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Warframe Update Version 1.72 for PS4 Patch Notes


A new Warframe update 1.72 released on PlayStation 4. According to the official Warframe version 1.72 patch notes, the new update comes with brings new skins and changes as well as fixes for issues related to the crashing, framerate drop, lag, and more. Apart from this, Warframe patch 1.72 also includes stability and performance improvements.

Previously, a big update was released with the new features and gameplay changes. Unfortunately, since the last update, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play. Today’s Warframe patch 1.72 is expected to fix all these issues. Check out more details below.

Warframe update 1.72 for PS4 Patch Notes

To move a mountain, become the mountain. Embody the tectonic power of Atlas with this landmark skin.


With seismic force shatter and sunder, blow upon blow. Enemies quake at the sound of these signature sparring weapons.

Austere crystalline beauty, formed over time, deceptively delicate, lethally sharp. The Stratum Syandana perfectly complements Karst, Atlas’ deluxe skin.

Shake the earth with this collection of deluxe items for Atlas that includes the Atlas Karst Skin, Tecton Sparring Skin, and Stratum Syandana.



As promised, our first TennoGen Round 15 bundle is arriving with this Update! It includes the following creations by talented artists from the community:

  • Garuda Successor
  • Nidus Night Hunter Skin
  • Ivara Astrea Skin
  • Dominus Syandana
  • Nikana Shinigami



Garuda (Dread Mirror) Dread Ward
Become unkillable for 5s when Dread Mirror kills a target by ripping its life force.

Revenant (Reave) Blinding Reave
Enemies hit are blinded by fog for 10s.

Nidus (Virulence) Teeming Virulence
Hitting 4 enemies with Virulence grants 120% Primary Weapon Critical Chance for 15s.


Khora (Strangledome) Pilfering Strangledome
Enemies held in Strangledome have a 65% chance of dropping additional loot.

Our goal with these Iteration 1 changes is to maintain the challenge that Arbitrations promised, while also ensuring that if you or a teammate is knocked out, they still have a chance to jump back into the fight! Iteration 1 brings the discussed Revival mechanic and enemy scaling changes to mirror normal Endless mission modes. We will be watching how these changes play out as we plan to iterate further on the mode in the future, with our next review for Arbitrations focusing on reward pacing.

The rules of Arbitration death have shifted: players are still downed with no bleedout timer, but a Revive tower is now placed at the player’s spot of death. If any squadmate is awaiting Revival, the Arbitration Drones will begin dropping unique pickups known as a “Resurgence Burden”. These pickups function similar to Index points (otherwise known as “Financial Stress”), debuffing the players who carry them.


In order to revive a player, 5 of these Resurgence Burdens must be taken to their tower simultaneously. These 5 pickups can be delivered by one or multiple squadmates, but cannot be “dropped off” at the tower – it’s all or nothing!

You can now spend Vitus Essence in the Arbitrations Market to purchase the following NEW rewards:

  • ILLUMINA JUDICIUM: A similar Emote style to the TennoCon 2019 Emote, the Illumina Judicium displays your true dedication to Arbitrations with a looping Vitus Illumina Glyph whilst doing an angsty Meditation pose.
  • JUDICIAL OCULUS: Eyewear created by the Arbiters for those they deem worthy.
  • ARCHGUN RIVENS (if you are below your Riven cap)

As a new rotation reward, you now also have the chance to earn the elusive Aura Forma Blueprint! Craft Aura Forma to further customize your Warframe and fine-tune your Mod builds. Used to modify an Aura slot on a Warframe to be compatible with any Mod Polarity.


Let Arbitration begin.

General Arbitrations Changes:

  • Removed custom enemy level scaling from Defense, Survival, Interception, Excavation, Defection, and Infested Salvage modes in Arbitrations. Enemy scaling now mirrors normal Endless missions that increase as the missions progresses.
  • Reduced Vitus Essence crafting cost for the Amber Star Blueprint from 2 to 1.

General Additions:

  • The Ventkids Clubhouse Scene has been added to the Ventkids Offerings!
  • Added a HUD buff icon to the Synth Reflex Mod.

Secondary Energy Color Changes and Fixes:

Clarification on Secondary Energy Color: Your Primary energy color is the dominant color with Secondary Energy being the “halo” color around it. Primary Energy colors will cover the brightest emissive area with the Secondary Energy color covering the darkest emissive area.

  • Secondary Energy color now applies to Nova’s Wormhole ability.
  • A short FX will now appear in the Arsenal as an effort to help display how your chosen Secondary Energy color will blend with your Warframe’s abilities.
  • Fixed Secondary Energy color not applying to numerous Melee weapons if the primary Energy color was default.
  • Fixed the Ki’Teer Sekhara being extremely bright after the Secondary Energy color update.
  • Fixed lens flares not properly applying the Secondary Energy color (noticeable when casting Mesa’s Ballistic Battery/Shooting Gallery).
  • Fixed Warframe Helmets not using the full Primary Energy color if defaults are applied, or if you just have the Primary chosen.
  • Fixed Clients only seeing primary Energy color on Syandanas.
  • Fixed Random Colors in the Arsenal giving you a Secondary Energy color.
  • Fixed Secondary Energy not being inherited by Exalted weapons (Excalibur’s Exalted Blade, etc).

Tusk Thumper Changes & Fixes:

  • Tusk Thumper Doma now drops Spring-Loaded Blade and Kinetic Diversion instead of Target Acquired and Stinging Thorn.
  • Increased the Tusk Thumper encounter chances and lowered the encounter cooldown from 180-240s to 90-120s.
  • Converted the Tusk Thumper’s Health class from ‘Cloned Flesh’ to a more appropriate ‘Hulking Armor’ class.
  • Fixed cases of extremely high damage breaking Tusk Thumper, making it impossible to destroy, such as the Tusk Thumper remaining alive after destroying it and excess damage from shooting off the armor plates going towards the main Health bar.
  • Fixed Tusk Thumper despawning if it or players moved too far from where it originally spawned.
  • Fixed the Tusk Thumper’s damage reduction not applying to all hit types
  • Fixed a script error that could occur after killing the Thumper, such as Operator Amps.

Toroid Changes:

We are making some changes to Calda, Sola, and Vega Toroid Acquisition to simply act as an added chance / change of scenery for acquiring Toroids.

  • Calda Toroids have a 20% chance to drop from Scyto Raknoids.
  • Sola Toroids have a 20% chance to drop from Kyta Raknoids.
  • Vega Toroids have a 1% chance to drop from Mite Raknoids.

General Changes:

  • Over 20 Melee and Primary weapons/Skins have received the PBR treatment! From Spearmint Scythe to Tigris, our art team has been updating our back catalog!
  • Changed the Korrudo Riven Disposition to 1 (previously 0.5).
  • Limbo’s Banish ability timer will now immediately expire if all Banished enemies are killed before the timer counts down (for real this time).
  • Tweaks to bring Limbo’s Rift FX to a happy medium between different levels of environment exposure.
  • Nyx’s Psychic Bolts now have an instant recast which simply selects 6 new targets and despells on older targets automatically.
  • Renamed Hildryn’s Shield Pillage ability to simply Pillage to not overshadow the Armor stripping functionality. Hildryn’s Pillage Arsenal SHIELD DRAIN stat now reads as “DRAIN”.
  • Capped multi purchases for Syndicate stores that use currency other than Standing (e.g. Nightwave, Nakak) to what can be afforded with currently owned Resources.
  • Assassin type enemies (Wolf of Saturn Six, Stalker, Syndicate, etc) no longer choose to appear as you’re extracting.
  • Added Wolf Hammer component Blueprint drops to the Sentient Wolf, and increased the drop chance to match the regular Wolf table. Previously was a 25% chance for the Wolf Hammer Blueprint to drop, now it’s a 35% chance for either the Blueprint or one of its components to drop.
  • The ‘Wolf Howl’ Emote will now play howling sounds (only audible for the local player).
  • Changed the Conservationist Nightwave Challenge description to clarify ‘Perfect Animal Captures in Orb Vallis’ instead of ‘Perfect Animal Captures’.
  • The Ascension Altar and the Clan Vault are now displayed on the Clan Dojo minimap.
  • Removed duplicate Spoiled Strike Mod entry from the Orokin Vault rewards table.
  • Removed duplicate Fast Deflection Mod from some Defense and quest node reward tables.
  • Moved spawn location of a Kuva Siphon to prevent the Kuva cloud from getting stuck under staircases in the Corpus Outpost tileset.
  • Made Captura and dynamic skies play nicer together! Much of Cetus or Vallis FX were lost in the Captura settings, which should be fixed now!
  • Widened the wall gap for the purpose of Warframe size sliding in the Lua tileset.
  • Slightly reduced the fog in the Grineer Forest tileset.
  • The Hildryn Collection now indicates that “Gravimag deployment requires gear obtained from the Profit Taker missions in Fortuna.”
  • Swapped mentions of PRIMARY/SECONDARY to ACTIVE/INACTIVE, and MAKE PRIMARY to ACTIVATE in the Focus manager UI screen.
  • Reduced the “Join Squad” message size to avoid overlapping in UI.


Expand the spoilers below for full list of fixes! 

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Additional notes: 

  • Warframe Emissive Energy inheriting Secondary Energy:
    • This was introduced in Hotfix 24.7.1, but was reverted in 24.7.2 because we missed the mark on our first attempts! Since we’ve included Hotfix 24.7.2, emissive energy inheriting secondary energy will not be included in this update. You can expect a way more in-depth color customization to in a future update, check it out here!
  • The following from Hotfix 24.7.3 will be coming in the next update as it requires more time and attention to implement for PS4 players (working around a button mapped command):
    • “A Clan Dojo Map Legend can now be accessed by pressing the \ key when viewing the Map (can be changed under ‘Customize Key Bindings’)!”
  • Added fixes for some crashing issues with Warframe patch 1.72.
  • Addressed stuttering and lag issues.
  • Warframe version 1.72 stability improvements.
  • Fixed various UI fixes.
  • Other minor under the hood improvements added with Warframe version 1.72.

Warframe update 1.72 is now available for download on PS4.