Warframe update 1.53 brings new changes and fixes


Warframe update 1.53 is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to the official Warframe 1.53 patch notes, brings major changes and new features. In addition, Warframe version 1.53 also includes various bug fixes and game improvements.

The maximum amount of players that can reside in a Cetus instance at a time has been reduced to improve performance. The new update also reduced the time between Bounty stages from 8 seconds to 4 seconds so you’re not waiting around for Lotus to tell you where to go next.

Warframe update 1.53 Patch Notes



““The Sentient was a deformed creature, sent from some dark fold of distant space, crushing towers and citadels across Earth…”

Until meeting its fate in a climactic battle.

“The device detonated. The Sentient’s body shuddered, wracked by a cacophonous energy. Fragments of the Sentient crashed to the Plains and marshes and flatlands…”


These fragments are known as the Eidolons — mysterious titans that continue to wander the Plains and loom over the people of Cetus.

Most of you have seen the Teralyst, a beast that rises from the watery depths every night. Legends speak of two more Eidolons that fell to the Plains, dormant for centuries but ever-present in the hearts and minds of the Ostrons.

Eidolon Hunters eager to prove their worth are trying to summon these creatures again. Are you worthy, Tenno?”



Legends say the Gantulyst wields an enormous boulder for an arm and radiates powerful beams of Sentient energy. The Ostrons built a shrine in its honor hoping to gain its favor.



The Ostrons believe the Hydrolyst is an omen of impending natural disaster. Stories describe a distinct, pungent aroma that precedes the arrival of this toxic beast.


Worth Noting: Remaining in the Plains for the entire Day Cycle effectively allows you to hunt the Eidolons across multiple nights. If your team kills all 3 Eidolons in one night, or across several, then the Teralyst will respawn and you can start the hunt again. TLDR players can hunt Eidolons across multiple nights without losing progress as long as they stay within their current session. Going back to Cetus resets it.



Take your fight to the skies by hijacking unmanned Dargyns in the Plains. If you get caught, it’s a footrace against the pilot to board the Dargyn! Use these to aid in your search for the new Eidolons!



If you’re worthy, you’ll receive a guaranteed Riven Transmuter from the Hydrolyst (if captured). These consumable items can Transmute four Riven Mods into a brand-new Riven. Combining four Rivens of the same type (i.e Rifle, Melee, Shotgun, etc.) will result in a transmuted Riven of that type.

  • Added a Mote Amp Blueprint to Onkko’s inventory (you can now purchase a new one with Standing in case you sold yours).
  • Zaws can now be linked in Chat! The name you Entitled your Zaw will also appear in the list that populates from typing in Zaw.
  • Added subcategories ‘Resources’, ‘Ayatan’ and ‘Misc’ to Codex > Universe > Objects.
  • Added Inaros Canopic Glyphs.
  • Added Ivara Zirastra Glyphs.
  • Added Wukong Macak Glyphs.
  • Added a new celebratory success sound for doing a perfect Mining extraction in the Plains!
  • Added different levels of FX for Mining success.
  • Added a completely new flow for Companion Incubator Management. Pets can no longer die! The base Incubator now behaves exactly as the Nutrio Incubator does with auto-stasis, and those with the Nutrio Incubator receive a significant discount on future DNA Stabilizer costs (from 75,000 to 5,000)!
  • Added categories to Hoks store for different Zaw parts and Arcanes. His Crafting screen can now also preview Gilded stats and appearance.
  • You can now buy up to 10 Loadout Slots! The previous limit was 5.
  • Added a new subcategory in the Market Weapons tab for Archwings.
  • Added a teleport trigger to warp slow squadmates outside of the loading hallway and out into the Plains. This is to catch followers who were far enough away to warp to the player, past the blocking volume already set up in front of the gate.
  • You can now see your customized Operator in Diorama previews when purchasing items.
  • Added toggle between Gilded and non-Gilded for crafted weapons.
  • Operator Arcanes are now listed in the Arcane section of the Codex.
  • New Riven challenges are here! Many of them brought to you by the Design Council!

Sound Additions:

  • Volume adjustments and balancing for all weapons. (Turned up quiet weapons and turned down loud weapons)
  • Added a new audio layer to older weapons to make them sound more impactful.
  • Added and improved exterior gun tail sounds for all weapons.
  • Added unique ‘low ammo in clip’ sounds for all weapons.
  • Added new sound to the Kohm reload.
  • Updates and sound additions to one handed secondaries when using Glaive type weapons.

UI Additions & Changes


This Update brings some changes to the UI in two big ways. The first one has been a much requested feature to overhaul the way the Plains of Eidolon Minimap works. The second is a complete change to the way Warframe renders all fonts.


  • The maximum amount of players that can reside in a Cetus instance at a time has been reduced to improve performance!
  • Increased Specter ability cooldowns.
  • Reduced the time between Bounty stages from 8 seconds to 4 seconds so you’re not waiting around for Lotus to tell you where to go next.
  • Transferring to Operator or back to Warframe will now inherit the sprint button state of your previous form.
  • Optimized the ambient sounds in the Liset mission loading screen.
  • Reduced value of Mote Amp when selling to 2500 Credits.
  • Improved Specter firing logic during Hold Position.
  • Improved Specter fire rate when using Peacemaker.
  • Overall sound optimizations by polishing sample rates in a few areas.
  • Mastery ranked locked items in the Foundry will now display which exact Mastery Level is required instead of just saying ‘MASTERY LOCKED’.
  • You can now preview custom weapon Zaw builds from Hok and Amps from Onkko with parts you don’t own yet. This should help you figure out which parts you want to get for your own.
  • Improved the lighting in the Market diorama.
  • Followers (Specters, Rescue Target, etc) no longer cancel charging if they switch targets while using a charging weapon.
  • Resource Drop Chance Boosters now affect Mining and Fishing, doubling the chance to get gems and the base number of fish spawns! (Previously only regular Resource Boosters affected the Plains)
  • Resource Theft Incursion and Bounty stage (aka Armored Vault) in Plains now lasts only 2 minutes (was 3 minutes).
  • Increased amount of Lures allowed at once from 6 to 8. Lures that have not been hacked to Tenno faction now get destroyed when their camp is deactivated, freeing up room for a new Lure to spawn when players enter other camps.
  • Focus Passives now apply immediately upon loading into a mission rather than requiring the brief Operator transition.
  • Operators can now interact with Pets on your Orbiter!
  • Reduced the delay between using a Gear item and spawning Archwing in the Plains.
  • Zaws and Operator Amps now have a stat in your Profile.
  • Mastery Rank eligible weapons now appear first with locked weapons appearing below when viewing weapons in the Market and Arsenal.
  • Pressing and holding the fire button on an automatic weapon during a dodge roll will now begin firing once the dodge roll is complete. It’s now consistent with pressing and holding the fire button before doing the dodge roll.
  • Interrupting an automatic weapon with quick melee will no longer require the player to press the trigger again; the weapon will now resume firing once the melee attack is done.
  • Updated the Dojo Research completion icon.
  • Tweaked Dojo Tenno Lab glass to fix bloom issues when using custom Dojo colors.
  • Warframes in the Tenno Lab will now spin instead of standing still – so fancy!
  • Improved the coordination of rain and stormy skies in the Plains to fix rain appearing during a clear blue sky.
  • Reduced head bounce movement in Chroma’s sprint turns.
  • Forma/Forma Bundle prices in the Arsenal Upgrade screen will now display the discounted price if there’s an active sale.
  • Relay Chat tab now goes to the right of the squad tab.
  • Eidolon Vomvalyst Lures now have a new distinctive mesh!
  • Updated mastered icons in Inventory, they are now using the teal version rather than plain white.
  • Mastered icons now also appear on Blueprints in the Inventory for items that have been mastered.
  • Updated Grineer Settlement icon when used in the World State Window (old one was just a distant screencap of Phobos).
  • Lowered and reduced marker range for small elevators in Grineer Asteroid tiles.
  • Purchasing a Slot or Orokin Catalyst in the Upgrade screen will now auto equip/install. This reduces the amount of prompts you have to go through to equip/install said items.
  • Harrow’s emissives will now always be on so you don’t need Penance active to see Energy Colors.
  • Updated sounds to the Redeemer and Sarpa.
  • Toned down the explosion and smokey VFX when firing an Operator Amp.
  • Slight spacing adjustment to Relic opening/Riven unveil UI so they’re all the same spacing.
  • Somachord volume setting is now saved across all sessions.
  • Minor sound remastering updates have been made to the following weapons:
    • Tigris / Tigris Prime / Sancti Tigris
    • Boltor / Boltor Prime
    • Latron / Latron Wraith / Latron Prime
    • Snipetron Vandal
    • Rubico
  • Adjusted new stairs to the upper level in the Grineer Galleon Defense tileset to improve flow.
  • Improved the way Plains of Eidolon Water hazards treat drops that fall and teleport with in to be more player friendly.
  • Sentient Cores now drop from Conculysts, Battalysts, and Decaying variants. They will drop either an Exceptional (25%) or Intact (75%) Sentient Core. This allows for progression with the Quills outside of the Plains of Eidolon!
  • Ivara’s Prowl will now only steal from each enemy once total, instead of once per Ivara. Our intent is to mirror how Nekros’ Desecrate also functions, considering the recent movement of Sentient Cores to certain Sentient variants. It’s rewarding to be the warmly welcomed Nekros in an Argon Crystal run, and we hope Ivara will now be welcomed equivalently.
  • Konzu’s Bounty board now displays an auto-refresh countdown timer when no Bounties are currently available (approx 1 minute of downtime between refresh).
  • Updated and fixed some Sarpa firing sounds.

Check your game update and download the latest Warframe update 1.53.