Patch Notes

Warhammer Vermintide 2 Update 1.23 Patch Notes (PS4/PC)


Warhammer Vermintide 2 update 1.23 patch notes released for PS4 players. According to the official Warhammer Vermintide 2 version 1.23 changelog, the latest update added various balancing and quality of life changes. Apart from this, Warhammer Vermintide 2 patch 1.23 also brings stability improvements.

Previously, a big update was released which added the Curse of Drachenfels missions: Old Haunts, Blood in Darkness, and Enchanter’s Lair and much more.

Unfortunately, players are facing several problems when trying to play the game on the consoles. Today’s WV2 patch 1.23 will solve a few of these problems.


Check out more details below.

What is new in Warhammer Vermintide 2 1.23?


  • 30fps -> 60fps

  • 1080p -> 1440p

  • Improved shadow quality

  • More shadow casting lights

  • Higher density scattering

  • Screen space reflections


  • Fixed some miscellaneous crashes.

  • Fixed crash that would happen when a client tries to lift an AI unit with the Lifestaff that has already been despawned on the server.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a player somehow tried to join a lobby as “Prologue Kruber”.

  • Fixed a crash caused by changing skin on melee weapon equipped in ranged slot.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a terror event was spawned as a level was being unloaded.

  • Fixed crash caused when SotT gets despawned (dies or leave the game) before a placed Thorn Wall expires.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur if an enemy highlighted by Kerillian’s Trueshot activated ability was killed by another source.


  • Fixed some Javelin melee attacks counting as ranged kills

  • Fixed Rapier special sidearm shots counting as melee kills.

  • Fixed Javelin automatically issuing a light attack after a charged attack if player has high attack speed.

  • Fixed Bounty Hunter’s ‘Just Rewards’ not working when the ranged crit is triggered with the ‘Locked and Loaded’ ability itself.

  • Bounty Hunter’s career ability animation now scales properly with speed buffs.

  • Saltzpyre should no longer get stuck in aiming (third person) after shooting with the crossbow.

  • Fixed an issue where Sienna would remain fully slowed despite having vented to below the threshold.

  • Fixed an issue where the Trollhammer Torpedo showing the ammunition when out of ammo.

  • Fixed a minor animation issue on Kerillian’s Greatsword where transitioning from light attack hit to heavy charge would cause a frame flickering.

  • Fixed a minor animation issue with Engineer’s piston during reload of Trollhammer Torpedo.

  • Fixed a super minor issue where changing Staff whilst in the air would cause the Staff to glide/animate weirdly.

  • Fixed a minor animation issue where a nocked Arrow could become misaligned with a bow.

  • Fixed an animation bug where Kerillian got stuck aiming with her bows (third person) if shooting too fast.



  • Fixed an issue where breakable planks/blockades would still be impassable for players who hotjoin a map, despite the party having already broke them, rendering the now joined player stuck further back in a level.


  • Fixed some Shade items which were presented incorrectly in Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders.

  • Blocked the chat window from accidentally opening when the Twitch username textbox has focus.

  • Fixed a graphical glitch in the Twitch vote UI.

  • The extra resource bars (overcharge, energy & career ability) are now displaced upwards whenever Twitch mode is active so they don’t overlap with the vote UI.

  • Changed the Okri’s challenges summary to tally claimed instead of completed challenges. This solves an issue that would show that there were incomplete challenges even though all challenges were claimed.

  • Fixed illusions showing “n/a Illusion” in tooltips instead of the item that they can be applied to.


  • Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor could remain on-screen and interactive when the player leaves the game whilst the party is in a Map Shrine.

  • Animated Portrait Frames should now properly animate on the Chaos Wastes UI.

  • Player levels should now display properly when invoking the player list within the Map Shrine UI.

Cinder Peak

  • Fixed some land geometry that just wasn’t up to par.

  • Fixed a spot where terrain wasn’t solid, and adjusted a chest and enemy spawn point to suit.

  • Made optimisations to reduce hits to FPS in areas with a lot of lava.

  • Fixed some bits that weren’t network synching properly.

The Foetid Gorge

  • Fixed an issue where a player disconnecting with a barrel could softlock the level.

  • Fixed various spots where players and bots could get stuck.

  • Fixed an issue where Olesya could repeat event VO once the event had ended if a player re-entered the area which triggers said VO line.

The following changes were added with the previous update.


  • The Grail Knight career for Markus Kruber (de Mandelot) is available now!

  • Weather Variations added.

  • A new Weave order is in place for Update #25 – Earlier rewards are no longer available.

  • Added three Wind Mutators to Twitch Mode (Heavens, Death & Fire).


  • Scrounger and Conservative Shooter Traits could result in non mag-fed ranged weapons being left with no ammo if their last bit of ammo scored a headshot. Weapon switching would solve, but this fix should force a ‘reload’ next frame so QQ shouldn’t be needed to restock.

  • Fixed broken block animation loop with dual daggers & adjust blendtime between push attack and block.

  • Fixed some cases of Phantom hits with Kruber’s ‘Tuskgor Spear’.

  • Repeating Pistols – Tweaked repeating pistols fire time to avoid an issue where the shot would become inaccurate.

  • Kerillian’s Rejuvenating Lotus caused issues within Wind of Fire Weaves and lots of Friendly Fire issues. This has been solved.

  • Made bolt staff light attack trigger while holding the button before the player switches to that weapon.

  • Fixed an issue where Bardin would secretly have a throwing axe hidden, even though the interface said he didn’t. This hidden axe could be viewable if you just pressed R quickly or took damage from an enemy whilst having no ammo left. Also polished up the animation when catching more than one axe.

  • Quickly doing Kruber’s Push attack into Heavy attack with the Sword and Shield causes the animation to go wild for a fraction of a second. This has been resolved now.


  • The sounds of the flies during either Nurgloth encounters are no longer heard inconsistently between host and client(s).

  • You now ‘Talk’ with Lohner instead of “Opening” him 😐

  • Fixed a crash caused when AI attempted to push a dead enemy.

  • Fixed a plethora of various, uncommon crashes.

  • Fixed an issue where Bunghole Herniaface’s plague wave damage did not scale properly on Cataclysm.

  • Fixed an issue where the Bardin Great Axe illusion “Skruffsmakaz” used the icon for the Uzkulaz illusion.

  • Fixed an issue where the billhook would play the wrong animations in 3p during heavy attack charge.

  • Fixed an issue where Volley Crossbow Bolts became visible if you climb a ladder while aiming.

  • Fixed an issue where you could see through Kruber’s arms during his first heavy with the spear.

  • Fixed incorrect VO order in a Kruber/Sienna hub conversation.

  • Fixed some cases where the revive highlighting on a downed player persisted after the downed player was captured/KOd.

  • Packmasters should no longer slide in to action after being hurled by a Blightstormer.

  • Quickplay weaves now count for progression in the WoM challenges to Complete Weaves.

  • Reduced speed of Swarm of Flies used by Bunglezippy Hornrimmedglasses and Nurgloth.

  • Removing Headbob now removes idle head movement as well.

  • Kerillian’s Aspect of Adhanu headpiece should no longer clip in to her face.

  • Kills in Weaves now contribute towards 1000 kills Challenge progression

  • Made some improvements to situations where players could appear in chat to have left a lobby, despite not leaving the lobby. This could cause end of round issues where players were then fully disconnected (but still obtained any rewards). This whole situation should be more graceful now.

  • Gas Clouds on elevated terrain should no longer allow enemies to pass through objects. Weird one this. But it’s solved!

  • Bardin (Ranger Veteran) bot should no longer get stuck in his Activated Ability animation.

  • Bots can now revive players while on elevators.

  • Fixed a crash in Spoils of War.

  • Fixed a Store related crash.

Level Fixes and Tweaks

Against the Grain

  • Bots should no longer be able to get stuck in the Barn.

  • Bots should no longer get stuck inside the Sawmill.

Athel Yenlui

  • Reduced mixing of roamer factions.

  • Fixed bots struggling with the third tome.

  • Specials should no longer spawn in the Bridge of Shadows at the end.

The Blightreaper

  • Fixed a spot on the escape route where Sienna could get stuck if using her activated ability to navigate.

  • Fixed a spot where Blightstormers could cast through walls.

  • Fixed a spot where bots could get stuck.

Blood in the Darkness

  • Fixed a spot where bots could get stuck if told to pick up the first tome, or items in that general area.

  • Fixed an illogical and highly inconvenient respawn location that players could be moved to if captured.

  • Fixed some sticky spots.

Convocation of Decay

  • Fixed a spot where the packmaster could hook and drag you through a wall causing map progress to softlock.

  • Fixed an exploit where players could cheese the end event by sacrificing one of their own whilst the remaining players stay safely outside of the event.

  • Reduced mixing of roamer factions.


Dark Omens

  • Fixed a spot where players could fall to their death without entering a ledge hanging state first.

  • Fixed an Out of Bounds exploit spot.

Empire in Flames

  • Reduced mixing of roamer factions.

  • Fixed various spots where bots and players could get stuck.

  • Tweaked enemy spawning during the cart event to be more randomized (and to not end before the event is over!).

Enchanter’s Lair

  • Fixed some spots where players could yeet themselves off the map without hanging from a ledge first.

Festering Ground

  • Fixed a pile of wood that didn’t destroy visibly when intended (it could still be passed through, so didn’t soft-lock the mission).

  • Fixed a spot where players could spawn behind the boss wall.

  • Fixed an issue with bots pathing to the first tome.

  • Fixed some out of bounds bits.

  • Players should no longer be able to fall through the bridge across the river when charging/dashing.

  • Randomized the waves during the end event and minimized mixed roamer factions.

Fort Branningsnsbeefcrisps

  • Fixed a spot where players could fall to their death without entering a ledge hanging state first.

  • Reduced mixing of roamer factions.

  • Stopped some chaos roamers from chilling out on roof tops. Wasn’t very practical for them to be there.

  • Fixed a spot where bots couldn’t path to a player who was hanging from a ledge.

  • Tweaked end event spawning – added possible Chaos wave and tweaked the first waves when entering the Fort.

  • Fixed up some illogical respawn points.

  • Fixed an issue with a stuck patrol.

Fortunes of War

  • Fixed an out of bounds bit.

Garden of Morr

  • Fixed some out of boundsy bits.

  • Fixed some sticky spots.

  • Fixed some terrain and spawning issues, as well as made some small optimisation tweaks.

  • Made some adjustments to help bots and enemies from getting stuck in terrain.


  • Fixed various art issues, sticky spots and funky ledges that the heroes just fell off of without any opportunity for rescue.

  • Reduced mixing of roamer factions.

Horn of Magnus

  • Fixed a location where players could get stuck.

  • Fixed issues in the end event where stuck Plague Monks could halt event progress.

  • Fixed some cases where players could get beat up during the intro cinematic.

  • Moved a bunch of misaligned manhole covers.

Hunger in the Dark

  • Fixed a spot where bots couldn’t path to a player who was hanging from a ledge.

  • Fixed a spot where very sudden light transitions could be seen.

  • Fixed barrels in the cart appearing ghosted for clients.

  • Fixed some holes in geometry.

  • Fixed some sticky locations where players/bots could get stuck.

  • Reduced mixing of roamer factions.

Old Haunts

  • Fixed a frustrating respawn point.

  • Fixed a ladder where bots could get perma-stuck.

  • Fixed a spot where bots just yeeted themselves into the abyss.

  • Fixed an issue where bots would sometimes struggle to exit the church area.

The Pit

  • Fixed a spot where bots could get stuck.

  • Fixed an area where enemies would unecessarily bunch up, instead of swarming at and around the players.

Righteous Stand

  • Fixed a spot where players can become stuck atop an Ammunition Crate.

  • Fixed some holes in geometry and a spot where bots would just jump at a wall.

  • Reduced mixing of roamer factions.

Screaming Bell

  • The end event has beeen fettled. Skaven should flow more evenly, from more locations, with a wider variety of special spawns. Limiting Plague Monks to Cataclysm.

  • Fixed a spot where bots couldn’t path to a player in order to pick them up from a downed state.

  • Fixed some sticky spots.

  • Fixed Gunners spawning outside the play area and opening fire on players during the event.

  • Reduced mixing of roamer factions.


  • Reduced roamer faction mixing (and tweaked navmesh around Helmgart gate to fix special issues).

  • Fixed a floating torch that could be seen when the environment around it was destroyed.

  • Fixed up some inconvenient and illogical re-spawn/rescue points.

  • Fixed various AI pathing issues in the cave in Norsca.

  • The Bridge of Shadows should no longer open up until players have defeated Rasknitt.

Taal’s Horn Keep

  • Fixed situations where the timer was getting stuck on screen if someone joins while players are in the Bridge of Shadows.

War Camp

  • Fixed cases where the 2nd Grimoire does not always spawn

  • Fixed a location where patrols could get stuck.

  • Fixed a spot where players could get stuck.

  • Fixed miss-aligned hanging corpse, in battering-ram area.

  • Fixed poles penetrating rocks, in battering-ram area.

  • Fixed some out of bounds bits.

General Changes

  • Added psuedo random distribution to critical strikes and procs.
  • Generic damage reduction is now calculated multiplicatively rather than additively.
  • Headshots and critical strike no longer automatically apply the lightest level of stagger to enemies, regardless of their stagger resistance.
  • Buffs now appear in two rows in the UI, displaying a maximum of 10 buffs instead of 5.

Melee Weapons


1H Sword – Kruber & Sienna

  • Finesse multiplier (headshot/crit multiplier) increased to ~2 for all attacks, up from 1.4 for light attacks, 1.5 for heavies.

1H Mace / 1H Hammer

  • Light attacks 1 and 2 and push attack now have Tank hit mass multiplier.
  • Light attacks 3 & 4 now have the same single target damage profile.
  • Light attack 3 now has 10% bonus crit to compensate for being an uppercut animation.

2H Hammer (Kruber + Bardin)

  • The push attack now has the same damage profile as the heavy attacks. No tank hit mass count.
  • Heavy tank attacks now properly puts enemies into stagger level 2 (fixes a bug).

2H Sword (Kruber + Saltzpyre)

  • Move speed charging heavy attacks increased to 60% from 20%
  • Light attack animation speed sped up by approximately 10%

Mace + Shield / Hammer + Shield (Kruber + Bardin)

  • Light attack 3 has 10% additional critical strike chance.
  • Heavy Chain now begins with shield bash.
  • Light attack 3 now has single target armour piercing damage profile. Same as push attack.
  • Push attack now chains into light attack 3.

Mace + Sword

  • Lights 1 and 2 now have the same damage profile as 1H Mace.
  • Lights 3 and 4 now have the same damage profile as 1H Sword.
  • Each weapon in the heavy attack now has the same damage profile as the original Falchion Heavy.
  • Heavy attacks and light attacks 3 & 4 now have Linesman hit mass count.


Heavy chain order reversed, the first heavy is now the Heavy Stab, and the second heavy is now the Heavy Sweep.

  • Intact Attack Chains:
    • Light chain and push-stab chain remains intactLight 1 -> Light 2 -> Heavy stab, Lights -> Heavy stab chain intact
  • New Attack Chains:
    • Light sweep (L1) chains into Heavy sweep (H2) -> repeat
    • Heavy stab (H1) chains into light stab (L2) into light overhead (L3) -> repeat
    • Heavy stab (H1) chains into light stab (L2) -> repeatLight sweep (L1) chains into Heavy sweep (H2) -> repeat
    • Heavy sweep (H2) chains into Light sweep (L2)
  • Heavy Linesman added to Heavy Sweep (H2) Armory mod will not reflect the change in heavy attack order.
  • Dodge range increased from 0.95(-5%) to 1.0 (0%)

Executioner Sword

  • Reduced animation speed by 8.5% for all attacks.
  • Light attack 3 now has 10% bonus critical strike chance.

Tuskgor Spear

  • Now has normal block cost modifier instead of shield modifier.


1H Axe (Bardin + Saltzpyre)

  • Animation pause after Light 3 reduced from 0.42s to 0.3s
  • Light attack animation speed increased by roughly 8%
  • Move speed while performing light attacks increased (from 75% to 80%)
  • Heavy attack charge time reduced from 0.6s to 0.5s
  • Heavy attacks now share a damage profile with 2H Hammer light attacks

2H Axe

  • Heavy attacks now have linesman hit mass count.
  • Light attack 3 now has the same damage profile as light attacks 1 and 2.
  • Push attack now has linesman.
  • Light attack 3 has 10% additional critical strike chance.
  • Now has 6 stamina (3 shields), up from 5 stamina (2.5 shields).

Axe + Shield

  • Light attacks sped up slightly.
  • Charge time required for heavy attacks decreased slightly.

Dual Axes

  • Finesses multiplier on all attacks increased to ~ 2.0 (up from ~1.5).


  • Linesman hit mass count added to light attacks.


Elven 1H Sword

  • Light attack Finesse multiplier increased to ~2.0 from ~1.4.
  • Heavy 2 changed to the damage profile of Crowbill Heavy 1.
  • Light 3 armor damage increased by 20%.

Elven 2H Axe (Glaive)

  • Reverted WoM nerf. Linesman added back to light attacks.
  • Now has 6 stamina (3 stamina shields), previously 4 stamina (2 shields).

Elven Axe

  • Heavy attacks now share a damage profile with 2H Hammer Light Attacks.
  • 10% bonus critical strike chance added to push stab.

Elven Dual Daggers

  • Removed bonus 10% crit from lights 1 and 2.

Elven Sword and Dagger

  • Removed bonus critical strike chance from Light attack 1 and Light attack 2.

Elven Dual Swords

  • Dual swords light attack damage increased by 25% against infantry.
  • Push-stab armor damage increased by 20%.

Elven Greatsword

  • Light attack animation speed increased ~10%.
  • Light attacks have 10% additional critical strike chance.

Elven Spear

  • Push attack, Light 3, & Heavy 1 now all have Linesman hit mass count.
  • Reverted 25% nerf to light stabs that came with WoM, (base damage up to 0.25 from 0.2).

Elven Spear + Shield

  • Light 3 changed from a poke into a sweep, added linesman to light 3.


Axe + Falchion

  • Removed heavy linesman and bonus 20% crit from push attack.
  • Increased dodge count from 3 to 4.
  • Increased dodge distance from 1.1(10%) to 1.2(20%).


  • Now has 6 stamina (3 stamina shields), previously 4 stamina (2 shields).
  • Heavy attacks 1 & 2 now have the same damage profile as Elf 1H Sword Heavy 1.
  • Light attack 3 now has the same damage profile as Heavy attacks 1 & 2.


  • Lights 1 & 2 now have Tank hit mass count.
  • Damage of Heavy attacks increased by 30%.


  • Increased dodge distance to 1.15(15%) from 1.1(10%).
  • Decreased dodge count from 99 to 3.
  • Special pull action now costs 0.5 stamina.



  • Now has 6 dodge count instead of 3.
  • Added 10% critical strike chance to light attack 4.


  • Max dodge count increased to 4 from 3.
  • Heavy 1 now has the same damage profile as 2H Hammer Light attack (23% buff to damage).
  • Animation time of Heavy 1 sped up slightly.
  • Range of Heavy attacks increased slightly.
  • Damage of Heavies 2 & 3 increased by roughly 30%.
  • Animation speed of Heavies 2 & 3 increased slightly.
  • Light attack 1 damage profile changed to Halberd L3 Damage profile (30% buff to infantry damage, 60% buff to armor damage).
  • Range of all light attacks increased slightly.
  • Animation speed of all light attacks increased slightly.
  • Move speed during all light attacks increased to 80% from 60%.

Flaming Flail

  • The explosion of Heavy 1 now deals direct explosion damage.

Ranged Weapons

Beam Staff

  • Overcharge generated by shotgun blast reduced significantly (~33%).
  • Weapon switching while charging the weapon is reduced from 0.2s to 0s (matching all other staves).
  • Weapon switch window after a shotgun blast reduced from 0.4s to 0.3s to match the 0.31s animation time of the shotgun blast.

Drakefire Pistols

  • Overheat of the shotgun blast reduced ~33%.
  • Dodge range buffed from 85% (-15%) to 100% (0%).

Empire Longbow

  • Forced zoom delay is now 2s instead of 0.4s (allows full charge without being forced to zoom in).
  • 25% move speed while holding a full charge (increased from 0% previously, 25% is similar to the full charge move speed of bolt staff).


  • Reload time reduced from 2.0s to 1.5s.
  • Max ammo = 16, up from 12.
  • Cleave buffed 50% to match crossbow.

Repeater Pistol

  • Linesman is now on the bullet spray ( linesman on ranged weapons gives shotgun mass reduction).


  • Increased armor damage by approximately 100% on charged shots.
  • Increased monster damage by 30% on charged shots.
  • Increased cleave by 75% for quick shots and 50% for charged shots.

Throwing Axes

  • Increased monster and berserker damage by 30%.

Volley Crossbow (Saltzpyre)

  • Ammo pool boosted by 50% (from 30 max ammo to 45).
  • Cleave increased by 75%.
  • Reload time reduced from 5s to 4s.
  • Dodge count increased to 3 from 1.

Volley Crossbow (Shade)

  • Cleave increased by 75%.
  • Max ammo capacity increased to 45 to match Saltzpyres crossbow.


  • Increased max ammo from 12 to 16.


  • Increased max ammo from 14 to 16.



  • Taal’s Champion – (Reworked)
    • New name: Tag Team
      • “Kruber gains 10% power. The closest ally to Kruber gain 50% damage reduction and 10% increased power. Passive aura no longer affects allies.”
  • Rock of the Reikland (Modified)
    • Now also doubles the radius of Kruber’s Aura.
  • It’s Hero Time – (Reworked)
    • Resets the cooldown of Charge when an ally is incapacitated.
  • That’s Bloody Teamwork! (Reworked)
    • Merged with Defensive Formation into “Increase damage reduction of Protective Presence by 5% per nearby ally.” Moved to tier 4 mid row.
  • Inspire Action – New talent
    • Staggering an elite enemy grants Kruber and his allies 100% increased cooldown regeneration rate for 0.5 seconds. Replaces That’s Bloody Teamwork in tier 5.
  • Trample – (Reworked)
    • New name: Battering Ram
      • Doubles the width of Krubers charge and allows him to charge through great foes.


  • Ready for Action – (Modified)
    • No longer removes Temp Health. Cooldown reduction reduced to 20%.


  • Scavenger – (Modified)
    • Scavenger Ammunition Caches now drop at Bardin’s feet instead of at the killed specials location.
  • Share and Share Alike – (Reworked)
    • New name: Field Rations
      • Killing a special has a 50% chance to drop an Ale that increases attack speed by 3% and damage reduction by 3% for 300 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Exuberance – (Modified)
    • Bardin takes 30% less damage from the back. Headshots reduce damage taken by 30% for 5 seconds
  • Ranger’s Ambush – (Reworked)
    • New name: Exhilarating Vapors
      • Allies inside of Bardin’s smoke gains 8% increased attack speed and recovers 3 Temporary health every second..


  • Drakki Wrath – (Reworked)
    • New name: Rising Pressure
      • Increases drake fire damage up to 120% and reduces attack speed down to -50% depending on overcharge.
  • Crushing Counter-Blow – (Reworked)
    • New name: Rune-Etched Shield
      • Blocking an attack grants Bardin and his allies 2% power for 6 seconds. Stacks 5 times.
  • Ironbreaker’s Resolve – (Reworked)
    • New name: Vengeance
      • Periodically generates stacks of rising anger every 7 seconds while Gromril is active up to a max of 5. When Gromril is removed Bardin gains 10% attack speed per stack of rising anger.


  • Ariel’s Benison (perk) – (Reworked)
    • Increase revive speed by 50% and grant 20 health back to the revived hero.
  • Asrai Grace – (Reworked)
    • New name: Asrai Alacrity
      • Blocking an attack or pushing an enemy makes Kerillians’ next two attacks 30% faster and deals 10% more damage.
  • Shadow Step – (Reworked)
    • New name: Shifting Seasons
      • Dodging while blocking increases dodge range by 20%. Dodging while not blocking increases damage by 10% for 1 second.


  • Cloak of Mist – (Modified)
    • Now grants 100% critical strike chance for 4 seconds after breaking stealth.


  • Necessary Means – (Reworked)
    • New name: Steel Crescendo
      • Upon firing his last shot Victor gains 15% attack speed and 15% power for 15 seconds.
  • Inspired Shot – (Reworked)
    • New name: Blessed Combat
      • Melee strikes makes up to the next 6 ranged shots gain 15% power. Ranged hits makes up to the next 6 melee strikes gain 15% more power. Melee kills reset the cooldown of Blessed Shots.
  • Hunter’s Pursuit – (Modified)
    • New name: Rile the Mob
      • Ranged critical hits grant Victor and his allies 10% increased movement speed for 10 seconds.
  • Duty’s Gift – (Reworked)
    • New name: Dual Action
      • Melee kills reload Victors ranged weapon. Killing an elite enemy with a melee attack while out of ammo restores 20% of your max ammunition.
  • Just Reward
    • Cooldown reduction increased to 20% from 15%.
  • Buckshot – (Modified)
    • New name: Return on Investment
      • Added shield penetration to the blast.
      • Added effect: Each kill with the blast increases the amount of pellets of the next blast by 1 up to a max of 20.


  • Searing Grasp – (Modified)
    • New name: Outburst
      • Increased duration of DoT effect to 4 seconds. Heavy attacks increase the push angle of the next push by 70%.
  • Chain Reaction – (Modified)
    • Increased chance of explosion to 40%
  • Numb to Pain – (Modified)
    • Added effect: Venting decreases the amount of overcharge generated by Blood Magic by 16%. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Burning Dregs – (Reworked)
    • New name: Abandon
      • Overcharging makes Sienna start rapidly exchanging 6% of her health to 10% cooldown.
  • Flame Wave – (Reworked)
    • New name: Wildfire
      • Adds a burning aura that ignites nearby enemies when activating Living Bomb. Massively increase the stagger power of Living Bomb.
  • Fuel for the Fire – (Modified)
    • Increased duration of the power bonus to 15 seconds from 10 seconds.

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