Warm Snow Update 1.3 Patch Notes – June 10, 2022

Warm Snow update 1.3.00 released on PC(Steam). According to the official Warm Snow 1.3.00 patch notes, the latest update added new content (a new sect Buddha Supreme Bodhi) and much more.

Previously, a major update was released which added a new NPC soul blacksmith, relics, and excalibur.

Unfortunately, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Warm Snow patch will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Warm Snow Update Patch Notes – June 10, 2022

New content:
1. New sect Buddha – Supreme Bodhi
Consume 30 red souls in the Red Soul Treasure to unlock new sect Buddha, two sets of new attacks will bring unprecedented silky experience! Master skin added, which can be unlocked after completing the level:White Ash, and the switch is in the lower left corner of the Buddha

Blood Siren will appear:

  • In the Buddhist temple: Red soul treasure will be opened after dialogue with the Blood Siren, a variety of convenient functions can be unlocked through the consumption of red soul.
  • After unlock the blood pact, Blood Siren will appear:
  • In the levels: Sell trial modes that increase both difficulty and profitability.
  • In the rest area: Sell power sets, enhancements, and challenge effects that can be purchased by the Red Soul.

3. New function – Relic&Excalibur Manual

In the Relic and Excalibur Manual, consume five red souls to unlock the ability to permanently seal a Relic or an Excalibur, and the sealed item will not be dropped during the game.
※[Legendary Distill] in Remembrance-Forge has been changed to [Relic mimicry]. After activating this skill, in each game you can choose a legendary Relic in the relic manual, and the first refined relic will not give new relic anymore.

4. Added 29 new achievement.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed the possibility of not being able to switch the difficulty of the game.
  2. Fix the save data loss caused by skill errors.
  3. Fixed an issue that players could refresh relic indefinitely in buddhist temples.
  4. Fix the problem that the setting interface would be incorrect due to the gamepad.
  5. Fixed an issue that the CD of [Sword Fairy] did not refresh.
  6. Fixed an issue that health would drop below 15% after receiving mortal damage when equipping the relic [Tortoise Spirit] in core slot.

Experience Adjustments:

  1. In the level: white Ash, Sima Yinger’s eye attack frequency and damage are reduced.
  2. Eyes will now disappear when Sima Ying is defeated.
  3. When the Wolf Boss dies, the summoned Wolf pack will run away.
  4. You can skip the animation of Boss by using ESC.

Download free Warm Snow patch 1.3 on PC(Steam).

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