Warlord Britannia Update 1.1 Patch Notes (Official)


Warlord Britannia update 1.1 released on PC (Steam). According to the official Warlord Britannia patch notes, the latest update added fixes, balancing and improvements. Apart from this, today’s Warlord Britannia patch 1.1 also includes stability fixes.

Recently, a big update added quality of life changes. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues. Today’s Warlord Britannia patch 1.1 will fix a few of these issues.

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Warlord Britannia Update 1.1 Patch Notes – May 30, 2022

  • Added volume sliders for Master, Effects, and Interface sounds
  • Added override to screen setting to launch in windowed mode, multiple users reported an issue with the fullscreen launch default. Known issue: Fullscreen may not save over to the next session, working on a fix for this.
  • Added blood toggle in options menu, I heard report of a father wanting to play the game with his son, but the blood was too extreme
  • Workers will stop harvesting when no storage, and just stand and wait, lets save the trees
  • Added cancel all harvest jobs button in manage menu
  • Relocate camp now removes all build/harvest jobs, and guard and patrol points
  • Set default screen mode as windowed, this may help those with first-time startup issues
  • Added kills tracker to each legionary
  • Added Days in Service requirement for most officers. This is designed to slow down the mid-late game, which would have the player immediately replenishing their army if they had enough money. Now, you will need to keep at least some of your troops alive for a decent amount of time, so they can accumulate Days in Service enough for promotions
  • Added ability to Transfer a legionary into another Century. This is designed to allow players to quickly move around their troops with many days in service, instead of recruiting fresh troops and having to wait on promotions
  • Formation UI men and officers count now updates when a unit is killed
  • Doubled First Steps and First Contact silver reward. You will not be able to fully staff the first Century until day 2 now, so keep your troops alive with the best armor possible
  • Decreased gold and silver taxation income
  • Increased taxation unrest penalties
  • Decreased VIP convoy to normal convoy ratio
  • Increased combined raid enemy spawn speed
  • Capped the combined raid to 250 enemies, before it could potentially spawn 400
  • Increased minimum convoy activity distance
  • Increased Noble gathering spawn distance from player
  • Lowered enemy amount and enemy prosperity (armor rating) in convoys slightly
  • Increased Notification text contrast
  • Increased palisade terrain angle limit, can now be placed on slopes
  • Increased build tool rotation speed
  • Fixed infinite jumping glitch with shield
  • Lowered passive unrest reduction
  • Increased promotion costs slightly
  • Lowered night raid chance slightly
  • Increased plate and veteran armor costs

Download free Warlord Britannia patch 1.1 on PC(Steam).