your target armor etc. If you upgrade a weapon with the forge, it will preserve the perk that was attached to it and transfer it to the upgraded weapon too! This is the first part of our continued loot pass, which will continue with future patches by adding even more unique random gameplay effects to weapons.

Reputation TAB

Patch 1.03 will see the introduction of the Reputation TAB, allowing you to track down what Vendettas are still active against you, what Friends for Life you have acquired but also what Vendettas or Friends for Life are being dragged with any Companions you have recruited into your Posse, adding a clearer understanding of those systems. From this tab you can also check out in what locations you are currently wanted in.


New Aiming System Options

In an effort to make the aiming system easier to use for players of all skill levels, we are adding two gameplay options that can be tuned or turned on/off at any point, depending on your preferences. “Aiming Accuracy” when set to Permissive will make the aiming system more forgiving so that you will still hit your target even if you don’t very accurately aim at it. A second option”Slo-Mo while aiming” was also added to allow the game to slow down a tiny bit while entering aim mode to make things a bit less overwhelming if you prefer action a bit less fast-paced.

Revamped Companions’ AI

A lot of love was given for this patch to Companions’ AI to avoid most of the issues related to companions not engaging in combat, getting stuck and not following you or disappearing altogether.

New Progression System

Patch 1.03 also introduces a revamped progression system, where Weapon Abilities you acquired now transfer between Journeys (unlike Class Abilities) so the progression between the 5 Journeys feel more connected in term of progression. Note that if you load an existing save file after patching, you will be prompted to opt in or opt out of this new system, but all new games started after this patch will use the new progression system. Similarly, when recruiting your previous Journey Heroes, ammo, money but also horse ownership are now transferred to the new Hero so you don’t feel like your hard-earned dollars and belongings are just vanishing. To go along with those changes, we have also done a full balancing pass on the game economy (specifically how much junk items you find in containers and their value) but we have also revised the enemies level progression in secondary locations so that the game difficulty in those locations doesnt plateau as much after the second Journey.


60 Fps on Xbox Series S

For those of you playing on Xbox Series S, we did a pass of optimizations (which will also benefit to lower end PCs and Xbox One and PS4). The result of that optimization pass is that the game now runs at a steady 60fps on Xbox Series S! We hope you will enjoy the smoother experience!

Download free Weird West update 1.03 on PC(Steam)