Weed Shop 3 Game Update Patch Notes – July 4, 2022


A new Weed Shop 3 game update is rolling out on PC(Steam). According to the official Weed Shop 3 patch notes, the latest update added a new 4th of  July event and various bug fixes.

Previously, a major update addressed the exploding of Jellyfish in Duck, Duck, Dolphin. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch.

Today’s Weed Shop 3 patch 608 will address a few of these errors.


Weed Shop 3 Update Patch Notes – July 4, 2022


To activate the 4th of July the event you’ve got to be at least level 10, playing on Wack or above, and on Average or above difficulty setting.

The 4th of July event will be active for the next 48 hours or until you finish all the event tasks (whichever comes first). Fire up the Mission Control app for further instructions.

Sorry for the eagle, there is no eagle, the eagle’s been working in close proximity with Chris who just got covid… again, so both of them are gonna have to quarantine and chill for a bit. But rest assured, the eagle is gonna be back…

And if you’re not into it, switch to “Chill” difficulty setting till the 6th.


  • Fixed most if not all of the longboard/cruiser issues, though you still shouldn’t try to attempt Red Bong, Green Bong on one of those.
  • Expanded the save system to include all the stacked items on picked-up objects when saving & reloading. This way, if you end up glitching out, all the items placed on your grow setup or workstation will end up back in your inventory.
  • Fixed the grow setup equipment dupe bug. Shout out to @iGreatWhite for providing a detailed repro case!
  • We had to refactor the whole mission tracking system to prevent save file sizes from ballooning late game. With the new system, we’ve managed to reduce save file sizes by up to 70% and improve read and write speeds across the board.
  • Tried to release a native Linux version of the game… What a dumpster fire that was… Once we actually managed to get the native Linux build to run, it ran and looked way worse than the Proton versions so, in the end. we ended up reverting to Windows-only and are planning on keeping it that way.
  • Improved performance, reduced RAM usage for all quality settings, and made it possible to run the game on Steam Deck in Wack or Average quality setting,


Here’s what we’ve been and will be working on (in no particular order):

  • More Mission Control tasks.
  • Steam Stats & Achievements
  • Trading Cards & Point Shop Items
  • Full Steam Deck & Controller support.
  • New content that’ll make the hotel suites useful… we hope ːws_damanː
  • It’s going to be one Hotbox Summer,., so stay tuned?

Download free Weed Shop 3 update 608 for PC(Steam).