Download Weird West Trainer (18+ Cheats)

Weird West PC trainer is now available to download for free. The latest Weird West trainer update includes 18+ cheat codes (cheat engine).  This includes God mode, infinite ammo, infinite health and several more. You can use a trainer or a cheat engine if you are having progression issues. You can also try it for fun.

We highly recommend you to play the game as it is intended, using the trainer will spoil the game. It is good in scenarios where you get stuck in the game or unable to progress because of game difficulty. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started.

List of all Weird West Trainer (Cheat Codes)

Here are all the cheats you can activate from the trainer including their respective binds:

Hotkey Command
HOME  Active Trainer
Numpad1   Infinite Health
Numpad2   Infinite AP
Numpad3 Infinite Ammo
Numpad4  No Reload
Numpad5  Weapon: Infinite Durability
Numpad6  Infinite Items/Quick Items
Numpad7  Player: Super Speed
Numpad8  Player: Super Jump
Numpad9  Kick: No Cooldown
Numpad0  Dash: No Cooldown
Ctrl+Number1 One Hit/Fast Kill
Ctrl+Number2 Infinite Dollar Coins/Money
Ctrl+Number3  Infinite Ability Points
Ctrl+Number4 Infinite Perk Points
Ctrl+Number5 Infinite Reputation (100)
Ctrl+Number6 Game: Super Speed
Ctrl+Number7 Game: Slow Motion

Weird West Trainer Download Links

The game trainer is easy-to-use, does not require the installation of additional software and auto-updates in accordance with what version of the game you are running. You can download the Weird West PC Trainer from the link below.

Some antivirus will show it as a virus. Download it at your own risk.

How to Install Weird West Trainer (Cheat Engine)?

Follow the steps below to install the trainer on your pc.

  • First, download the trainer
  • Now, open the .EXE file
  • Select Weird West

Now, you should be able to use any of the cheats that are mentioned on the trainer. You should hear a sound whenever you press a hotkey to activate a command.

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