We Happy Few Update 1.08 for PS4 Patch Notes, Read What’s New

    We Happy Few update 1.08 is now rolling out for players. According to the official We Happy Few 1.08 patch notes, the new update comes with stability and performance improvements. Additionally, We Happy Few version 1.08 also includes general performance optimizations, crash fixes, fixes for progression blockers, fixes for gameplay bugs, and localization fixes.

    Previously, a big update was released with Arcade Mode, with three separate new ways to play We Happy Few and more. However, many players are still experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s We Happy Few patch 1.08 update is expected to fix all these issues. Check out more details below.

    We Happy Few Update 1.08 PS4 Patch Notes

    • Improved performance in various areas
    • Improved world generation
    • Improved localization
    • Fixed various truncation in the menus
    • Fixed various conditional blockers
    • Fixed the Graphic options showing when selecting language.
      “Power cell” is now correctly called “Boat Capacitor” in the result screen of the Survival mode.
    • Islands’ names are now consistent when reloading a save in Arcade mode.
    • Improved message when trying to save in an area where it is not possible
    • Survival needs now drain properly in the Survival mode when on Easy difficulty.
    • Freeform score is now accurate
    • We Happy Few 1.08 added fixes for crashing issues.
    • Fixed matchmaking issues.
    • We Happy Few update 1.08 fixed a few glitches.
    • Fixed frame drop, stuttering, and lag issues with We Happy Few update 1.08.
    • Added performance and stability improvements.
    • Added various under the hood fixes with We Happy Few 1.08.

    We Happy Few update 1.08 for PS4 and Xbox One is now available for download.

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