Warhammer 40K Darktide Update 1.0.25 Patch Notes

Warhammer 40k Darktide update 1.0.25 is available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Darktide patch notes, the latest update focused on fixes for Blessings, and also balance changes for weapons. Apart from this, Warhammer 40,000 Darktide patch 1.0.25 also buffed the Toughness Regeneration Speed Curio values for all tiers.

Previously, a big update 1.0.14 was released which added quality-of-life improvements. Unfortunately, players are facing several problems when trying to play the game on the consoles. Today’s Warhammer 40,000 patch 1.0.25 will solve a few of these problems.

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What is new in Warhammer 40K Darktide 1.0.25? – February 7, 2023


Blessings, Feats and Abilities:

  • Fixed an issue where Skullbreaker’s ‘Intimidating Presence’ was a multiplier instead of modifier.[\list]
  • Skullbreaker tweaks:
    • Reduced the damage reduction from ‘Hard as Nails’ per nearby knocked down or incapacitated ally from 25% -> 20% (Max 75% -> Max 60%)
    • ‘Hard as Nails’ now only counts allies within 20 meters.
    • Fixed an issue with ‘Raging Bull’ where only the second attack was empowered, and now it will trigger on all melee attacks.
    • Reduced the bonus damage from ‘Raging Bull’ from 5% -> 2.5%
  • Added a HUD Icon to Skullbreaker feat ‘Hard as Nails’.

Blessings, Feats and Abilities:

  • Preacher tweaks:
    • Increased the toughness bonus from ‘Purify in Blood’ from 50% -> 75%.
    • Reduced the toughness damage reduction from ‘Faith Restored’ from 75% -> 50%.

Blessings, Feats and Abilities:

  • Fixed an issue where ‘Warp Charge’ cost would incorrectly increase when using ‘Brain Burst’.
  • Fixed issue where Psykinetic abilities sometimes would get interrupted by being stunned.
  • Psykinetic tweaks:
    • Increased the damage bonus gained from ‘Warp Siphon’ by 3% -> 4% per Warp Charge
    • ‘Warp Siphon’ charges will now fall off gradually
    • Increased the damage and stagger of ‘Brain Burst’ by 10%.
    • Increased the damage taken by the target from 15% -> 25% when using ‘Cerebral Lacerations
  • Fixed issue where ‘Kinetic Overload’ could target dead enemies.

Blessings, Feats and Abilities:

  • Fixed issue where ‘Counterfire’ didn’t increase weakspot damage by an additional 25%.
  • Fixed issue where ‘Counterfire’ and ‘Sustained Fire’ would refresh ‘Volley Fire’ on Ogryn kills.
  • Raised the reload speed received from blessing ‘Speedload’ from 0.04 -> 0.14 on the highest rarity.
  • Sharpshooter tweaks:
    • Increased the amount of toughness replenished from ‘Exhilarating Takedown’ and ‘Covering Fire’ from 10% -> 15%
    • Increased the amount of stamina restored by Duck and Dive from 20% -> 30%
  • Smoothed out the animations and removed the jitteriness from Columnus Mk II Braced Autogun, Graia Mk IV Braced Autogun and Agripinaa Mk VIII Braced Autogun transitions between weapon special and hip-fire.
  • Fixed a bug where the Lawbringer Mk VI Combat Shotgun would be unaffected by weapon stats when firing directly after reloading.
  • Fixed an issue where the damage stats for primary attacks with M35 Magnacore Mk II Plasma Gun showed lower values than the actual damage.
  • Fixed an issue where the Orestes Mk IV Assault Chainaxe wouldn’t trigger ‘Bloodthirsty’ on all attacks.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when doing a Push Follow-up Attack with Obscurus Mk II Blaze Force Sword and rapidly switching to your Ranged Weapon.
  • Tweaked damage output from all Rippergun weapons against Carapace Armour from 0.01 -> 0.05.
  • Tweaked the damage output of the Foe-Rend Mk V Ripper Gun and the Foe-Rend Mk VI Ripper Gun from 200,400 -> 250,500.
  • Increased the ammo count of the Foe-Rend Mk V Ripper Gun to be in line with the Foe-Rend Mk II Ripper Gun and Foe-Rend Mk VI Ripper Gun.
  • Changes to the Lorenz Mk V Kickback:
    • Increased reload speed base value by 35%
    • Increased damage modifier against Carapace Armor from 0 -> 0.05
    • Increased damage against Maniac enemies from x0.9 -> x1.0
    • Increased ranged cleave from 1.5 -> 2.5.
    • Increased ammo reserve base values by 5
    • Increased minimum effectiveness range to 5-> 8 and maximum effective range 8 -> 15.
  • Krourk Mk VI Cleaver and Krourk Mk IV Cleaver’s stab attacks now deal increased damage to Flak Armor (from 0.8 -> 1) and Carapace Armor (from 0.05 -> 0.25). Stab attack damage to Flak Carapace and Resistant increased from 1 -> 1.1.
  • Increased the sweep speed on the Krourk Mk IV Cleaver’s 2nd heavy attack by 30%. Chain time into 2nd heavy attack from other actions is decreased by 0.15s.
  • Fixed a bug where weapon special couldn’t be used while blocking for all Cleavers.
  • “Brunt Special” Mk I Bully Club 2nd heavy attacks sweep speed increased by 30% and chain time into it from other actions is decreased by 0.15s.
  • Tweaked the Orestes Mk IV Assault Chainaxe so that the first heavy attack is slightly more horizontal so you can cleave through more enemies.
  • “Changes to Vraks Mk III Headhunter Autogun, Vraks Mk VII Headhunter Autogun and Agripinaa Mk VIII Headhunter Autogun:
  • Raised damage vs Flak Armored enemies from 0.75 -> 1.0
  • Raised damage vs Unyielding enemies from 0.75 -> 1.0
  • Toned down horizontal recoil and made all three rifles easier to handle
  • Raised impact for Agripinaa Mk VIII Headhunter Autogun from 9 to 15
  • Increased average clip size for Vraks Mk III Headhunter Autogun and Agripinaa Mk VIII Headhunter Autogun to 40
  • Increased average clip size for Vraks Mk VII Headhunter Autogun to 30
  • Increased damage and impact to heavy attacks with the Orestes Mk IV Assault Chainaxe and allowed it to damage one more target while cleaving.
  • Increased sweep speed of push follow-up attack by 20% and decreased chain time to block by 0.33s and to attack by 0.05s.
  • Fixed instances with the Krourk Mk VI Cleaver, Krourk Mk IV Cleaver and the Blastoom Mk III Grenadier Gauntlet where on certain attacks you could miss an enemy with a swing when standing extremely close to them.
  • Increased Lorenz Mk V Kickback damage range from 850-1150 -> 900-1350.
  • Fixed issue where Cadia Mk IV Assault Chainsword stab push attack applied ‘Bloodletting’ more often than it should.
  • Fixed an issue where Curios with Stamina perks would apply +1 instead of the correct amount.
  • Tweaks to Scab Shooter:
    • Reduced damage from shots by 20%
    • Increased base aim duration before shot from 0.2 – 0.45 to 0.3 – 0.5 (scaled down by difficulty)
    • Increased base cooldown after shot from 2.0 – 2.5 to 2.25 – 2.75 (scaled down by difficulty)
  • Fixed clipping issues with the Nomanus Mk VI Surge Force Staff.
  • Fixed issues regarding trinket orientations.
  • Fixed clipping and texture issues with female veteran cosmetics.
Fixes and Tweaks
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Untouchable’ and ‘On Overwatch’ pennances didn’t unlock as expected.
  • Added a change so that players with faster machines will no longer have to wait for players with slower machines to finish loading before starting the mission.
  • Tweaked bots to not prioritize reviving other knocked down bots if there are too many enemies around them.
  • Improved the client settings surrounding subtitles for getting set up correctly on start up.
  • The “Completed” state is now properly localized in all languages for Sire Melk’s contracts.
  • Fixed Warzone Conditions being shown a bit too eagerly.
  • Conditions that have extra rewards are now shown on the Mission Board (added to the total reward for the mission objective).
  • Implemented additional guards to resolve the case when HUD markers for items and interaction points would not be aligned to their correct location.
  • Lowered the input hold time for skipping cutscenes.
  • Added a popup dialog that explains if you need to restart the game after applying new settings.
  • Bartering Items (Discarding) now requires re-pressing the hotkey button for each item.
  • Recently played with users on Steam now show up in the Recent Games within Steam.
  • Improved button hints for Controllers for actions inside the loadout view.
  • When in the Inventory Screen, equipping a weapon will no longer send you back to the Loadout view.
  • Notifications for new items added during the mission end will now be shown when returning to the Mourningstar.
  • Fixed a bug that leaves players in slow motion if they skip a slow motion cinematic shot while it is playing.

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