Warframe Update Version 1.79 Patch Notes (PS4)

    Warframe update 1.79 is now rolling out for PS4 players. According to the official Warframe 1.79 patch notes, the new update comes with the various quality of life improvements to the game. Apart from this, Warframe version 1.79 also includes performance improvements.

    Previously, a big update was released with new features and a long list of bug fixes. Unfortunately, since the last update, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play. Today’s Warframe 1.79 is expected to fix all these issues.

    Warframe update 1.79 Patch Notes( PS4 )

    PS4 Specific Fixes: 

    • Fixed Larunda Relay on Mercury appearing as the default Relay instead of the intended post-The Pyrus Project (Welcome back Ember!).
    • Note: We are still investigating frame-rate issues that presented themselves after The Old Blood’s release. We believe it is related to Melee FX but are still tracking down the cause – if you have any information to share with us on this please share!

    Kuva Lich Changes & Fixes

    CONVERTED LICH TRADING: If you have a Converted Kuva Lich, you may trade them with another player who may be looking for a specific Kuva Lich Weapon or Ephemera. This system includes the use of a brand new Dojo Room inspired by the early ‘War Room’ design from the King Pin System! Liches can only be traded once and are traded as Rank 1 Liches – you cannot re-trade a Converted Lich past one person!

    THE CRIMSON BRANCH: This Clan Dojo room serves the purpose of trading Converted Kuva Liches, and will scale up to future entries in the system with other factions!

    BACK-TO-BACK DUPLICATES: Your Kuva Lich will no longer have the same weapon twice in a row. While you may get a duplicated weapon down the road, your Kuva Lich will have a guaranteed different weapon than its immediate predecessor.

    RECYCLE YOUR REQUIEM: 4 Defiled Requiem Mods can now be Transmuted into a random, fully charged, Requiem Mod. This gives them some additional use, as well as helping you clean up your Inventory.

    • Void Fissure Missions will now appear on all Kuva Fortress nodes! Previously, only Rescue/Survival missions on the Kuva Fortress were eligible due to other missions having an Archwing restriction; now the whole Fortress is eligible!
    • A bug now turned feature; Ephemera’s obtained from a Kuva Lich can now be equipped on Sentinels and Companions! For FX sake, this will be a slightly subdued version of the selected Ephemera. Non-Lich Ephemera functionally is in the works!
    • Increased the chance of your Kuva Lich to have an Ephemera from 5% to 10%. Newly birthed Liches will have the 10% chance, while existing Liches will still be at 5%. Old Liches that are traded and “reactivated” will also be at 5%.
    • Added new Parazon finishers for you to stabby stab the baddies with!
    • Added a Kuva Lich icon beside Star Chart regions/nodes that are under the influence of your Kuva Lich to address color blind concerns regarding the ‘Kuva Stain’.
    • Increased the base damage (before elemental bonus) of the Kuva Ogris from 454 to 714.
    • Converted Kuva Lich allies will no longer spawn in Archwing missions, as they ignore the complete lack of oxygen and requirements needed to fly.
    • Grineer Prosecutors will no longer spawn as Thralls, as they were essentially invincible to everything except area-of-effect abilities.
    • Ghoul Expired will no longer spawn as a Thrall due to their suicide death mechanic.
    • Removed Pigments from the list of eligible items the Kuva Lich can Tax.
    • Removed rewards obtained specifically from completing a Junction from the list of eligible items the Kuva Lich can Tax.
    • Reduced the camera shake of the Kuva Ayanga explosions.
    • Tweaked the sound of the Kuva Karak.
    • Kuva Quartakk now has force feedback sounds when aiming down its sights.
    • Fixed Kuva Lich weapons that do damage on both impact and explosion (Kuva Ogris, Kuva Ayanga, etc) doing significantly less overall damage than expected. This was due to the Elemental bonus only being applied to the “on impact” of the projectile itself and not the explosion.
    • Fixed Kuva Siphon/Flood Rescue missions not giving out a Requiem Relic at End Of Mission if you completed the mission without setting off the alarms.
    • Fixed Kuva Siphon/Flood Spy missions not giving rewards for cracking the Spy vaults.
    • Fixed no Kuva Lich being born if sentient Umbra performs a Mercy on the Larvling.
    • Fixed no Kuva Lich being born if Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors or Wukong’s Wuclone downs the Larvling and you perform a Mercy.
    • Fixed no Kuva Lich being born if you perform a stealth Mercy on a Larvling.
    • Fixed an issue where Larvling spawns were not working 100% of the time.
    • Fixed the Kuva Lich momentarily shrinking when attacking Hydroid in his Undertow.
    • Fixed the Kuva Lich becoming allied until downed when the effects of Revenants Enthrall ability expire.
    • Fixed Ayatan Statues Taxed by the Kuva Lich not showing up with the rest of the Recovered items in the End of Mission screen.
    • Fixed getting duplicate and/or invisible Kuva Liches after a Host migration occurs.
    • Fixed an issue where ‘Paranoid’ Liches would kill players even after being Converted.
    • Fixed Client throws occurring in the wrong direction.
    • Fixed an issue where Kuva Lich weapons were not properly localizing. This fixes future occurrences of this bug, not existing cases.
    • Fixed a crash that would occur if you opened up your Inbox while the Kuva Lich was in a downed state, ready to be Vanquished or Converted.
    • Fixed a rare game hang if you somehow managed to use the Parazon on two Kuva Liches in one mission.
    • Fixed Kuva Lich ability descriptions excluding Damage type icons.
    • Fixed losing the Kuva Lich symbol icon when renaming the weapon acquired from it.
    • Fixed a script error that could occur after Vanquishing your Kuva Lich.
    • Fixed Kuva Lich Ephemera’s appear too subtle or sometimes not at all.
    • Fixed Requiem Mod UI lingering on the screen perpetually after failing to Parazon stab the Kuva Lich.
    • Fixed cases where the Kuva Lich won’t stop throwing taunt lines at you in the Kuva Lich screen.
    • Fixed Melee swing speed Mods affecting Parazon finishers on the Kuva Lich. Resulting in broken animations.
    • Fixed a missing Parazon finisher animation.
    • Fixed misaligned Kuva Lich Influence in the Star Chart.
    • Fixed a few localized languages having compressed Kuva Lich name font.
    • Fixed Kuva Lich weapon names not being localized in player loadouts on the End of Mission results screen.

    Melee Phase 2: Technique Changes & Fixes

    These changes take a stab at some balancing in the wake of all the changes and adjusts some Stances based on feedback.

    Overall Changes:

    • UI: Split ‘HEAVY ATTACK’ Stats into their own category to better organize the various stats associated with all Melee Weapons.
    • ‘Hold Melee’ will now perform heavy attack like it did before Phase 2.
    • Removed Combo Hit Multiplier with Glaive’s hit damage. Only explosive damage will use the Combo Multiplier.
    • Madurai Rising Blast can now be held vs tapped for either a charged or uncharged shot.

    Mod Changes:

    The Critical Chance game has largely allowed Blood Rush to shine for active melee players, and with the ‘Steel’ series of Mods applying at the Base Critical Chance level, it’s led to players feeling they are obsolete. We are significantly buffing these Mods to give players a different option for Critical Chance builds. We want to give a more upfront Critical Chance and hard-hitting Heavy Attacks to builds that don’t rely on maintaining a high combo multiplier.

    • True Steel increased from 60% to 120% Critical Chance (x2 for Heavy Attack) at Max Rank.
    • Sacrificial Steel increased from 88% to 220% Crit Chance (x2 for Heavy Attack) at Max Rank.

    Stance & Weapon Changes:

    Crimson Dervish

    • Increased the damage and combo-point value of Crimson Dervish’s Neutral (Twisting Flurry) and Forward+Block (Coiling Impale) combos.
    • Fixed Crimson Dervish not having it’s sliding heavy attack hooked up.

    Gun Blade

    • Added a free movement shooting attack to the first move in the Forward Combo for High Noon (Vagabond Blitz) and Bullet Dance (Magnum Mambo).
    • The Heavy Attack shot is no longer free movement (the wind up remains free movement).

    High Noon

    • Neutral Combo (Desperado Zeal) is now Tactical Forward Combo (Final Showdown), and vice versa.
    • Switched the order of the two Tactical Forward attacks and increased the forward distance of the first attack.

    Bullet Dance

    • Moved the first attack of the Neutral Combo (Samba Slash) to the end of the combo chain.
    • Bullet Dance – Neutral Combo (Samba Slash) is now Neutral Block (Automatic Rhumba) and vice versa.

    Rapier: Vulpine Mask

    • Swapped the order of the first two attacks in the Neutral Combo (Assailant Guise).

    Nunchaku Stance: Atlantis Vulcan

    • Decreased the forward movement of the first attack in the Tactical Forward Combo (Blazing Vortex) and increased it in the second.

    Wise Razor

    • Second attack in Forward Combo (Cut Thrice) is now free movement.
    • The last attack in the Neutral Combo (Threshing Grain) is now the first attack, damage multipliers and combo points adjusted accordingly.
    • The last attack in the Tactical Forward Combo (Calling Thunder) is now the first attack with increased gap closing movement, damage multipliers and combo points adjusted accordingly.

    Dark Split Sword Heavy Blade

    • Increased Critical Chance from 10% to 15%
    • Increased Puncture Damage from 68 to 78


    • Combo Multiplier applied to disc recall explosion.

    General Melee Changes & Fixes:

    • Clarified Melee Rivens that have the negative attribute of ‘Chance to not gain combo counter’ by replacing that line with ‘Additional Combo Count Chance’ that is seen on other Mods.
    • Melee Heavy Slam color and camera shake is now only seen on the local player (the one doing the slamming). Clients will still see the awesome FX though!
    • Fixed Blood Rush / Weeping Wounds resetting when using a normal attack on Gunblades.
    • Fixed Exodia Valor considering every target to be Lifted whether they actually are or not.
    • Fixed Zenurik Inner Might not applying correctly.


    • Added a new Arsenal stat titled ‘Embed Delay’. Some Area of Effect weapons, like the Zakti or the Lenz, have a delayed explosion after the projectile has hit its target. Embed Delay is the time it takes after impact until the projectile explodes.
      • Note that the Embed Delay stat will only show for weapons with an Embed Delay value greater than 0.


    • Launcher Area-Of-Effect Change: Area-of-effect Damage is now a separate stat with its own header in the Arsenal (plus everywhere else that stats are shown), and AOE damage radius is now also displayed. Previously, AOE damage values were merged with regular on hit damage values.
    • Tweaked the density of Ember’s Ability FX on nearby hits.


    • Fixed Requiem Relics not counting towards “Unlock Relics” Nightwave Acts.
    • Fixed weapons requiring Health to reload not working if you don’t have both a Primary and Secondary weapon equipped.
    • Fixed weapons requiring Health to reload to only partially reload if you don’t have enough Health for a full reload.
    • Fixed case of the Vasca Curative not working/curing infected Kavats.
    • Fixed Vasca Kavat Floof description reading Orb Vallis instead of Plains of Eidolon.
    • Fixes towards Ayatan Stars and other pickups that can’t be vacuumed launching themselves into unreachable corners.
    • Fixed having to be very close to initiate your Archwing Melee lock on mechanic.
    • Fixed missing hit notification sounds on the Acceltra.
    • Fixed issues with enemy navigation in the Grineer Galleon.
    • Fixed overlapping music at end-mission.
    • Fixed a game hang when throwing any fishing Spear leading to inputs not working for several seconds.
    • Fixed a Lunaro bug where air attacks and combos were not working.
    • Fixed Ukrainian text missing in many cases.
    • Fixed some Amalgam enemies dropping Resources that looked like Mods.
    • Fixed an issue where the Corpus hacking mini-game would lock up if another player starts it right while you finish.
    • Fixed an issue where you would be unable to use Corpus Hack Panels.
    • Fixed cases where the Sari Syandana was covering UI menus.
    • Fixed Teshin missing a description for his Conclave Loadout Slot.
    • Fixed the Polarize screen not displaying the correct max rank of weapons that go over 30 (Paracesis, Kuva weapons, etc).
    • Fixed waypoints pointing you towards dead ends in Corpus Archwing missions.
    • Fixed Riven stats for modular weapons (Kitguns) displaying incorrectly in the Upgrade screen and Riven Cycle screen.
    • Fixed a Kitgun Riven Disposition always displaying 3/5, even if the Riven disposition itself is lower than that.
    • Fixed Riven stats in the Arsenal displaying values as if the weapon has a Disposition of 1, making it appear as if your Riven attributes were cut in half.
    • Fixed gaining Melee Combo when you have a ‘Chance to not gain combo’ Riven that is over 100%.
    • Fixed some UI screens not applying your chosen UI theme border color.
    • Fixed inability to rename your weapon if you don’t own a max rank Kitgun.
    • More fixes towards Infested Corpus ship doors clipping into other rooms.
    • Fixed terrain clipping into the Orb Vallis Spaceport building.
    • Fixed AI struggling to navigate in Grineer Spy mission tilesets.
    • Fixed a level hole in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
    • Fixed inability to see what players are selling in Maroo’s Bazaar.
    • Fixed weapons above Rank 30 (Paracesis, etc) not maintaining their Rank if a Host migration occurs. This also fixes some Mods being ignored due to Mod capacity being in excess of the standard 30 Ranks.
    • Fixed Archwing enemy UI markers stacking in doorways.
    • Fixed the ability to hack a single Corpus Spy console repeatedly, thus gaining an endless amount of Affinity.
    • Fixed the Mod Workbench showing Mod Ranks incorrectly after viewing a Ranked Requiem Mods.
    • Fixed Zhuge Prime not showing its Radial Attack in Arsenal stats.
    • Fixed weapons with radial damage and a secondary fire not showing all of their stats in the Market tooltip.
    • Fixed issue where Decorations wouldn’t properly reset their local position when picked up and placement were canceled.
    • Fixed loss of functionality if you scroll too quickly after opening up the loadout selection menu.
    • Fixed “unfinished room” error showing up when trying to trade using a regular Trading Post in the Dojo.
    • Fixed potential loss of functionality on squad panel UI when entering a mission.
    • Fixed various missing localizations.
    • Fixed an erroneous [PH] on Dojo Fast Travel.
    • Fixed a [PH] tag on some Leverian Prex Cards.
    • Fixed a script error if you transitioned to/from Cetus or Fortuna while selecting a song on the Shawzin.
    • Fixed a script error in the Arsenal when trying to search for a loadout name that does not exist.
    • Fixed a script error that could occur with Ember’s Fireball.
    • Fixed a script error that could occur with Gauss’ Thermal Sunder.
    • Fixed a script error when the console hacking screen closes.
    • Fixed a script error when viewing a Chat linked Mod.

    Warframe update 1.79 for PS4 and Xbox One is now available for download.

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